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Ho Ho Ho by Walter205

Merry Christmas, once more!

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 Ho Ho Ho


"Sesshomaru, that's...cold cold COLD!" screeched Kagome as the aforementioned stuffed a few fingertips of snow up into the latter's nether regions.

"Hnnn, let's see if my theory proves valid," stated Sesshomaru in a totally mock seriousness as he studied his handiwork. His features hardened as his frown deepened.

"It melted, didn't it? I told you it would. Now I'm freezing my ass, err, a little forward of that off, no thanks to you," Kagome accused him with teeth chattering.

"So, I guess you were right after all, snow isn't as hard or painful as sand to remove from your vagina, since it melts and just runs out," concended Sesshomaru with a sigh.

"Gee thanks, now I'll go stand under a hot shower for five hours warming up my core again," chattered Kagome as she started to stand up.

Saying nothing, Sesshomaru promptly yanked her back into bed, laid her flat on the mattress, and proceeded to dive his tongue into her moist core, swirling it back and forth, upon and down, not stopping until every nook, cranny, and fold was warmer than it had been before he had begun his experiment.

"Hnnn, this one has a better alternative to wasting hot water," Sesshomaru growled, his fangs glistening with her juices as he smirked up at her.

"Less talking, more warming," her now husky and lusty voice whispered down to him, as the two of them dived under the covers for another afternoon session of 'Merry Christmas'.

The End


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