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His son's mate

Prompt: Celebration

Kagome looked at Sesshoumaru as he clutched her hand as they sat side by side at their wedding table. Kagome smile brightened as the celebration around them continued ignored by both of them. Sesshoumaru smirked at Kagome’s glowing face, but it faded as he thought of his father’s reaction to their union. He didn’t much care that the old dog did not like his mate to be; his father would get over it. Kagome would give him a happy life and beautiful pups, to him that was all that mattered. She would be his everything for eternity and beyond.

Prompt: Spiritual

The spiritual aspect of the mating was done behind closed doors privacy was needed in order to complete the combining of their souls. The next morning Kagome awoke in her new mate’s arms and sighed in pleasure, she was, most definitely, the luckiest woman in the world. As she stared at the face she loved so much she felt the weight of the world on her shoulders. The Inu-No-Taisho had threatened her but she had chanced it. There was no way she could give up Sesshoumaru and go to his father. Sesshoumaru was her world; her everything. She would hold onto him forever.

Prompt: Flickers

                Weeks had passed since their mating and Sesshoumaru was summoned to go off and talk to the youkai elders and council. She sighed as she watched him leave. She hadn’t seen his father since their mating, but Kagome knew that since his son was leaving it would give him ample opportunity to pounce on her. Kagome was ushered inside the fortress by her mate’s guards and with a sad smile wandered off into the library to forget that Sesshoumaru was away. She heard the shoji slide open but did not pay attention to who came in. “Hello Kagome.” A flicker of amusement in the deep voice scared her.

Prompt: Shadows

                Kagome shivered at his tone, and knew he would soon strike. “Kagome, Kagome, Kagome whatever shall you do now that my son is gone? You are here in my home, alone,” he whispered into her ear, and Kagome flinched away watching their shadows mingle and converge together, becoming one. Her anger hit her then and she turned around and glared straight into his eyes, “I will never be yours. You may have taken him from me this time, but do not think that you can swindle your way into my bed. My loyalty is only to Sesshoumaru and will never be to you.”

Prompt: Treat

                Touga laughed and began circling her, “You are such treat, Kagome! No wonder my son was captured by you. You’re such a fiery female, you will be hard to break, but I will break you and you will learn that I always get what I desire.” Kagome’s jaw clenched and her nose flared as her fury over took her. How dare he think he could have her! “I will never bend to your will. I will always belong to your son, you cannot and will not have me, ever,” Kagome said as she turned from the youkai, head held high.

Prompt: Eerie

                Sesshoumaru had an eerie feeling over take him during one of the meetings. He began to fidget and could not sit still. What was wrong with him? He never fidgets, yet here he was fidgeting. “Sesshoumaru it has come to our attention that your Lady mate is not being cared for well enough for her standards.” Sesshoumaru’s eyebrow raised, “Surely you jest, my mate is quite comfortable in our home,” he replied. “I think not young lord, your miko is being stalked by another suitor.” Sesshoumaru growled, who would dare?! “It seems your father is the hunter,” Sesshoumaru snarled.

Prompt: Foul

                His own father! How could his own father dare go after the woman he had claimed and mated? His own sire! Realization dawned upon Sesshoumaru, all the times Kagome was skittish around his father made perfect sense. She knew! Why had she not told him? They were supposed to be able to tell one another everything. A foul odor assaulted his nose, but he ignored it. Too wrapped up in his thoughts, he stared at the council members. “Who gave you this information?” he finally asked. “Our spies, initially it was to check and see if your miko was legitimate about her love.”

Prompt: Undead.

                “Kagome was almost burned alive when her village found out that she was to be my mate. She was almost murdered there was no way she would sacrifice herself if she were not true to her words. Kagome is many things, but she is not a liar.” Sesshoumaru explained as he rose from his seat to leave as quickly as he could. The council members watched as Sesshoumaru left the room. He would indeed show his father that Kagome was his and there was nothing the old dog could do about it. Kagome was his and he’d kill anyone who tried to take her from him; including his father.


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