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The Puppy by Riku Ryuu

One Hundred and One

Hi again! I am happy to say that I own nothing mentioned in this story but the story itself. I figure it I did own it there would be a lot of political things I would be forced to do and politics is not my thing. This is for Skye's Keepsake challenge.



The doorbell brought Sesshomaru out of his homework trance and back to the real world. He sighed as the numbers that had been running through his head disappeared, leaving no trace of the answer to question five on his paper. He ignored the doorbell and worked to begin the problem again.

“Sesshomaru!” Kagome’s voice called from the front room of his house. Sesshomaru sighed again and put down his pencil. He pushed his chair away from his desk and got to his feet. Walking towards the door, he was well aware that a little puppy was following him. After the first few days of trying to keep Dolly locked in the kitchen, he had eventually given up after her many escapes. He now allowed the Dalmatian to go where she wanted and it just so happened that she wanted to follow him around while he was in the house.

Kagome smiled at Sesshomaru when he walked into the room. She brightened Sesshomaru’s mood some, but he still frowned at her.

“I gave you a key, why do you still ring the doorbell?” He asked. He had given her the key long ago, after she asked to do a project at his house because her room was too small. He had never asked for it back and now she ended up at his house three to six days a week.

“Mostly to give you time. I don’t want to walk in on you when you are… busy.” Her smile shifted to a teasing one and Sesshomaru’s eyebrow went up.

“I can be ‘busy’ with you anytime you want.” He licked his lips suggestively and Kagome blushed. He loved to make her blush.

A small bark had Kagome’s focus shifting from Sesshomaru to the puppy that rushed out from behind him and ran to her. Sesshomaru frowned at the loss, not liking that the Dalmatian had stolen Kagome’s attention. Kagome did not seem to notice his annoyance as she went down to her knees and opened her arms for the dog.

“Dolly! How are you doing?” A bark answered her question. “I brought a surprise for you!”

Sesshomaru watched as Kagome opened a bag she had brought with her and fished around in it. She must have found what she was looking for because she let out a loud “Ah ha!” before lifting a DVD case. The DVD moved away before Sesshomaru could figure out what it was.

“Come on, let’s go set this up in the living room.” Kagome got up from the floor and headed for the game room, where Sesshomaru kept his biggest TV. Kagome snagged Sesshomaru’s arm before he could head back upstairs and pulled him along with her. Apparently having no choice in the matter, Sesshomaru hoped that the movie would at least be one that he could convince Kagome into missing in exchange for necking on the sofa.

Kagome let go of Sesshomaru in order to open the door. She pushed the door open and let Dolly go in first before following her. Sesshomaru went in last and closed the door behind him, but he stayed near it.

The room was large and filled with all sorts of entertainment.  Old pinball machines lined one wall while another held arcade games like packman and shooting games. A large collection of chairs of every sort sat in the middle of the room around a large couch that faced a TV that took up about half of the wall. The room was probably the most expensive luxuries that Sesshomaru could say he owned, but it was his relaxing room. Not to mention his half-brother always stayed in the room when he came to visit so it was much easier for Sesshomaru to avoid him.

This was not the first time Kagome had come over for a random movie day, so she knew exactly where everything was.  After putting the DVD into a very high tech player, she moved to the big couch. Sesshomaru moved from the door and went to sit next to her but Dolly beat him to the seat. He narrowed his eyes at the puppy, but Kagome patted the seat on her other side and he wordlessly moved to take it instead.

The movie skipped right to the beginning and Sesshomaru frowned at the light that went from the top of the screen to the bottom, leaving behind a picture of a castle. He now knew that it was a Disney movie, and for his sake he hoped it was a romantic one like ‘Beauty and the Beast’ or even ‘Lady and the Tramp’. His hopes were dashed when the first spot appeared on the screen.

The dogs on the screen barked and Dolly joyfully barked back at them. Kagome leaned against Sesshomaru and smiled at the little puppy.

“Dolly look! Dogs just like you!”

Sesshomaru sighed and endured the torture.


The song about the ‘Dalmatian Plantation’ stopped and large letter proclaimed that it was the end. Kagome yawned and rubbed her head against Sesshomaru’s chest. When there was no answering affection, Kagome looked up to see that his eyes were closed and his face was relaxed in sleep. With a gentle smile, Kagome slowly moved his arms off of her body and slipped out of his hold. Standing above him, she thought how cute he looked in sleep. Dolly gave a doggy yawned from her position on the couch and looked up at the girl. Before Kagome could do anything or reach for her, Dolly sleepily got to her feet and padded towards Sesshomaru. Kagome had to hold in her giggles as the puppy curled up next to the great male, showing that she was quite use to sleeping with him.

Kagome quietly moved to her bag and took out a camera. Creeping back to the pair, she focused the camera on them and clicked the button. There was a flash of light and Kagome held her breath, waiting for either of the sleepers to react. When neither moved, she clicked the back button on her camera. A picture as perfect as real life showed on the screen and she grinned at it.

The picture was a keeper, that was for sure.


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