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There Can Be Only One! by Walter205


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Ten males stood in a circle, eyeing each other, gauging their strengths, their weaknesses. Each was vying for the same prize, located in a bedroom up the hall from the gym. Nine would fall, and one would proceed to the bedroom to claim his prize. Sango and Kagome, one a demon slayer, the other a miko from a future era. Both would be mated or married to whoever emerged victorious from today's battle. Two women, one man.

A gong was heard being struck. Shippou, signaling the start of the battle. All ten men rushed in at once, shouting their cries of battle, weapons drawn, and eyes narrowed. The first to die was Akitoki Hojo, being run through by Inuyasha's claws as the latter used his sword to block Sesshomaru's Tokijin attack. Next up Ginta and Hakkaku, having promised to work together until they were both the last men standing, fell prey to Miroku's wind tunnel. Sensing an advantage, the monk turned the wind tunnel upon the other competitors. Sesshomaru and Inuyasha both lost their weapons to the void, before Sesshomaru released his poison vapors to be sucked up into the void.

Crying out in agony, Miroku collapsed to the ground, the wind dying away as his hand was consumed by the acidic nature of his poison. Moments later, the monk was dead. Four down, six more to go.

While Sesshomaru had dealt with the monk, Inuyasha and Kouga were going at it. Likewise, the Hojo from the modern era dueled with Muso, while Naraku stood off on the sidelines. Sesshomaru went after Naraku, slicing through his mid-section with ease. The evil hanyou smirked as he didn't die, and wrapped his tentacles around most of Sesshomaru.

The latter remembered that Naraku had no heart, but Sesshomaru knew that Naraku had to have a heart in his body for the mating to be successful. He glanced around and spotted the oddly glowing jar that Naraku had brought with him. Could that contain his heart? Perhaps he sought to dispatch everyone here, and then add his heart to his body prior to mating with the miko and demon slayer, corrupting both of them to his fiendish ways?

It was worth a try. He lanced out with his poison whip, slicing through the jar with ease and dissolving whatever it was that was inside of it. With a sudden gasp, Naraku stood still, his eyes and mouth open in shock, as he finally began to dissolve away into nothingness from Sesshomaru's poison....

With a strangled yelp, Kouga died as Inuyasha slashed his heart into pieces, collecting the jewel shards and adding them to his own body, causing his demon blood to run rampant and wild. He interrupted the fight between Muso and Hojo, shredding the former, bludgeoning the latter, devouring some of Hojo's intestines and organs, before turning to face Sesshomaru.

Two left, both brothers, and nominally the strongest of those who had been present. Inuyasha charged him then, slashing, biting, and clawing. Sesshomaru used his poison mist to cloud Inuyasha's eyes and dissolve them, to fill his nose and ruin his smell, to dissolve his ear drums and deafen his hearing. But the hanyou turned full demon still attacked on instinct alone, and Sesshomaru started taking hit after hit that sent him reeling.

He would not lose. He wouldn't!

Fine, if Inuyasha wanted to use his demon blood, then Sesshomaru would do the same. Taking a deep breath as he gained some distance between himself and Inuyasha, Sesshomaru let it all go. Everything, except for the one trigger that was preventing him from transforming into his full regular form. It wouldn't do to bring the house down and crush to death those that he was fighting for.

His eyes glowed red as his face elongated, and his fangs and claws sharpened and grew. Growling with rage, he rushed towards Inuyasha, and the two collided in an epic battle that went on for ten minutes. In the end, Sesshomaru was the stronger though.

The battle was finally over when Sesshomaru tore Inuyasha's heart from his body and dissolved it with his acid, leaving the hanyou to keel over, his eyes all yellow and empty, as he hit the floor. Looking over the bodies of the slain and beaten, Sesshomaru turned to the roof and the skies beyond, letting loose a horrific bellow of victory as his crimson stained claws turned back to normal, as his vermillion stained clothes and scarlet stained armor cleansed themselves and conformed to his body once more.

Eyes turning back to yellow, he stalked from the carnage, heading towards the bed rooms. This time, when he was growling and howling, those screams that joined his would be of pleasure and enjoyment, not of pain and suffering...

The End


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