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Ride of a Lifetime by Aurora Antheia Raine

Ride of a Lifetime

Author's Note: For R0o's Third 2010 GM Challenge


“Faster, Sesshoumaru, faster!” Kagome cried out loudly, her hair billowing behind her like fluttering curtains as he complied and twisted the right grip throttle further on the new bike he purchased. Cheering as the mountain scenery whizzed passed her, Kagome threw both her hands up in the air, fully trusting Sesshoumaru to keep her safe.

The adrenaline and excitement was pumping through her veins and there was a steady vibration beneath her coming from the powerful machine. When Sesshoumaru had called her earlier in the day, asking her to make a trip to their cabin in the mountains because he had a surprise for her, she had never, in a million years, thought the surprise was a Harley-Davidson.

It was big, black, sleek, and sexy. Even the name, as it rolled off Sesshoumaru’s tongue, was sexy as hell; Night Rod Special in Dark Denim. She had practically drooled upon the sight, but it was only after Sesshoumaru had mounted the bike did she realize what the words “eye candy” really meant… then she had proceeded to drool a gallon’s worth right then and there.

And when Sesshoumaru had picked her up and placed her in front of him, Kagome had been a little nervous, but now… she was loving every thrilling minute of it. She never wanted it to stop. The wind in her face, the warmth of Sesshoumaru behind her, the feel of Sesshoumaru’s arms around her as he handled the bike expertly, everything about it was dangerously exciting.

So dangerously exciting, in fact, that Kagome couldn’t help the wild thoughts from entering her mind. Here she and Sesshoumaru were, in the middle of the night, all alone, riding a bike with an engine that purred… What would it be like, she wondered, to ride Sesshoumaru while he rode on his motorcycle, weaving it through the abandoned roads on the mountain side?

Before she could stop herself, she pressed her covered core firmly against the warm metal of the bike, the vibration from the engine sending shockwaves through her. She had to hold back a moan as she felt herself becoming wet.

She turned her head slightly to look at Sesshoumaru under lowered lashes as she gripped his forearm with one hand while the other snaked to his nether regions. Boldly, she cupped his cock in the palm of her hand, leaning back against him so that when she spoke, he could hear her.

“Have you ever fucked anyone on a moving bike, Sesshoumaru?” she asked him throatily, her lips brushing lightly against the shell of his ear.

Immediately, she felt his length stirring to life as he released a deep groan. “You will be the death of me, you vixen.”

“Died and gone to heaven,” Kagome teased, rubbing him through his jeans. “Don’t you worry about a thing, baby, just keep it moving and let me do all the work.”

Sesshoumaru let out a string of curses under his breath but Kagome only smirked as she carefully maneuvered herself so that she faced him. Gripping his shoulders, she raised herself up and began kissing his neck, scraping her dull human teeth against his collarbone the same way he always did to her. She suckled the soft, warm flesh as she suddenly had the urge to leave her mark on him.

Her warm hands moved to the hem of his wife beater and slowly pulled it upwards as her lips worked on his throat. Her fingers brushed against his skin lightly, teasing him into a frenzy, until she reached his nipples. They hardened beneath her touch and she rolled the tips between two fingers, eliciting a soft sigh of pleasure from Sesshoumaru.

Suddenly, she bent her head down and took his dusky nipples into her mouth and suckled, running her tongue over them. Sesshoumaru tensed at the sensation, even as he attempted to keep his concentration on the road ahead of them.

Pulling herself away from him, Kagome leaned back to rest against the rumbling motorcycle, desire dancing in her eyes as she looked at the large bulge straining within his jeans. In one swift movement, she removed her pink tank top and hung it on one of the handlebars.

She grinned when Sesshoumaru’s eyes left the road to stare at her figure sprawled out before him.

“Nu-uh, Sesshoumaru,” she admonished, “keep your eyes on the road. You don’t want to crash now, do you?”

Reluctantly, his hot gaze flickered back to the road and Kagome giggled as she shimmied out of her jean shorts, intentionally making it seem like a difficult task so she could brush against him more often. Sesshoumaru sucked in a breath, his fingers twitching to caress her flesh, but knowing he couldn’t operate the bike one handed.

Next, she unclasped her bra and removed her lace panties, both of which she also hung upon the handlebars, right beside her tank top and shorts. Now, completely bare, Kagome parted her legs wide as she laid back as comfortably as she could, hooking her feet around Sesshoumaru’s waist.

Closing her eyes, her fingers parted her slick folds to seek her swollen clit. She moaned his name under her breath as she stroked herself, her chest heaving from her ministrations.

“Ahh, Sesshoumaru,” she cried out as she plunged two fingers into herself, “that feels so good.”

Her other hand twisted and pulled at her nipples while the other pumped faster and deeper within her, the coil in her belly tightening further with each thrust of her fingers. Her back arched and her hips frantically rose in rhythm with her fingers.

“Yes,” Sesshoumaru growled, unable to take his eyes off her, “cum for me. Pretend those are my fingers fucking you.”

“Oh yes,” Kagome cried out breathlessly, furiously pumping in and out of herself until she came around her fingers.

With a contented sigh as she came down from her high, she reached up and put her cum-coated fingers against Sesshoumaru’s lips. Silently, his lips parted and his tongue snaked out to lick her fingers clean, a guttural growl rumbling in his chest at her divine taste.

Sitting up, Kagome unbuttoned his jeans and pushed down his boxers, allowing his thick cock to finally spring free.

“Hold on tight, baby,” Kagome whispered, as she raised herself up over him and sank down upon his hard length. He groaned at the sensation and she let out a whimper at how well he filled and stretched her pussy. Gripping his shoulders tightly, Kagome began rocking her hips, grinding herself upon him.

The friction paired with the adrenaline of fucking on a moving bike had Kagome in a frenzy and she began to bounce up and down his member frantically while Sesshoumaru pushed his hips up to meet her movements. The Harley-Davidson rocked unsteadily on the dirt path but the couple paid no heed as they continued to fuck each other.

Kagome quickened her pace as she threw her head back to whimper at the fire licking within her; the fire that only Sesshoumaru could extinguish. Her skin felt flushed as she rocked against him, his name falling from her lips like a mantra.

Unable to concentrate on driving anything but Kagome, Sesshoumaru quickly braked and lowered the side stand to keep the bike upright. Bracing himself back on his hands, Sesshoumaru thrust into her with more force. Her knees locked against his waist as her breasts bounced from the impact.

“Yes, fuck me, Sesshoumaru,” Kagome screamed, “harder.”

Pulling her off, Sesshoumaru dismounted the bike and bent Kagome over it, entering her swiftly from behind. A cry of pleasure tore itself from her throat in their new position as he pumped in and out of her, one hand circling her engorged clit while the other threaded itself into her hair to pull her head back.

“Just like that, Sesshoumaru, just like that,” Kagome panted, loving his dominance more than being able to have her way with him atop a moving vehicle. She could feel her wetness sliding down her inner thighs as he pounded himself into her. He was so hard and so thick and she was so hot, so wet, and so tight for him.

The tension within her increased as the force of Sesshoumaru’s thrust increased. Each smack of his hard flesh against her glistening skin pushed her and the bike forward and she had to dig her heels into the ground to keep them both upright. Her fingers gripped the seat of the bike tightly as she held on for dear life.

She pushed her ass back against Sesshoumaru but his speed and the force behind his dominance was so strong, Kagome could barely do anything but ride the waves of pleasure. She panted and moaned and screamed. He was fucking her so well, her words were no longer making sense. All she knew was that she never wanted this ecstasy to end and if there was only one thing she could do for the rest of her life; this would be it.

His clawed fingers continued to stroke her clit, faster and harder, as her walls tightened around his throbbing cock. He groaned as she gasped; he grunted as she moaned. Sesshoumaru continued to pound into her with wild abandon, the increased tightness within Kagome as her muscles contracted was enough to make his head spin.

He was close, but he wanted Kagome to climax one more time before he joined her. He didn’t know how long he could hold it off, so he could only speed it up for her. He grunted as he pushed himself to the hilt inside her, scraping his teeth against her neck lightly as he pulled at a hardened nipple.

She let out a strangled cry as Sesshoumaru pulled almost all the way out then slammed back into her. The force of his thrust made his balls slap at her ass, and Kagome loved it all the more. With a few more hard, brutal thrusts, Sesshoumaru felt her release coming. She arched her back and stiffened as she tumbled over the edge and exploded with a strong shudder and a loud wail.

The spasms of her muscles squeezed Sesshoumaru’s cock so tightly, he no longer had the ability to hold back. With a loud grunt, he came hard; his hot seed shot out and coated her inner walls. He shuddered with an intensity he felt every time he fucked his Kagome.

For a long moment, both were still and silent as they tried to slow their racing hearts.

Finally, Kagome couldn’t keep quiet anymore. She simply had to know.

“Can we do that again?”

Sesshoumaru chuckled in response. “Anytime, baby. Anytime.”


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