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Lion and the Rabbit by Kagome Yuki Niwa

A Little Odd

x . . . . x

Her warm breath turned into little clouds within the cold with every exhale that caressed his engorged member. Her nimble hands, able to bring as much destruction as she could pleasure, maneuvered in methodical movements that brought pleased growls and purrs from his lips and throat. The moonlight that shone upon the two turned his hair to starlight and darkened hers to ebony that rivaled the darkness itself. His eyes, partially closed with contentment, glowed with an inhuman light. They lay within the haphazardly tossed blankets of the futon deep within the depths of the Western Citadel. The western lord was leaning on his forearms, head tossed back, exposing his throat. One leg was bent at an angle and the other was spread before him, encasing the woman currently pleasuring him.

Her lips moved over his member, ghosting it with her teeth. Her ebony hair created a shroud, a curtain from the outside world. He hissed when she took him into her hot, little mouth and suckled. Her tongue moved teasingly along the vein that trailed the underside. He moved one of his hands to guide her head in order to set a pace he preferred, not caring whether the woman gagged or not. In fact, it would only increase his pleasure, that sound that bordered on too much and just enough. It made his blood boil and race. The woman tried to fight his grasp on her head but it was no use. He was so close, so close. He pushed her further, passed her limits and felt his loins tighten as he came in a burst of white liquid.

He released the head of the woman and watched in obvious satisfaction as she came up sputtering, coughing, choking on his seed as she gasped for breath. It brought a wicked sense of completion from him as he watched her eyes water and redden from the almost lack of air. He chuckled, a deep, sinful sound and looked over at the woman that stared at him with a look of utter horror upon her face. He growled when he took in her eyes, the liquid brown they were rather then the startling blue he wished them to be.

Even several hundred years later, the damned miko that traveled with his brother haunted him.

How many times had he brought the women from surrounding villages to pleasure him in hope they eased the insatiable ache that cursed him?

No, he had never bedded the miko, but he wished he had.

The nights that came before the "dark days" [which is what people referred to as the days fought against Naraku], were always filled with the soft laughter and chatter of the woman he had come to respect and begrudgingly like. He had been propositioned by the miko. If he traveled with them, during his stay, he would be taught the ways of her people. At first he scoffed at the idea, what could he learn from ningen after all? Yet, when she brought her books for him to read, his curiosity was piqued and he had to devour as much of her knowledge as he could.

Hours were spent with one another, learning, together. She taught of him of the wars to come, and he in turn taught her of the wars of the past. She taught him of her people and their odd practices and in exchange he shared the culture of the Inu. She made a wedge within him that Rin filled as well and yet he felt entirely different for the older girl. When she disappeared after the battle, he began to have erotic dreams involving the small woman-child and since then had taken to bedding women that carried some trait of hers. Some had hair like the night, others eyes as deep and blue as the ocean. Some carried the soft strength in their hands and others merely the same demeanor but none seemed to hold all of her traits.

He knew that she had been from the future, five hundred years from his time and knew he would see her again but whether he would even be able to take her was a different monster all together. He was a youkai and as such, his idea involving rutting was much more skewed then compared to those of ningen. He liked it rough, straight out of the box, so to speak. He didn't have to work up to a certain level of pain tolerance. He liked to give it and take it as rough as his or their body could take it and further still. Even still, he liked it rougher compared to most youkai as well. He didn't like it 'vanilla', a term he had come across in the Western Hemisphere.

Ningen women, he had come to find out, liked it straight vanilla.

It was likely the miko would as well.

Which therein lie his problem.

Several problems actually.

One, the miko had yet to be born.

Two, it was possible she would see him an entirely different light then he held her in.

Three, if he did take her, then they would have different views on sex.

He looked at the woman, whom still stared at him in horror, and barred his fangs at her. She skittered away, like a startled fawn, and left the bed chamber. He breathed a heavy sigh and fell back upon pillows that cushioned him comfortably. He brought a large handed with elegant fingers to rub the bridge of his hated thinking of these things because they brought upon the inevitable ache behind his eyes. He growled at himself softly and cursed internally.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

And Sesshoumaru was indeed part of the fallen.


Kagome tossed a glare to the three women that were supposed to be her friends. They were now freshman in college and she had, despite everything working against her, gotten into a decent medical school. She was studying to become a pediatrician and so far had excelled in her studies. She had been in her time for five years now and after the first two years had given up hope on her feudal friends coming for her. She moved on in life. She had a few boyfriends and few lovers and discovered herself as a woman. She was having fun being normal for a change but her mind constantly wandered back to days spent by a fire under the stars in a campsite that was guarded by the watchful eyes of a taiyoukai and a hanyou.

Sometimes, when she was alone, she could smell the smoke, taste the fish on her tongue, breathe the clean air, and pretend she was back where she wanted to be. She could sometimes hear the rolling baritone of her companion and the constant complaints flowing from her beloved friend about 'sitting too close to his bastard of a half-brother'. She could feel the furry tail of her adopted son beneath her fingers, and hear the soft laughter from her houshi friend as the tajiya slapped him for touching her once again. When this happened, Kagome would close her eyes and remember better times. Times spent with a taiyoukai that learned and taught and treated her like she was Kagome. Just Kagome.

The inu-youkai had plagued her thoughts many times and each time she felt her heart stutter in her chest. She found herself missing the late into the night chats about everything ranging from philosophy to military tactics. He was surprised by her knowledge and she by his. They had formed a bond that turned into a reluctant friendship. She looked up into the night sky, lagging behind her friends and sighed deeply. There weren't as many stars at night like there were in the past. It made her heart ache.

Sometime she felt stupid for missing what was oh so brief.

Other times she felt like screaming.

She was jerked from her musings by the giggles of her friends as they came upon the club they were visiting. The loud, pumping music was already bringing on her headache. 'The Lion and the Rabbit' was the most popular club for people that held her tastes. It was a BDSM club and it was every man and woman's wet dream come true. Her first boyfriend had been Hojo and he had taken her virginity like every girl dreamed. There were rose petals, silk sheets, romantic candles lit. It was was perfect and she didn't want it. Her second boyfriend had been a local bad-boy named Yusuke Urameshi and he had been an entirely different breed of man, literally. He was a hanyou and his tastes ran toward the more sadistic and she craved his cruel touches just as much as his kind.

He was loving and caring when he needed to be and rough as well as demanding when she needed it to be. He had suffered a bad break up and they had met in a bar and taken to one another immediately. He reminded her of what she had lost and he had reminded her of what could have been. When his ex-girlfriend had crooked her finger to him, he ran to her like a dog. She had understood and had taken no offense and to this day they were friends. While together, they had explored the deeper and darker aspects of sex and she found she preferred it. She preferred the rush, the excitement, the danger.

Eventually, Kagome found out she was into the 'scene' as they called it. Leather, whips, chains, handcuffs, gags, you name it and she liked one aspect of it or another. Of course, women talk, and her little secrets were told to her friends soon enough. They got to thinking and researched Kagome's little fetish and came across the 'The Lion and the Rabbit', Tokyo's safest BDSM club. It gave the illusion but was safe, monitored, fun. No one wanted to risk being blacklisted so they behaved themselves and never caused more damage to their partners then asked and never took more damage then they could take otherwise word got around that you were an abuser and no one wanted to play with one of those.

Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi had gone all out with their fun and had dressed to play the part. Kagome, herself was in the same, of course. A deep blue corset with black plumbing brought out the blue of her eyes. It pressed and lifted her breasts, making her already generous bosom even more so generous. It had large metal snaps in the back that held the corset up, adorned with metal studs. On her hips was a small leather skirt, if it could even be called that. It was a high waist, black, ruffled, taffeta skirt. On her legs were black stockings that started just where the skirt ended on her thighs, showing only an enticing bare strip of flesh. The stockings had small metal clasps that danced along the back of her calves, from top to her ankles. Overlaying the stockings were three inch stiletto heel boots that stopped at mid-calf and hugged her legs tightly.

On her neck was a choker that classified what she liked. In order to get into the club you had to wear a choker that clearly stated what you liked as to not have any mix-ups and this way no one could claim they had no idea what they were getting into to. You had a letter for everything you liked. Kagome's held a 'B' 'D' 'S' 'M' 'T' 'B' 'St' 'Si'. To any casual observer it would just be a jumble of letters but to those in the 'scene' they knew Kagome was ready to party.

The bouncer at the door, greeted them with a nod and paused, squinting at them. "First timers?" he asked, looking them over. Yuka nodded and giggled softly, giving him the once over.

"How did you know?" Eri asked.

"I work this door and I have never seen any of you before. Let's go over the rules, as is customary. I'm saying this once ladies and after that the Lion and Rabbit aren't liable for any damage you may sustain within our doors. You wear your collar at all times while within the club until you find someone that suits your tastes. When that happens you can rent a room from the club and use all of the toys and accommodations we can provide you. Everything is sterilized before each use by the club. If you prefer your own home then you can leave with your new partner. While in this club, we like good, clean fun. Before you chain someone or they chain you you better have a safe word so they knew when to stop and vice versa. Without a safe word, they can do as much damage to you as they want without killing you and you can do the same. If you break a rule, we black list you and you will never find someone willing to be your partner again. Got it?" he asked and the four girls nodded.

Kagome could barely keep in her excitement as the doors opened and they were hit by a wave of music. People dressed in leather, catsuits, latex, scraps of clothing, lingerie, costumes, etc. walked around the club or danced around to the music. Some people were being led by leashes, others being pressed against walls. Lips were pressed heatedly to one another, body heat exchanged as some made their way toward the 'check in' desk for the rooms in the back. Kagome's ever loyal three friends looked at everything wide eyed. It didn't take but a few scant moments before they were approached by people whom fit the bill that their collars held.

They each took a look at one another, smiled, and made motions for 'call me tomorrow'. Then they scattered. Kagome made her way toward the dance floor and checked the collars around her as she did so. She never visited these clubs but while she was here, she might as well as have some fun. Her last one night stand had been ages ago anyway. Her hips moved in time with music, her body pumping and swaying. There was the scent of sweat and old blood in the air. It was a scent she recognized within her own home. Particularly in her room.

She danced until she felt the hands of a man caressing her sides. She swayed into him, against him, moving her hips hypnotically until she felt him stiffen beneath her movements. He gripped her, rubbing her over that spot that ached. She was pressed intimately against a man she had yet to see and that was part of the appeal, apart of the danger. It was in part, one of the reasons she liked this so much. It was tame danger, something she hadn't experienced since her days traipsing time. One of the main reasons this appealed so much to her. She bit her bottom lip as a large hand came and caressed her right breast and then squeezed. Kagome bit back a soft moan, eyes closed as she continued this dancing.

She turned in the man's arms and she heard the soft hitch in his breath as she continued her dance of seduction upon this man. She rode his body, flowing with the music. She wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling the collar move along her bare arms. She opened her eyes at the song ended and stared straight up into shocked, aroused, confused, golden eyes that rivaled the intensity of the sun. She gaped as she looked at the man- youkai and blinked.





'Gome Yuki:: Yeah. This is a BDSM story :) Whatttt up? Each chapter will about 2,500 words or so since this a challenge fic. Personally, I find it possible. Kagome comes back from the past to a place where she lacks danger and excitement both things presented in this scene. Sesshoumaru is a DEMON, so of course his sexual tastes may run odd. If you're lost, let me know! P.S. I ADORE REVIEWS :)


Out of the Box: A phrase that refers to outright liking to give or receive pain rather than needing to be sexually stimulated enough to enjoy it.

Vanilla: Plain sex.


Bondage: being physically restrained for sexual gratification

Domination: rule or sway; control, often arbitrary

Sadism: sexual gratification gained through causing pain or degradation to others

Masochism: gratification gained from pain, deprivation, degradation, etc., inflicted or imposed on oneself, either as a result of one's own actions or the actions of others

The Scene: the BDSM scene.

Abuser: Someone that abuses the rules and leads to being blacklisted.

On the Collar:





T-Top: One who administers some form of stimulation, such as spankings, floggings, or some other kind of stimulation on another but does not have psychological control or power over that person.

B-Bottom: A person who receives spankings, floggings, or other forms of stimulation in situations which specifically exclude power exchange. A bottom does not give up authority and may control exactly how, under what circumstances, and to what degree he or she receives some form of stimulation.

St-Straight: refers to non-lesbian or bisexual partners.

Si-Single: refers to enjoying one partner.

Safe Word: A predefined "code word" which a submissive can use to stop an ongoing activity if it becomes too much.


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