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December Drabbles Christmas Special! by Hoshi Phoenix

Deck the Halls...

Disclaimer: Do not own Inuyasha nor anything Christmas related...I think?

Prompt 1: Deck the Halls

 Words: 112

Kagome stared in amazement at the decorations hanging around the room. She had said she was going to deck the halls this time but obiviously her mate did it for her. While looking about the room she didn’t feel Sesshoumaru upon her until arms snaked around her waist.

“Do you like it Kagome?”, he asked while nuzzing her neck.

“Of course! How could I not? You didn’t have to do this though, I would have.”, she said with a smile.

“No, but I wanted to do it my way this year.”

“I see. The dog bones do make a nice touch though.”, she said with a laugh.


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