A Whirlwind of Confusion by Smittee

A Whirlwind of Confusion

I do not own the song mentioned, nor the movie mentioned. I do not own Inuyasha. I write this not for  a profit; only to have the pleasure of writing it. This is for r0o’s Gender Bender challenge.

Kagome was in a cheerful mood, despite Inuyasha’s grumpiness as he forced the group to continue travelling. While the entire human were worn out, Kagome just kept singing quietly to herself.

“It’s lovely bobbing along. Bobbing along, on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea!”

As Kagome sang the tune from “Bednobs and Broomsticks”, she hardly notice when Inuyasha came to a stop. Walking right into his back, she almost glared at him for making her lose track of where she was. Then, she noticed him sniffing the air. The miko almost asked what was going on, till she picked up the two jewel shards coming their way. ‘Kouga??’ Kagome groaned.  She thought Kouga would have given up by now. After all, she was sorta seeing Sesshomaru. That is, when he decided to journey with them. He always had to leave on business at his home, so she didn’t get to see him much. She was surely happily when she did see him though.

Alas, there came the wolf that seemed to never give up. Inuyasha growled, seeing the whirling wind before them. As it evaporated, Kagome’s eyes went wide. Sure, this had to be Kouga. But…

“What happened?”

Everyone was taken back. Standing before them was indeed Kouga; as the being wore the same type of furs he did, had the same scent and aura, and even the same smirk he did. But, the body itself-Two very bouncy breasts tried to press out of the fur wrapped chest. He, or rather she, batted their eye lashes. The hourglass shape of the body was almost perfect. The toned abs was more like how a woman would look, and not the real buffed type.

“Kagome,” spoke the being, the voice very seductive sounding. “Please, know it’s me. Something strange as happened. At first, I couldn’t figure out that I was changing, until I could smell my pheromones becoming-well-feminine. Everything keeps changing!”

Kouga ran up to her, holding tightly to Kagome's arms with his/her fingers. “I can’t even be around my pack. My likings are…” He smelled the air just then, looking over at Inuyasha. His brow raised, and in a flash he was by the half breed.

“Nnnn. I  never noticed how scrumptious you are.” He/she placed her hands upon Inuyasha chest, and Inuyasha back away.

“W-w-what the hell are you-!?!” Inuyasha was stopped by Kouga placing a finger on the hanyou’s lips.

“Shhhh. Let’s not talk. How about we find a nice place to be ONE with nature?” He growled, looking towards Kagome and the others. “Maybe, we can make a full event out of it. “

Inuyasha didn’t know what to do first: vomit or run. Kagome was beyond shocked. Sango was too confused to realize what Kouga was saying. And Miroku-

‘Really, big boobs. Must. Resist. Once was man! But, boobs! And that ass-Ugg!’ The monk fought within himself, not sure if he could hold back from his lecherous ways.

Kagome, while both wanting to blink and stare, she also had to fight back a fit of laughter. If Kouga was his normal self, he would never be this close to Inuyasha.  She sighed, knowing someone had to save her hanyou friend from the horny wolf.  Though, she knew she would have to be a little tricky about it. It would be hard to pull him- ah, her- away being that lost in lust.

“Ah, Kouga. I hate to interrupt you in your lusty search; but I was hoping you could indulge us in telling what has happened to you better. “

Kouga looked over at Kagome, giving her a ‘but I’m horny now’ look.

“Maybe afterwards,” Kagome added,” We can all get together for a fun time. Sesshomaru included.” She winked. Everyone was shocked at Kagome’s words, but she ignored them.

Kouga showed off a fang. “Mmm. That sounds grand.”

Watching him pull away from Inuyasha, Kagome knew he’d be safe for now.


It was dark, and Kouga had told him all he could remember. He told them something about defeating a female snake youkai and then some weird smoky thing leaving that body and into his. When the effects started, his pack went out to find the body of the snake, only to find a male corpse instead of a female’s.

“I couldn’t think of anywhere else to turn. My… hormones were spiking, and I knew that you were a miko and your friend an expert of demons.” Kouga motioned towards Sango. “I thought that maybe you would know something. Hell, I thought Sesshomaru may know something, with how knowledgeable he is!”

Even if Kagome had not seen the state Kouga was in, she would have known it was bad if he were asking for help. The wolf had not been one to ask for help.

“I haven’t heard of anything like this,” said Sango.

“Neither have I. Kaede has been training me, but she said nothing of this,” added Kagome.

Miroku had planned it all out! He had made the fire, and specifically put the logs behind Kouga. While his mind fought against this, his ‘cursed hand’ told him it was right to do.

“Huh. The fires getting a little cold,” he said.

Getting up, the monk grabbed one of the logs. As he walked back, he ‘accidentally’ dropped the piece of wood right behind Kouga.

“Oops. I apologize, if that hit you,” he said, scratching the back of his head.

“It’s all right,” said Kouga.

Miroku slowly bent down to get the log, Sango starting to realize what he was up to. But, she was too late. He groped the luscious, round bottom of Kouga’s, getting an ‘eeping’ sound from him.

Everyone shouted simultaneously. “Miroku!!”

Miroku waited from the pain that would occur. Instead, Kouga pounced him, rubbing ‘her’ body against his.

“Maybe I should have lusted after you ‘stead, monk. You’re more of MY style!”

Miroku’s mind was in a panic. Now what would he do? He cursed his hand; sweat poured down his face.

“I-It’s my hands. I-i-it’s cursed-“

“What a lovely curse it is then,” replied Kouga to Miroku’s stuttering excuse.

Sango shot up straight glaring. “Lech or not, that’s MY man! Get your paws off of him!”

Kouga narrows his eyes at Sango, still smiling.

“If he’s your man, he should have to grope others. Or, maybe you just are stingy and won’t ‘put out’ for him. Or…” Kouga looked her up and down. “Maybe you’re terrible in the sack.”

Uh oh… Miroku scrambled away. In a lunge, Sango was on top of Kouga. Both were fighting, cat girl style. While this should be worrying him, especially for Sango’s safety, the scene was just making him hornier. Both women’s breasts bounced. The sweat glistened in the light of the fire. Their bodies molded together, even if it was because they were trying to rip out each other’s hair.

‘I’m a baaaad boy,’ he thought, grinning all over himself.

“Enough,” called out an unfamiliar voice. All fighting stopped. Everyone’s head shot in the direction of the voice, only seeing Kirara in her kitty form. Suddenly, she transformed into a shape they had never seen before. With a belt looking like two tails, she wore what looked like ninja garment. Her red eyes were narrowed; a hand was on her hip.

“Kirara?” Sango was more surprised than anyone else.

Kirara bounced the hair wrapped in a lose bun on her head and smiled. She sighed. “Woo. It’s been a long time since I did that,” she said, sounded like she enjoyed it a little more than one should.

“Now, back to business.” Kirara turned towards the two women. “Sango, please release Kouga. It’s not really him doing this.”

She scanned everyone around her.

“I thought this group was smarter than this! Isn’t it obvious that Kouga has been possessed by a powerful spirit??”

Kagome pointed to Kirara. “Not…Kitty?”

Kirara rolled her eyes.

“Honestly, did you all think that a demon as strong as I am-Oh, that’s right. None of you were there, when Midoriko battled.” She waved her hand, as if brushing it aside.

“Anywho. The spirit would be easy to get rid of. If you noticed, she makes them horny. That means that a male has to do one thing, and one thing only, to free Kouga of the spirit.”

“And, what would that be,” Kagome asked, finally getting over the fact that Kirara had another form.

“Isn’t it simple enough,” she growled out before smirking. “To fuck him…or her in this case.”


After long, irrational yelling, they all came to an agreement.  There was no way that Inuyasha was going to do it. Miroku, while lecherous, just couldn’t go that far with the changed-female Kouga.

“Well, goodbye Kouga! Hope you find your lover soon!”

Everyone waved as they left him tied to a tree.

“You jerks,” he yelled, before starting to chew through the ropes once more. The only one that stayed with him was Kirara. She told them she’d make sure nothing attacked Kouga while he was tied up.

‘In all honesty,’ thought Kirara,’ I want to be here when he changes back. He just so sexy!’

While Kouga was preoccupied, the cat demon looked at his face; she licked her lips in anticipation.


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