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Oh, Gutter Marbles! by Aurora Antheia Raine

January 15, 2011

Prompt 1: Rakish
Word Count: 300

How the hell could she tease him like this, mere minutes before he had to leave for work? Her skirt was too short and her top was too low. Hell, if he had the time, he’d be ravishing that rakish figure of hers until her drool worthy legs buckled beneath her and her eyes were glazed over in passion. And as always, she had no idea how she was affecting him.

Sesshoumaru glanced at the clock, wondering if he had time for a quickie before his meeting at the corporation today. Shaking his head regretfully, he decided to simply tease her a little in preparation of what he was going to do to her delicious body when he returned home that evening.

Striding over to her bent figure, he gripped her by the hips and ground his prominent length against her fleshy ass. Startled, Kagome let out a small squeak and knocked over the pile of paperwork she had been organizing.

“Sesshoumaru,” Kagome whined with a pout, looking at him from over her shoulder, “look at what you did to my documents.”

In reply, he snaked a clawed hand up the front of her skirt and found her clit through her panties, stroking hard as he continued to rub himself against her.

With a low moan, Kagome’s head dropped forward as a surge of desire swept through her. Her fingers tightened their grip on the table’s edge until her knuckles were white and Sesshoumaru continued to stroke her, frustratingly so, at the same pace - over and over.

She eagerly spread her legs further apart and rocked her hips, pushing herself closer to his fingers while grinding back on his pressing arousal, smirking when he shivered.

She could feel herself about to cum and just as she tensed, he stopped.

Prompt 2: Notable
Word Count: 300

Storming into her office, Kagome slammed down her stack of paper onto her desk with a scowl. She was pissed as hell - the nerve of that man! Getting her so turned on and then just upped and walked out the door, leaving her tethering on the edge. Boy, was he going to get it when he got home!

She was absolutely fuming. Granted, he was a notable employee of the company he worked for and had he not left when he had, he would have been late to an important meeting… but did he really need to start something he could not finish?

Sitting down in her chair, she thought back on how she had taken care of her little problem and promptly felt her cheeks flushing a warm pink. She recalled propping herself up on the bathroom counter, ripping off her panties, and plunging three fingers into her slick folds, stroking herself until she was breathless.

She thought of Sesshoumaru, naked in all his magnificent glory, sitting on the edge of their bathtub with one leg propped up, just watching her with those flashing gold eyes, tinged with vibrant red. He would be stroking his hard length with one hand, grunting and lifting his hips to meet each stroke of his own hand as she continued to pump in and out of herself with her nimble fingers.

She thought of him slowly striding over to her and taking a dusky nipple into his mouth and suckling, scraping his dangerous fangs against her flesh. She would throw her head back, panting loudly, and he would wrap his hand over hers and guide her fingers harder into her in a joint effort to make her scream.

Jolting herself out of her flashback, Kagome groaned.

Time for another change of panties.

Prompt 3: Swell
Word Count: 300


He had managed to get to his office without anyone noticing the bulge in his slacks. That might be because his blazer was buttoned tight or it might be because he intentionally had a binder opened down by his waist in his hands as he pretended to be absorbed in work whilst he was walking. Or… it could be that he was just that skilled.

Point being, Sesshoumaru went into work with a raging hard-on and nobody noticed. Still, he couldn’t work in his condition, which meant he would have to do something about it and immediately, he wondered if Kagome had taken care of her problem before she had left for work herself.

Chuckling to himself, he turned on his laptop and leaned back in his seat to unzip his pants. He pulled himself out and wrapped a hand around it, stroking it slowly at first, then faster. In his mind, he saw the swell of Kagome’s heaving breasts as she rode him and the way she was pulling roughly at her nipples with her head thrown back.

He jerked in his seat, his movements frantic and his flesh made slick by the drops of smeared pre-cum. He envisioned Kagome’s lips stretched wide with his length buried in her mouth, sucking him off. He thought of himself pumping into her tight passage as she writhed beneath him and he thought of himself impaling her roughly from behind and her cries of ecstasy.

With a grunt, Sesshoumaru jerked his hips one last time and watched in horror as his load squirted into the air and landed upon his desk while coating parts of his laptop screen in a sheen of sticky mess…

… Just as Kouga strolled in without so much as a knock to announce his arrival.


Prompt 4: Tractable
Word Count: 300

He was never going to live it down. He just knew it.

Kouga had always been out to get him since day one and from the sinister smile Sesshoumaru saw on his face, he knew he was officially screwed. Both of them were vying for that promotion their boss had mentioned several weeks back. If Kouga let slip what Sesshoumaru had been doing, he could kiss that promotion goodbye.

And Kouga was someone who wouldn’t think twice about stabbing you in the back, which meant… he had blackmail material. Oh joy.

Sesshoumaru knew it was coming and he was dreading it. Who knew what that mangly wolf demon would come up with.

And true enough, later on that day, while he was finishing up his tasks, Kouga reappeared in his office, that same knowing smirk plastered on his irritating face.

“Kagome must not be giving you any at home, eh?”

“Just tell me what you want so that I may leave,” Sesshoumaru snapped, glowering at him.

“Tell me, is Kagome up for grabs since she’s obviously leaving you unsatisfied? Because, let me tell you, I would love the opportunity to fuck that fine piece of work,” Kouga continued, enjoying the only chance he had of tormenting the demon.

Gritting his teeth, Sesshoumaru curled his fingers into a fist to hold himself back from beating the shit out of him. If he roughed the guy up, he definitely would be kissing that promotion sayonara.

“Tell you what,” Kouga said, his eyes glittering with mischief, “I’ll get amnesia and completely forget what I saw if you’ll do something for me.”

“And what might that be?” Sesshoumaru asked, keeping in mind that Kouga was not a tractable wolf he could negotiate with.

And when Kouga laid out his plan, Sesshoumaru could only groan.

Prompt 5: Hound
Word Count: 300

“Will you quit hovering over my shoulder?” Kagome snapped, a few hours after Sesshoumaru got home, “you’re blocking my light.”

“The activity I had in mind does not require such lighting,” Sesshoumaru replied smoothly, eyeing the novel in her hand warily.

“Quit hounding me. I’m really tired and I just want to relax,” she scowled, “you can live without sex for one damn day.”

Stunned, Sesshoumaru leaned away from her incredulously.

Did she really just flat out reject him? Oh, yes… she did!

This was a severe emergency that required immediate rectification, but what could he do to fix it? He pondered his possibilities for a brief moment.

A) Keep pushing the issue -- Sleep on the couch tonight
B) Do a strip tease and get her all hot and bothered -- Possibly a turn off; therefore, sleeping on the couch
C) Seduce her -- Plan backfiring equals to sleeping on the couch
D) Go to sleep -- Feeling horny as all hell for the rest of the night

Really, he didn’t have much of an advantage, did he? No, not where this feisty, delicious, one-hell-of-a-woman was concerned. Still, he was determined to get what he wanted. The teasing he did earlier that day should have fueled her desire for him, not turned her off completely. She must be pissed, but still… he had something he needed to accomplish, in addition to making her scream his name to the Heavens, of course.

Mind made up, he slowly inched towards her again, his hands gently caressing her hip as he moved his lips to suckle upon the mating mark on Kagome’s smooth, creamy skin. She let out a tiny sigh, but still didn’t lift her eyes away from her book.

Well, that’s alright. He’ll have her screaming in pleasure real soon.

Prompt 6: Wily
Word Count: 300

He played her like a finely tuned instrument, knowing which strings to pull and which buttons to push. What once began as a cold, pissed off Kagome turned into a warm, putty in your hands, screaming with need, begging him to fuck her into oblivion Kagome.

Sesshoumaru had her wet and dripping and her cheeks flushed crimson.

“Oh Gods, Sesshoumaru,” Kagome moaned as she writhed beneath him.

Growling, Sesshoumaru continued running his languid, hot tongue over her wet pearl until she came with a scream, her legs locking behind his head as uncontrollable spasms shook her to the core.

With a worn sigh, Kagome’s legs fell limply to the side and with ease, Sesshoumaru raised himself up and guided his length to her folds, brushing it against her clit a few times before entering her, eliciting another moan from Kagome.

He flexed his hips and pumped himself into her, slowly at first, then gathering speed. She gasped and gripped his shoulders tightly, legs locking behind him to keep him connected with her.

Sesshoumaru grunted as he slammed into her and Kagome’s eyes slid shut as she rode the waves of pleasure. The coil in her belly was tightening and the delicious sensation of spiraling over the edge was so close.

With another hard thrust, Kagome felt the coil spring and as her release rushed through her, she heard a loud yowling sound that reminded her of that Coyote and Roadrunner cartoon she used to watch as a child, where the wily coyote yelps in pain each time his plans backfire.

Eyes flying open, Kagome looked at her television, expecting to see it turned to a cartoon channel, but to her shock, it was Sesshoumaru, his head tilted back, yowling at the ceiling like there was no tomorrow.

What. The. Fuck?

Prompt 7: Prosaic
Word Count: 300

He could feel her incredulous stare. It was practically burning a hole in him.

But, he had no choice except to keep on yowling, until he knew that Kouga, parked outside, could hear him with his wolf demon’s sense of hearing.

Sesshoumaru could never say that Kouga had a prosaic mind - this was truly a unique way in humiliating him.

He continued thrusting into Kagome, still howling and making sounds that made it seem like he was in severe pain, but he had already sensed that Kagome had become unresponsive - choosing, instead, to simply stare at him unbelievingly. Unfortunately for him, he had to keep on going until he, too, hit his release.

And so, with renewed vigor, Sesshoumaru pumped into her roughly - hard, fast, and deep - until he felt his seed coating her insides. He fell silent with a slightly raw throat as his only reminder of what he’d done and peered down at Kagome with shameful eyes.

“What… was that?” she asked, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion.

Kissing her forehead tenderly, he replied, “doing what I know needs to be done.”

“That was… odd, Sesshoumaru,” Kagome responded, a bit unsure of what had just happened.

“It’s a one time thing, Kagome. I swear. For special reasons that I may tell you about one day,” Sesshoumaru explained.

“Well… can we do it again in the right way?”

“What happened to being tired and wanting to relax?” he teased, nipping at her shoulder.

She shrugged sheepishly, “I only wanted a little revenge for earlier today. Plus, what better way to relax the body than physical exercise?”

Waggling his eyebrows to elicit a giggle from her, his lips descended upon hers - hot and passionate - igniting a fire that would not be put out anytime soon.

Prompt 8: Crest
Word Count: 300

“Wow, Sesshoumaru…,” Kagome said breathlessly as she came down from her high. Her voice was hoarse and her limbs were heavy. A light sheen of sweat made her shimmer in the moonlight as she laid there, unmoving. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to move, it was that she couldn’t.

He had truly went above and beyond in the second round to make up for that bizarre first round. She doubted that she would ever forget it and she mentally vowed to make Sesshoumaru tell her what that was about.

“I feel that I must say, this round was better than the previous,” Sesshoumaru commented, pulling her firmly into his arms.

“Much, much better. Especially since it didn’t sound like you were dying this time around,” Kagome said with a laugh, turning her head to the side in order to look at him basking in the glow of the night sky.

With a contented sigh, she slowly shifted until they were pressed together - front to front. She threw a long leg over his hip, nestling her core snugly against his rising, hardening length. She brushed his silvery locks back, running a fingertip around the edge of his pointed ear, trailing down to run across the stripes upon his cheek, then to the family crest of the crescent moon upon his forehead with adoration in her eyes.

“What are you thinking of?” Sesshoumaru asked her curiously, resting a clawed hand upon her naked waist, drawing invisible patterns upon her soft skin.

“I’m thinking…,” Kagome said, trailing off slightly, “that I really appreciate you. Every sexy, ambitious, dominating and bizarre part of you. I love you, Sesshoumaru. I really do.”

“Good,” he responded, kissing her lightly, “because that’s exactly how I feel for you.”

“I know,” she replied with a smile.


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