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Avadrea's Innocent Random Evilness by Avadrea


Disclaimer:  I don’t own InuYahsha or its characters.  They belong to their creator Rumiko Takahashi.  Enjoy my insanity it isn’t worth anything more than that.


Kagome’s boss was nearly impossible to work for.

He was harsh, temperamental, and demanding.  To call him a perfectionist would be an understatement.  He ran his office like he ran his life, relentlessly.    Kagome found it difficult to meet his exacting standards, even though, or perhaps because, she was his brother’s girlfriend… ex-girlfriend.

Kagome barley had the energy to lift her head, much less deal with her demonic boss.  Sighing softly she made her way to her desk. 

There she found a yellow daffodil, lying atop an abrupt note.  

'He is beneath you.'

Yes, Sesshoumaru Taisho was nearly impossible… nearly


About Daffodils: Daffodil's represent respect and chivalry but also uncertainty and unrequited love.  It's meant to be very symbolic in this story.

Weekly Perfection Prompt #164: Nearly

100 Words

Second Place Winner in Weekly Perfection Challange #164

A/N: Edited as best as I can.  Still needs some Beta love.


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