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The Puppy by Riku Ryuu

Red Herring

Hi! I have another little story for you. This one is for Skye's Heartless challenge. It has some mention of the 1985 Clue, so if you have not watched it you should. Youtube is the best bet for that, if you are alright with watching the movie in sections.You don't need to watch the movie to understand, but it might be more fun cause you will get the little jokes.

I do not own Clue or Inuyasha.



“If I was the killer I’d kill you next.”

Sesshomaru paused on the stairs and frowned at those words, wondering what in the world was happening. He had left Kagome down stairs so that he could finish a paper, taking ten, maybe fifteen minutes, but that was not enough time for her to get in trouble let alone be killed… or to become a killer. Strangest of all was that the voice seemed to be male but was strangely loud, as if he was yelling but the words were not yelled. Any panic he might have felt went away as he realized what it must be.

Sesshomaru finished going down the stairs and entered the game room, where he figured the source of the noise to be. The first thing he saw was Dolly, Kagome, and Rin all curled up on the couch in front of the TV. A large bowl of popcorn sat between them and forgotten soda cans sat on the coffee table in front of them.  Rin’s popcorn filled hand was halfway to her mouth; she was obviously distracted by whatever was happening on the TV. Sesshomaru figured that his mother must have dropped Rin off again without notice, probably so that she could go to some social function. It was normal, and he could never really bring himself to be mad with her because, though he would never admit it, he loved having Rin at his house.

The second thing he saw was that they were watching some movie that looked much older than most of the ones they usually liked. He tried to identify who the characters were, feeling that they were oddly familiar, and the words made him think that is must be a mystery of some sort…

“It was you Mrs. Peacock!”

Sesshomaru sighed and shook his head. He had not expected them to be watching Clue of all things. He shook his head and walked in to sit next to Kagome. At that very moment a body fell out of a closet on the screen. Kagome jumped a foot in the air and a high pitched scream left both of the girls as they faced Sesshomaru. Dolly barked in happiness and climbed over laps to get to him.

Sesshomaru let the puppy onto his lap and grinned at the girls, amused by them.

“Sesshomaru! You heartless beast!” Kagome yelled then collapsed against him with a laugh. Dolly barked and wiggled out from between them, rushing for the safety of Rin’s lap. Sesshomaru put his arms around Kagome and held her close, settling in to watch the rest of the movie.

“How do you feel about getting a maid outfit like that?” He asked in a whisper only Kagome could hear. One of his hands rubbed her thigh and Kagome smacked it.

“You really are a beast.”

Rin squeaked when the wrench was used to kill a man. Sesshomaru shook his head at how ridiculous the whole thing was.  The cheesy music really put a cap on things, and making out with dead people had to be one of the strangest things done in any movie.

Kagome and Rin let out screams when rope went around the maid’s throat. He laughed outright when the butler turned on the shower. This was probably the funniest horror movie ever.


“That movie was pointless.” Sesshomaru commented as the credits rolled. “Aren’t movies supposed to have some kind of lesson or theme?”

“Of course it has a theme!” Kagome turned in his arms and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Don’t kill people.”

“And communism is a red herring?”  Sesshomaru asked with a smirk. Kagome laughed and got up.

“And don’t eat monkey brains.” Rin said from the other side of the couch. Both adults glanced over at the little girl to see that she was being quite serious.

Sesshomaru shook his head and got to his feet. “I can honestly say that I have never had monkey brains.” He told the little girl with a straight face. The little girl nodded her head back in the same manner then broke out in a grin.

The moved to the kitchen and Sesshomaru looked in his fridge for something to make for dinner.

“Did you notice that all of the endings had the police as the winners?” Kagome asked suddenly. Rin nodded and sat down with her at the table.

“Police always win.” The little girl said with a bright smile. Sesshomaru snorted and took out a container of pasta.

“You don’t agree?” Kagome asked curiously. Sesshomaru did not look at her as he added water to a pot and put it on the oven to heat.

“No one can win all the time.” He said with a small shake of his head. He threw a grin over his shoulder. “Except for me.”


Finished! I had a little trouble with this because my mind told me to cut it off quick but I didn't have enough words. I added some in, probably good cause it added more detail, and I hope you like it. Reviews are always welcome, no matter what you want to say... unless it is mean. Then I will eat you.

Thank you.


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