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Jinenji's Jolly Jackhammer by Walter205

Rat a Tat Tat

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"You think he'll agree to it?" asked Kagome softly as they traveled down the now asphalt road, heading to the village turned city that would, as she later learned, become a prefecture of Tokyo in her future.

"I think he will, from what you've told me, he had a thing for you in the past. You awakened his heart, Kagome, showed him that he does in fact have the ability to love, and that others have the ability to love him," Sesshomaru answered in a neutral voice. His former human turned hanyou mate was beside him, their concealing spells in place.

During one of her trips home, Kagome had practiced expanding her aura and detecting other humans, and through her practicing discovered several demons nearby. By talking to one of them, disguised as a human, she had learned about the concealing devices they used to hide their presence, and at about what time they had started using them.

It was ironic that, after she traveled to the past the last time, to be with her friends, and the well sealed up, that she would, with her knowledge of the device, be the one to 'invent' it. With Inuyasha having died heroically while saving her life in the final battle against Naraku, Kagome had eventually fallen for and mated Lord Sesshomaru, his blood intermingling with hers in the mating process that transformed her into a hanyou, with markings, claws, and ears to suite his blood heritage. She wasn't thrilled at having a head full of gray hair, the unfortunate side effect of combining black hair with his white hair, but at least it was shiny.

"I've been keeping some tabs on Jinenji, since his herb farm is protected by having my company own the property. He's been single this entire time, since no other females have been attracted to him, even with his alter human image in place. My sources tell me his spirits have remained high this entire time though, through his helping other people with the herb garden. He has been lonely ever since his mother passed away though," Sesshomaru continued. That got Kagome to thinking about his mother, and his father, whom she had never, knew much about, apart from him being a full blooded demon.

"I never knew much about Jinenji's father, although I was curious when I learned about him having a demon father, what kind of demon he was," Kagome mumbled softly. Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow at her while trying to stifle a chuckle; she could see it in his eyes.

"Are you sure you want to know?" he asked her, fighting a simple grin now.

"If you know, please tell me. You've already aroused my curiosity with your laughter," Kagome pleaded with him.

"Very well. I'll go into some background, but basically plant demons are sometimes born from the hatred and sadness exhibited by plants that have been plucked and devoured by humans, for either medicinal or food uses. In the particular case of the latter, having their 'offspring' of fruits and vegetables eaten causes’ particular anger, especially if the 'parents' are left alive to continue producing the 'children' that the humans are consuming. Are you following so far?" Sesshomaru asked.

"Yeah, so are you saying that Jinenji is half plant demon?" Kagome asked in turn.

"In a manner of speaking. Jinenji's Father was born of the hatred and sadness of one particular type of vegetable plant, a great many plants pooling their anger and sadness into one demon that took form. Jinenji's father went to his mother's village to destroy in retribution for the eating of the 'offspring', but he came across Jinenji's mother first. Seeing her lying on the ground with an injury, seeing his form in wonder and awe, and sensing the fear that she would be devoured by him, he realized that humans, like the plants they ate from, were in turn victims of being eaten by demons. His anger dissipated by this realization, Jinenji's father fell in love with his mother, and thusly Jinenji was born," Sesshomaru further narrated.

"Wow, so what type of plant is he specifically?" Kagome asked in wonder.

"Yam," Sesshomaru answered.

"Yam?" Kagome asked, taken aback.

"Yes, he is a Yam Hanyou, conceived from a Yam Demon and a Human Mother, the former having been created through the hatred and sadness of Yam plants whose Yams were picked and eaten by humans," Sesshomaru said, chuckling as he did so.

"That would explain his size, texture, and color, but...Yams!?!" Kagome asked again, the weirdest expression on her face.

"Yup, Yams. Anyways, we're here," Sesshomaru announced, gesturing to the farm. He walked up towards the hut turned house in the middle of the field, Kagome striding besides him. He heard her mumble in a still awed voice "Yams...." one more time as they reached the front door.

He knocked on the door, and a few moments later a handsome human male answered. Kagome reached out with her aura, and discovered a familiar presence.

"Ahh, my good friends Kagome and Sesshomaru. I bid you welcome to my humble establishment. If you'll come inside?" asked Jinenji as he stepped aside for them to enter. Kagome noticed his polite manners stayed intact as they entered through the doorway into the nicely decorated house.

"Jinenji, it's been a long time. How've you been?" she asked politely as they settled on a couch in the living room. Jinenji apparently had taken a fancy to western culture and furniture. She knew from her own house's furnishings in the future that the rest of Japan wouldn't be too far behind.

"I've been well, Kagome. By the looks of it, you've been doing well as well," replied the Yam Hanyou, as she had started thinking of him as. With a nod between him and Sesshomaru, the three of them deactivated their concealing devices, turning them back into their normal demon and hanyou appearances.

"My, you have been doing well, indeed. I'd heard the news ages ago, but let me congratulate you on your mating," Jinenji congratulated them. Kagome bowed slightly in response to this praise, blushing slightly, although that was for what was yet to come. Now that she got a good look at his real appearance, the yams comparison came to mind once more.

"Jinenji, we need your help with a delicate matter. Kagome has been taking dance lessons recently, but all we've heard about her performances is that they are spectacular. Just in case our friends and family is being a bunch of 'yes' people to be nice to her, I'd like to get your opinion on her moves," explained Sesshomaru. Kagome arched an eyebrow at him.

"I'd be happy to have the lovely Kagome dance for me," responded Jinenji, leaning back to get more comfortable. Glaring briefly at Sesshomaru, Kagome stood up and moved to the center of the room. Having done so, she started 'dancing', as Sesshomaru called it.

Partly as a prank, partly to see if Inuyasha had anything alive below his waist after years of him not even touching her or peeking in on her baths on purpose, Kagome had learned how to pole dance, although the stripping part had been left out of her lessons. She didn't have a pole now, but had the moves memorized and knew how to compensate.

Watching her moving around in such a sexy manner, Jinenji began to sweat lightly, as both of them noticed that his pants began to get tighter in the...upper regions.

"You should see how much better her dancing is when she does it on your lap," commented Sesshomaru. Kagome, taking the obvious hint, did just that, jumping up onto Jinenji's lap and grinding against him with almost wild abandon. She could feel his erection pressing against her lower body, and goose bumps broke out on her body as she shivered slightly from its feel.

Jinenji was so engrossed in watching Kagome moving against him that he missed Sesshomaru standing up and stripping down until he was completely naked, his member standing at rigid attention.

"If you think that's nice, you should experience it without her wearing any clothes," Sesshomaru again commented, moving to stand behind his mate. Jinenji now noticed his now apparent lack of attire, and comprehension dawned in his eyes. His excitement shot up to a new level, and there was no way he'd miss out on what he thought he was about to experience.

Sesshomaru started by removing Kagome's shirt, exposing her bra and most of the breasts beneath it. He then went ahead and unclipped it, exposing the full breasts that grinded against his clothed stomach, before moving down to her long skirt, and stripping that off. Kagome was left only in her silk panties, grinding against him.

"Well now, you obviously can't experience it that well while wearing any clothes of your own. Off they go," Sesshomaru stated while flexing his claws. A few quick swipes to save Jinenji the trouble, followed by a few yanks, and the Yam Hanyou were fully exposed. Kagome stopped for just a moment upon seeing his size, and even Sesshomaru was taken aback.

"Well then. Sixteen inches long, six wide I'd estimate? You're a very impressive specimen of a man, Jinenji," Sesshomaru complimented him with a hint of envy in his voice. Kagome looked a little stricken, not wanting to stop giving Jinenji what he so richly deserved, but not wanting to subject herself to the pain that stretching herself that far apart would cause.

Which is one of the reasons dear old Sesshomaru had accompanied her on this trip. With a loving care, he placed a hand on either of her hips, lifting her up with a sudden swiftness that startled her, before slamming Kagome down upon Jinenji's length with sudden and almost brutal force, burying as much as him into her at one time as he could manage to force into her. He quickly removed his hands from her expanded hips, taking a couple of steps back as she gurgled and groaned with the pain now radiating through her lower body.

"Hmm, twelve inches, it seems. This leaves four inches unaccounted for. Oh well," Sesshomaru sighed softly. He stepped in close again, and his mate craned her head around to glare at him with malevolence in her eyes. "If you ever do that to me again....," she whispered coldly but softly enough so that Jinenji couldn't hear her. "You need to learn how to take advantage of your hanyou healing abilities, now that you carry my blood," countered Sesshomaru just as softly in reply.

He grabbed a hold of her hips once more, and relying on his mate to use her two hands to steady herself on Jinenji, started lifting her up to almost off of the Yam Hanyou's penis, before slamming her back down again. The pace started out slow, then increased in speed and frenzy as Jinenji began moaning with pleasure, Kagome joining in a few minutes later. Finally, Jinenji came with an almost yell of exclamation, filling Kagome's belly with a jolt of yellowish seed. Kagome came as well, squeezing his massive member over and over again.

Sesshomaru, who had been watching the display from behind his mate as he operated her efficiently, had been growing painfully hard. Now it was his turn, as he grabbed a fistful of his mate's hair and turned her head about. She opened her mouth obligingly, knowing what he wanted. He drove his penis into her mouth, and she suckled on it greedily, his pumping in and out of her bringing him to an orgasm soon enough, with her swallowing every last drop of his cum.

"A Yam I Am, but one that is very satisfied at the moment," breathed Jinenji. Sesshomaru glanced over to him in satisfaction, sensing a job well done.

"Jinenji, at anytime in the future you're feeling lonely, be sure to send us a message, eh?" Sesshomaru told him reassuringly that this was not just a onetime affair.

"Yeah, that was a fun ride. Felt like a Jackhammer was whamming away inside my pussy," commented Kagome as she came back down off her high of euphoria, glancing appreciably at Jinenji's still hard member.

"Jolly good," replied Sesshomaru, throwing Kagome her clothes as he began getting dressed himself.

Later, the two of them said their goodbyes, as they departed back down the asphalt road, wanting to reach home before sunset.

"Well, what did you think?" asked Kagome as they walked together.

"I think it'll be interesting to see what happens if my Hanyou mate becomes pregnant with Jinenji's child. A Dog, A Human, and a Yam?" asked Sesshomaru jokingly. Kagome though, reeled around in alarm.

"Oh shit, why didn't you mention this possibility earlier?" Kagome demanded of him.

"Because it can't happen, my dear mate. I made sure to bring you over only on an off period day of the month for you," replied Sesshomaru. He laughed again as they continued on their merry way.

The End


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