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Avadrea's Innocent Random Evilness by Avadrea

You Planted the Seed

Disclaimer:  I don’t own InuYahsha or its characters.  They belong to their creator Rumiko Takahashi.  Enjoy my insanity it isn’t worth anything more than that.

You Planted The Seed


“Will you come with me Kagome? There is something I wish to share with you.”

Looking up Kagome couldn’t help but smile at the face others found repulsive.  “Of course Jinenji.  You’re not just trying to avoid Sesshoumaru are you?“  It had been a surprise to everyone when the quite half-demon had asked Sesshoumaru’s permission to court Rin.  Even more shocking was that the diayoukai allowed it.

The miko almost laughed at the blush that spread under the bulbous blue eyes.  “No, I want to show you something important.”

Gesturing for her to follow he lumbered past his garden.  Hunching down he reached out a large hand to graze his claws along the tattered petals of a rugged looking flower that had found purchase among some rocks.

Kneeling down in the grass Kagome inspect the rebellious bloom.  No other plant grew nearby, yet it lifted its head stubbornly to the sky.

“It’s so strong.” She whispered in awe at the fragile tenaciousness.

Jinenji nodded slowly.  “No matter the soil a seed is planted in it has no choice but to grow.  All that matters is if that seed has the strength.”  His large eyes lifted gazing across his farm to an approaching white figure.  “The most beautiful things grow in the greatest of adversity.  They’re the things that last.”

A stripped hand suddenly reached out plucking the flower from the hard packed earth.  Anger flared in Kagome’s chest and she looked up ready to yell at the heartless flower killer.  But her words died on her lips as careful claws tucked the flower behind her ear.  Golden eyes fixed upon the bloom as if ingraining it in a memory that would last forever.  


Staring into Sesshoumaru’s eyes Kagome though, perhaps, she understood what Jinenji had wanted her to see.


Prompt: Grow

300 words

Third Place Winner in Weekly Perfection Challange #123

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