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Avadrea's Innocent Random Evilness by Avadrea


Disclaimer:  I don’t own InuYahsha or its characters.  They belong to their creator Rumiko Takahashi.  Enjoy my insanity it isn’t worth anything more than that.


She took a timid step back epping softly as he followed steeping forward not letting her create any distance between them.  Her wide blue eyes meet narrowed smoldering gold.  Water ran down his face to drip off his refined nose.  A tiny shimmering river made a path down in a trickle along his noble jaw.  He was very wet and very angry.

Kagome’s eyes dropped to the tattered bright yellow bit of rubber in his hand and swallowed hard thinking in her mind of 1000 ways to skin a kitsune child and bemoaning the invention of water balloons.  “It.. it wasn’t me Sesshoumaru.  I’m INNOCENT!.”


12-01-10 Prompt: Innocent

A/N: Edited as best as I can.  Still needs some Beta love.



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