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GM Drabbles by Synyster Star

Rakish and Notable

Prompt: Rakish

Fingers traveled through long, silver strands of silk. Following down the hard lines, dips, and markings on his lean frame. She shuddered at his piercing gaze. It was haunting, and full of need. She expected him to move, to twitch, a flick of his wrist, a blink of an eye and he would be ontop of her but he remained still. His chest rising and falling in a soothing rythym. Kagome chewed on her inner cheek.  She was nervous, and she was thankful he was giving her the power, well at least for now.

She crawled above his rakish figure, her heart pounding in her ears at a deafening decibel. Her lips trembled as her lips brushed across his jugular. The vibrations beneath his flesh from his pleased mewls tickled. Kagome eased her way slowly, taking her time to taste every inch of his skin. Her blue eyes skimming up the line of his stomach looking for his approval. His stoic mask gave away nothing, but his eyes were molting depths of gold and amber hues.

Her fingers traced lines along his muscular thighs, and her body thrummed with the need. Damn he was so beautifully dashing.

Word Count: 197


Prompt: Notable

He watched her silently. His body fooded with turmoil for the raging emotions he kept hidden. How could such a disgusting, filthy ningen attain his attention as she had? What form of sorcery did she place on his mind, his heart, his libido? The fucking woman was a plague! Her scent was a temptress in itself. Did the miko even know what her scent did to youkai? No she was an inferior race, but it was far too obvious she had become notable in his eyes, for her to have him willing to bed her. The taiyoukai let out a ferral growl, his motions were graceful, and could only be recognized as swift. His brother's wench was going to be his even if it was to be for one night. He could not allow himself something more than a rut. The erection pressing against his thigh ached with the need to be released.

The Temptress was still unaware. How was she so innocent bathing there in the soft light of the moon? The glittering rays casted shadows upon her tanned skin. The water rippled around her as she waded further into the hotspring. The steam molded around her curves, the tops of her creamy breasts flirted with the surface as she dipped beneath the warmth.

His predatory gaze feasted upon her, he would sate his lust this night.

Word Count: 228


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