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Demons dont cry by Tenshi Villiers

Demons dont cry

The Fireworks over head gave way to the new beginning of Sesshomaru and Kagome. With Kagome's father Naraku gone and the portal to the netherworld sealed, Sesshomaru bent his head and captured Kagome in a kiss. She smiled at the sight of Sesshomaru all red like his younger brother's leather jacket was before he tumbled into the netherworld, sealing it forever and with it destroying the tower that held the portal. It was then that Sesshomaru began to cry.

“Are you crying?”  Kagome asked as she looked into the amber orbs hidden in silver.

“Demon’s don’t cry.” Sesshomaru replied and added,
“It’s the rain.”

Kagome held Sesshomaru’s hand and said,

“Even demons cry when they lose a loved one.”


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