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Pink Panties by MidNigh

Kagome Revealed

Sesshomaru stared at the scene in front of him in shock.

“ What is that foolish human doing now?” He asked himself as he watched the miko who traveled with his brother drop the hideous yellow bag she always carried,and kick off her shoes.

“ I've been waiting for this all day!” Kagome sighed as she pulled off her socks.

Her socks were quickly followed by her shoes and pack. Sesshomaru stepped closer as Kagome pulled her shirt over her head exposing her soft pink bra. The thin material clung to her breast like a second skin, outlining her pert nipples. The blood rushed to his groin when Kagome shimmied out of her skirt, the green material reveling matching pink panties. Kagome tossed her cloths onto the growing pile and stretched.

“ Okay shampoo where have you run off to.” said Kagome as she bent over to rummage in her bag.

Sesshomaru let his eyes wonder over the mikos firm ass, his dick turning rock hard. He groaned as Kagome pulled the shampoo from her bag and danced toward the spring, her breast bouncing with every step. Kagome set her bath stuff at the edge of the spring and reached behind her to unhook her bra, shimming out of her panties just as quickly. She stepped into the water with a sigh.

“ Oh man this is heaven!” Kagome moaned before ducking under the water.

She popped back up and reached for the bottle she had left at the springs edge. Kagome lathered her hair, and began scrubbing her scalp. Sesshomaru watched Kagome rinse out her hair and begin to was her body. As she ran a wad of pink cloth over her young, supple breast, Sesshomaru began to disrobe, his clothes falling at his feet.

 Kagome hummed a song softly, the rag moving quickly over her arms, legs and belly. Kagome felt the water move behind her, and turned her her head expecting to see Shippo.

“ Hello little human. Allow me to assist you.” Kagome's mouth fell open as a pale striped arm reached around her and took the rag from her hand.

Sesshomaru wrapped his free arm around Kagomes waist when she would have dashed away and swept the rag over her belly. Kagome shivered as Sesshomaru's hand and her pink rag disappeared under the water.

“ Part your legs woman.” Sesshomaru demanded.

When Kagome moved to slow he forced one of his legs between hers,thrusting her legs apart. Kagome's head fell back when Sesshomaru gently washed between her parted legs. Kagome noticed the rag float pass her hip, an instant before two of Sesshomaru's fingers slipped into her moist heat. Kagome gasped and wrapped her hands around his wrists.

“ What do you think you're doing!” she demanded trying to push his arm away.Sesshomaru growled and pulled her flush against him.

“ Silence woman! This Sesshomaru will do with you as He pleases.” Sesshomaru stated before bending Kagome over the edge of the spring, her legs spread wide, his dick bobbing between her legs. He pushed her wet raven locks off her back and trailed kisses down her spine. Kagome gripped the damp grass with both hands and bit her lip to keep from moaning out loud. Sesshomaru's beast growled with approval when Kagome stayed silent. He ran a clawed hand over her ass one finger dipping into her body.

“ You are ready for me.” He state, her wetness coating his finger. He grabbed his member a nudge the entrance to body, until the head of him slipped in. Kagome moan as Sesshomaru covered her body with his, her back to his front, the fingers of one hand threaded through hers. Sesshomaru's other hand rested between them, helping work his member into her body. Kagomes body tensed as she felt his dick bump into her hymen.

“ Relax.” Sesshomaru soothed drawing his hips back, only to thrust forward his body shoving into hers fully. Sesshomaru kissed Kagomes neck and fondled her breast as she cried softy.

“ It worst is over.” He assured her, keeping completely still.

He felt Kagomes body relax around him and began a steady rhythm. Kagome raised up on her elbows, and thrust back against Sesshomaru, her tight passage clenched around him. Sesshomaru felt his control begin to slip and his breast take over. Kagome cried out when Sesshomaru gripped her hips, his claws biting into her hips, and pounded into her.

MORE” Sesshomaru's breast roared slamming into Kagome over and over.

Kagome came in a rush a pleasure so intense it brought tears to her eyes. Sesshomaru's gaze filled with a red haze as he came his body buried deep inside of Kagome. Kagome gasped as Sesshomaru's hot seed shot into her, coating her womb. They both fell forward panting, Sesshomaru still seated deep in Kagome. After several long moments Sesshomaru pulled out of Kagome and climbed from the water. Kagome watch him walk toward his cloths, her cheeks heating up.

“ I can't believe that just happened.” Kagome whispered. Sesshomaru turn toward Kagome as he pulled on his pants.

“ This Sesshomaru has enjoyed our mating greatly. I will return within the next month.” He stated tying his obi. Kagome stopped in the process of drying her hair and looked up at him.

“ Why?” She asked. Sesshomaru raised a brow.

“ I have spilled my seed in you woman. You will most likely swell with my pup.” He told her calmly. Kagome watch as Sesshomaru turn and walked away, her eyes wide.

“ WHAT!” She yelled, but Sesshomaru did not turn around.

~ Thank You for reading!!! I hope everyone enjoyed it. I might decided to make this oneshot into a story, let me know what you guys think about that. THANKS ~        Sessy21        ~


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