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Because That's How I Roll by Avadrea

Battle Lost

Disclaimer:  I don’t own InuYahsha or its characters.  They belong to their creator Rumiko Takahashi.  Enjoy my insanity it isn’t worth anything more than that.

Chapter 9: Battle Lost

Leaning back in his ‘throne’ Sesshoumaru glared at the men seated across the table from him.  He was once again severely displeased with his minions; in a matter of moments the witless crew had contributed to his downfall.  His once loyal devotees had betrayed him and thanks to their lack of loyalty he had been bested in battle.  Yes, for the first time in history Sesshoumaru Tashio had known the bitter taste of defeat.

He watched with growing annoyance as his betrayers fawned over the woman who had not only dared to challenge him, but had actually won.   The shock of it all was wearing off leaving only disbelief and anger in its wake.  How had such a delicate beauty been the one to best him with such ease? 

Sesshoumaru’s golden eyes narrowed as he regarded his newest advisory, Kagome Higourashi.  Her soft cheeks where flushed a pretty pink with excitement as she accepted Miroku’s chair, settling in with a delighted smile playing on her lips.  Her innocent blue eyes glowed with triumph as she exchanged introductions with the traitors who vied for her attention like excited pups.   He felt his lip curl in disgust at their desperate antics.  He was above such simpering idiocy over a woman.    

Yes he was not so easily moved, and to prove it he didn’t care at all when Miroku pulled up a seat next to the interloper.  Nor did he pay mind when the man started chatting with her cheerfully about the benefits of metal bikini’s and how he was certain he could convince the DM that if she would wear on her character should get a +2 defense bonus for sexiness.   Sesshoumaru cast the foolish man a glare that could not be interpreted in any other way than “not even if I received severe brain damage and utterly lost my ability to reason”.  He defiantly wasn’t bothered at all when the man leaned in to whisper something in the interloper’s ear, and most certainly did not notice how close the other mans lips came to the woman’s delicate flesh.  And it was completely impossible for him to be jealous at the way the other mans whispered words had turned her cheeks a lovely pink and brought a happy giggle from her lips.   After all, there should be no giggling in dungeons and dragons! 

Swallowing the strange burning anger that swelled in his chest Sesshoumaru turned his attention down to the fresh character sheet in his hands having a hard time resisting the urge to melt it.  She didn’t belong here.  She wasn’t one of them.  She was Kagome, his brother’s pretty little friend, she belonged at the mall or getting her nails done or… or doing something girly and popular.  She defiantly didn’t belong in a dimly lit basement with a bunch of men who smelled like fritos, simpering pathetically for her attention.  A girl like her was not meant to sit around a table rolling dice and arguing the buttered cat paradox.  It was unacceptable, unbelievable, unexplainable, and any other number of uns. 

It was his duty to all geekdome to kick her out on her lusciously round behind and send her on her way back to the world of light and jocks.  It was for her own good after all, not to mention the best thing to ensure the continued stability of his sanity.  The girl’s presence had always been a supreme disturbance to his senses.  He couldn’t stand being in the same room with her for long periods of time.   There was something annoyingly distracting about her warm pure scent.  And the way her light sweet laughter always left him breathless and dizzy was absolutely aggravating.  Not the least problematic was that just the sight of her lips left him with a hungry feeling in the pit of his stomach that was thoroughly exasperating.

His control was legendary.  His stoic perfection was infallible, except when she was around.  She sent his orderly world into pure chaos without trying.  Hell the woman never even seemed to notice.  It was absolutely necessary that he be rid of her before he started having those ‘symptoms’ that her proximity always seemed to cause.  And yet she had made such a proper thing impossible.  She had come prepared to do battle with him.  This was not some careless unplanned wandering on her part.  She had struck swiftly and tactically, using the element of surprise she had caught him unawares and before he had come to realize what had happened she was already well entrenched among his lackeys.    Oh yes she might look innocent but there was a small gleam of evil in her eyes.  A gleam that had sent a jolt of something very inappropriatethrough his body.

She had planned not just to invade the sanctity of his group but from the looks of things she intended to stay.  He was certain she could not claim soul responsibility in her conquest.  She had to have found herself an alley, for someone had equipped her well with everything she would need for a long gaming session.  Before her lay a little yellow dice bag that bulged with its contents giving him the sinking feeling that she had dice with all the proper number of sides.  All the right books and supplements that she might need where stacked at her side though they were fresh and newly bought he could already see small bookmark tabs tucked between the pages, they were not just for show, those volumes had been read.  She even had a bag filled with an assortment of snacks and drinks, enough to not only last the evening but to share.  He was certain that their purpose might have been added bribery in case she could not secure the treachery of his minions without them.  Then there was the coup de gras', her character sheet.  It was perfect in every way.  He had pored over the simple document, searching for any mistake or flaw that he could use as an excuse to reject it.  In the end he had to admit to failure.  Damn it! How did she know that he was running a level 5 campaign?

Casting the woman a measuring look he passed the sheet back to her with a grudging mutter.  “Welcome to the party.”

Despite his snide tone he still received a sweetly delighted smile that sent a sickening flutter threw his stomach and for a moment he couldn’t catch his breath.  Damn her, she was doing ‘it’ to him again, whatever ‘it’ was.  Straightening his back he ignored the way his pulse quickened when her hand almost touched his as she took her character sheet from his grasp.  Snatching his hand away he absently rubbed his wrist against his jaw as he glared at her.

Finally, getting his heart rate back under control, Sesshoumaru sneered at her.  The girl was good.  No she was more than good, she was diabolical.  But then, so was he and this was war.

~to be continued~

A/N: Sorry fot the long wait on the update.  I got stuck on this chapter.  I still feel I might have over worked it.

Geekdome Referance:

The Buttered Cat Paradox: A paradox based off the combination the two adages "A cat always lands on its feet" and "toast always lands buttered side down".  The paradox arises when one consideres what would happen when you attached a slice of toast buttered side up to the back of a cat and than allowed the cat to fall from a great height.  It is bleive that a state of anti-gravity would be attained as the cat/toast would end up hovering a short distance from the ground while rotating at high speed as both the buttered side of the toast and the cat’s feet attempt to land on the ground

PM me if you feel I need to clarify any geekdome referance.

Prompt: History

Recived: 2/25/11

Source: Priestess Skye's Weekly Challange (old)


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