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Mate Hunt by MidNigh



Kagome sighed and heaved her pack out of the well.

"Dammit Inuyasha! you were supposed to meet me three hours ago." Kagome ranted as the demon in question lifted her out of the well behind her bag.

"Quit your whining, I was taking a nap." Inuyasha returned. Kagome stepped from his arms with a huff.

"Ever since we defeated Naraku and You became a full demon, all you do is eat, sleep, and scratch yourself. I don't know whats gotten into you!" She scolded hands on her hips. Inuyasha picked up her bag and walked off without a backwards glance.

"Don't you have anything to say for yourself? Your just going to walk off!" Kagome yelled at his retreating form. Inuyasha didn't look back. kagome huffed and prepared to follow him, when a cool voice cut threw the clearing.

"Since my idiot brother clearly does not own you, I will take you for myself." Kagome turned as two muscled arm closed around her waist.

"Sesshomaru!" She exclaimed before her world went black.

~ With The Gang ~

"Where is Lady Kagome?" Miroku asked when Inuyasha walked into the hut and she didn't follow. Inuyasha huffed.

"At the well having a fit because I was late." He answered and plopped down onto his sleeping mat.

"Wake me when dinners ready." He order and closed his eyes. Miroku shared a look with Sango.

"Give her sometime, I'm sure she will return when she has calmed down." Sango suggested.

~ At Sesshomaru's Keep ~

Sesshomaru looked down at the sleeping woman that lay across his bed, his golden gaze roaming over her young curves.

"She will make a fine mate My Lord." One of the maids shared before she left the room.

"Indeed" Sesshomaru replied, watching her breast rise under the material of the silk gown the woman had just dressed her in.

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