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Viva La Velcro by Walter205

Viva La!

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With a slight smacking sound, the Velcro strap was sealed, and now he was set. Hunching over slightly, Sesshomaru checked the settings on the instruments that he now wore, ensuring that they were set to their highest settings. He mentally prepared himself for the upcoming task, running through calming techniques and trying to relax, although not too much on the latter, lest the items strapped to him fall off.

He opened the bathroom door, and emerged into his private bedroom, a robe clasped around his otherwise nude body. There, lying on the satin colored sheets and pillows was Kagome, his once hated enemy turned friend turned girlfriend. The miko was now in her mid-twenties, and had filled out everywhere that she had been lacking in her youth, back when he had known her in another lifetime. Silently, he thanked the kamis that the well allowed her to travel to the present time, her home time, so that he had the technology to pull his little experiment off.

He sauntered over to the bed, watching her as she watched him. She knew that he found her incredibly sexy and attractive, just as she found him the same. Currently, she was wearing nothing more than a night gown, a very very low cut one up top, and high cut one on the bottom. Apart from that, a small pair of silk panties was the only thing covering her form. His eyes traveled over her entire body time and time again, taking in her hardened nipples under the cold caress of the overhead fan, and her softly glistening lips.

He discarded the robe, allowing her to take in the sight of him, and her eyes widened as she noticed his...reinforced package bulging out from his waist. He jumped onto the bed, bouncing slightly as he slithered over to where she laid, his claws poking lightly at the skin on her thigh as he removed first her gown, then her panties, leaving her bare before him. His tongue descended upon first one, then the other nipple, wetting them as his mouth descended upon them, suckling greedily upon the taunt flesh as she tilted her head backwards, her eyes closed as left out a soft moan, and then another.

From there he traveled down south with his tongue on her skin, leaving saliva on her stomach as he brushed by her shaved hairs and descended swiftly and quickly into her already glistening pussy, gently brushing his tongue back and forth, bringing out a few moans and calls for more from her mouth before he stopped. This was their agreement for tonight's project. Only a minimal amount of foreplay, just enough to wet her up a little bit. Sesshomaru climbed up over his girlfriend's body, coming to rest with his fourteen inch member positioned above her inviting canal.

As agreed, he was in the missionary position; his golden eyes boring into her own wide blue ones as he slowly entered her. The first Velcro strap, covered on the outside with fur, made it in without any problem, and so did the second one. As always, he could only fit about ten inches in, and with the objects strapped to him, this proved doubly true today. Now, she really was full, fuller than she had ever been. It was almost time to begin the experiment in earnest. As soon as she stopped hurting, she said the magical word.


Sesshomaru reached down to his cock, his fingers feeling along the base of his member, where the magical little buttons lay. He had strapped, to both the top and bottom of his dick, a pair of Jakenator three thousand type vibrators, situated to where they would have the most effect on both him... and her. With a quick flip of his finger, he switched them both on, both of the vibrators ratcheting up very quickly to the highest setting, which was called 'Falcon Punch'.

The bet the two of them had made while discussing this little experiment, to see how much it would increase their pleasure, was to see who could hold out the longest before experiencing an orgasm. They would award one favor for the first orgasm, and one additional favor for not being the first to reach a second and a third orgasm. Sesshomaru felt supremely confident that there would be no trouble in that, in the course of five minutes or less, that he would be owed three favors from Kagome.

Boy was he ever wrong on that count.

The feeling of both vibrators, especially the one on the bottom of his dick, was awe inspiring. The feeling of her walls as they too vibrated in resonance, wrapping around his dick in a vise, the warm fleshy walls of her pussy, it just defied all explanation of how pleasurable it felt. Kagome, for her part was no longer conscious of her own thoughts, her mind working on overdrive just to keep up with the pleasure that was coursing through her entire body. She was shaking all over, and through sheer force of will just managed to keep her eyes open, looking into his own. She saw that he was having the same trouble, the same amount of pleasure coursing through his own body, causing both of them to shake...hell, the entire damn bed was shaking, thumping into the hard wood floor repeatedly over and over again.

Barely forty five seconds had passed when Sesshomaru won the first favor, as Kagome let loose an ear piercing scream as she hit her climax. The additional milking feeling of her muscles contracting around his penis, as her hot juices washed over his member, was too much for him to handle, as he too came. But he didn't come just once. Twice he came, one orgasm coming right after the first one, shooting another wave of semen into her shaking core. So now, he owed Kagome a favor for the second orgasm.

The vibrators were going full force now, the staff of two heads clit stimulators kicking into full swing. The fact that there were two of them, one probing her upper pussy, the other her low pussy, was just enough to give Sesshomaru the third favor as she rocketed almost off the bed with her third orgasm, screaming herself hoarse in the process.

"Okay, we can stop now," whispered Kagome weakly. Her pussy was starting to become sore and she was tired from the constant onslaught of pleasure, but Sesshomaru didn't seem to hear her. He had his eyes screwed tightly shut now, and his claws dug into the bedding, trapping her arms in place.

"Hey, Sesshomaru, please, I'm starting to hurt," complained Kagome, a little more loudly this time, and now he opened his eyes.

"Kagome, I'm sorry, I'm trying to move my hands, but this pleasure, even though I'm hurting too, is causing my arms to go stiff and numb. I can't seem to quite hit the buttons," muttered Sesshomaru. With a growl of annoyance and pain, he finally just launched himself backwards using his legs, pulling out of her in a frenzy. The vibrators were still strapped to him though, and as he lay there on the other end of the bed, he reached his third orgasm, a stream of semen shooting up into the air before it splattered over his chest and stomach.

Now free of him, Kagome moved quickly to his side, using her hands and elbows to drag herself across the sheets, not really feeling anything from the waist on down. She shut off the two vibrators, and with a sudden sigh, Sesshomaru relaxed. He used his now obeying arms to snuggle Kagome closer to himself, before covering both of them with a couple of layers of sheets.

"So, in the end, I owe you one favor, and you two me too," recounted Sesshomaru after they finished their glowing after period.

"Hmm, yes. Apart from the end, that was an...interesting little experiment," added Kagome, sighing softly as she drifted off to sleep. Yawning himself, Sesshomaru joined her in a blissful slumber.

The End


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