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A Game of Love by Aurora Antheia Raine

Dearest Sesshoumaru

Author's Note: This was written for R0o's "Love Letters to..." Challenge. This will be short, probably around four chapters or so. Enjoy~


An elegantly clawed hand gracefully moved to loosen a navy blue tie as a weary sigh was released. The plush leather seat of a silver luxury sedan crinkled noisily beneath the sudden added weight as the sound echoed off the walls of the lonesome parking garage. The hand stilled for a moment’s hesitation before fingers tensed into a tight fist and the tie was violently wrenched off to be discarded in fluttering abandon onto the passenger seat.

Slowly, the once taut, rigid form relaxed in stance as another sigh escaped through thin, parted lips. Golden eyes slid shut for a brief pause only to flicker open as the sound of an engine roaring to life met his pointed ears with a simple twist of his wrist.

He backed out of his parking space carefully and proceeded to drive home while clearing his head of all business related thoughts. It was tiring enough as it was to work such long hours drowning amongst piles and piles of paperwork and company issues, but he was drawing the line at thinking about said paperwork and issues off the clock, even if he is the CEO of the energy conservation company, Hashi Energies.

Almost mechanically, Sesshoumaru pulled into his driveway, retrieved his mail, and strolled to the front door, keys jingling in his hand. For the past five years, his nightly routine had gotten so repetitive, he no longer had to focus on what he was doing in order to do it.

With blank eyes, he swiftly unlocked the door and as his hand moved to turn the knob, his knuckles brushed against something foreign lodged between the crack of his door and the doorframe. Retracting his hand in surprise, he glanced down and looked at the offending item with a single raised brow.

It was an envelope so white, it practically glowed beneath the light upon his porch. Written in what could only be by a feminine hand was his name and nothing else. Stepping inside, he kicked the door closed with his foot, never looking away from the puzzle he held as he turned the lights in the foyer on. Tucking his mail under his arm, he swiped at the seal, almost impatiently, with one claw and pulled out a single sheet of lined paper.

Dearest Sesshoumaru,

You may not know about me, but I certainly know about you. In fact, I know everything there is to know about you. Rest assured; however, that I am not some crazed stalker. I am simply a girl; a human girl whose heart was stolen by you.

I am not so delusional as to believe that I could ever have a chance to be with you, but every time I think of your sun kissed eyes, I imagine that they are filled with warmth for me and the pain that lingers from within them have completely vanished. When I think of your haughty smirk, I imagine that your lips will one day curve into a genuine smile for me and that smirk I have come to love so much will still be present, but in the presence of the rivals you prevail. When I think of your inner turmoil regarding the dreams you have given up, I hope that there will be a day in which you could share your burdens with me so you will never be alone. I would wish that I could replace those unspeakable pains within your heart with love and joy.

His eyes widened in bewilderment as his fingers subconsciously tightened its hold upon the letter, irreversibly crinkling it at the edges. How could this unknown woman know so much about him? Who is she?

Quickly, he lifted the paper to his nose and inhaled deeply, hoping to catch the scent of the writer. The corner of his lips pulled downwards in disappointment when he could detect no scent emanating from the material. Feeling slightly dejected, his gaze scanned the contents carefully until he found his place and continued reading.

Are you surprised at my knowledge yet, dearest Sesshoumaru?

I can imagine it already. You must still be standing in your foyer; the unexpected letter disrupting your routine had roused a deep curiosity from within you. You tore open the seal with a single swipe of your clawed finger and quickly scanned its contents.

And when you realized what I knew of you, your insatiable need to find out who I am will lead to you attempting to seek out my scent; however, you will not find me, as I am sure you have realized by now.

While this is a confession of my love for you, it is also a goodbye. I am a selfish woman. I could not bear to part from you, to finally and fully enforce myself to forget you, without you being aware of me, your secret admirer for many years.

You have occupied my thoughts frequently and now, I only wish that I could be within your thoughts for a brief moment in time. With this knowledge in my heart, I can contently attempt to move on from pinning after someone so unreachable.

We are from two different worlds, after all. A Daiyoukai like you could never love a mortal like me. Could you?



Sesshoumaru stood completely still for a few heartbeats to absorb the letter in its entirety. When the meaning behind it sunk in, he inhaled sharply. It was, of all things, a love letter - something he had not received for many years, courtesy of his current career choice. Not that he minded being left alone by those female sharks. The love letters of the past consisted of idiotic ramblings like, “OH MY GOD, I LOVE YOU!” or “I WANT YOUR CHILDREN!” and even, “FUCK ME SILLY, PLEASE!” instead of well thought out sentences.

Still, he knew he should feel perturbed. It was obvious that this woman, whoever she was, knew a lot, way too much, about him, even those he kept secret. She even knew his daily routine coming home from work. Yet, despite that, he didn’t feel himself becoming wary of her. In fact, he was curious. From the tone of her letter, she did not appear to be psychotic, just a whimsical woman attempting to leave a lasting impression on him.

Well, her plan succeeded.

He was now very aware of her, but who, exactly, is ’her’ and how could he find her? Absorbed within his thoughts of the mysterious Miss G, Sesshoumaru walked into the kitchen and absentmindedly tossed his keys onto the counter.

Gently setting the paper aside, he began to boil some water for tea, still preoccupied on finding ways to reach her. When the tea kettle whistled, he grabbed the handle and poured the boiling water over his tea leaves. Suddenly, everything clicked and his hand went still.

If she knew of his schedule, then that must mean she’s paid enough attention to him at his home to the point of having it memorized. He left and arrived home at approximately the same time each day with only the traffic to take into account. Which meant, it would be a very likely scenario for her to come by while he was away to check if her mail had been successfully delivered to him.

He had an important meeting tomorrow so he could not take a sudden day off from the company. He could; however, leave her a response upon his door in plain view for her to see.

Yes, that’s what he would do.

Setting the tea kettle aside, he pulled out a blank piece of paper and an ink pen. In his elegant handwriting, he quickly wrote down one sentence on the center of the paper.

Will you reveal yourself to me?

Folding it twice, he put it into an identical envelope, sealed it, and in a similar fashion, wrote Miss G on the front.

Smirking to himself, he poured out the tea he no longer wanted, turned out the light, and went to bed, eagerly awaiting for the next morning.


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