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Troublesome Woman by UshioOkazaki

Damsel In Danger.

Disclaimer:I Do Not Own Inuyasha.

Title:Troublesome Woman.


Prompt:Damsel In Distress Challenge-Damsel In Danger.


Au/Cu:Canon Universe.



Word Count:455

Summary:The modern school girl keeps making trouble for the demon lord. Why does he let her be a problem though?

''Hn,'' The agitated demon sighed, still holding on to the girl who nearly got mauled. ''Annoying human.'' The girl in question jumped out of his arms, mad herself. ''Is that any way to talk to your brothers comrade?''

''Did you not see that demon?'' He looked over to the remains to prove his point. ''Had I not been here, you would have been killed.''

''I was just trying to go home.'' She shuffled her feet guiltily.

''Hn.'' Was all Sesshoumaru said before he started to walk away.

''W-wait!'' Kagome shouted as soon as she saw his retreating form. He looked over his shoulder. ''What?''

''Uh, thank's for saving me.'' She felt a little awkward. The guy tried to kill her in the past now he was saving her, what was she supposed to feel?

''Forget it.'' He muttered. ''..Where is your home?''

''It's uh, behind there.'' She pointed to the bushes a few feet away from them.

Sesshoumaru started walking towards the destination. ''Come.''

''Huh?'' Kagome was perplexed, her backpack slinging down her arm.

''If anything should happen to you, my half-brother would become an annoying pest. To ensure that doesn't happen, I will escort you the rest of the way.''

Kagome giggled a little. ''..Thank's.'' She began to catch up with him. ''By the way, where's Rin and the toad- I think his name was Jaken?''

Sesshoumaru was quiet.

Kagome waved a hand in front of his face. ''Hello? Sessy?''

'Sesshy' glared st her. ''Do not call me that.''

Kagome could only laugh as she walked backwards to talk to him. ''Sorry, you just seemed to space out.''

''I did not, I was trying to ignore you.''

''That's real nice.'' Kagome thought annoyingly. Sesshoumaru pushed the bushes out of the way so they could pass. ''If you must know, they are gathering supplies.''

''That's good to know.'' She tilted her head a bit.

They walked a bit more in silence until Kagome stopped in front of the well. ''This is it!''

Sesshoumaru stared disbelievingly. ''This is your home?''

''My home is on the other side of this well, it's magic.'' She winked at him teasingly.

''Don't be so foolish.'' Sesshoumaru looked away.

''Well,'' She sat on the ledge. ''Thank you for the help.'' She jumped down. Sesshoumaru peered over the well. She was indeed gone. He began to go looking for Jaken and Rin. ''It's magic. The way she closed one of her eyes when she said it...what was that? Hn, stupid girl.''


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