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An assortment of drabbles... by ChaoticReverie


Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Prompt: Stubble

Word count: 300

Rated: T

Warnings: Sesshomaru being slightly pervy…



Kagome started at the unexpected summons, turning to face the demon who’d called her. “Y-yes, Lord Sesshomaru?”

The daiyoukai tilted his head. “The ritual you partook in earlier at the lake, what is its purpose?”

Her brows furrowed. “Ritual?”

He nodded. “After swimming, you ran a strange pink object over your legs.”

Kagome's eyes flew wide in understanding. “I was shaving… that pink thing was a razor.”

She was shocked to know the inu had been watching. His usually bland expression made him seem inattentive, and it was surprising to know how much he actually noticed.


“Yes,” she confirmed.

“This one is curious to know why you would do such a thing. What purpose does it serve?” he queried.

She blinked, not having expected the question. Yet, she knew that the practice of shaving legs hadn’t started yet, so she supposed it was a reasonable question. “W-well… because it feels good,” she answered with a shrug.

“You shave because it feels good?” Sesshomaru asked dubiously.

“No! The act itself doesn’t, just the end result. It makes my legs really smooth,” the young priestess explained, running her palm up the length of her calf.

Sesshomaru moved smoothly across the camp to kneel before the still seated miko, a clawed hand lifting to trail her thigh.

Kagome - and every other member of the travelling party – went stone-still, shocked by the dai’s uncharacteristic behavior. He seemed fixated on the texture of the skin beneath his palm, his regal brow furrowed with thought. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, he pulled away.

The miko was gob-smacked; she didn’t think things could get any stranger.

The demon hummed lowly before declaring, “This Sesshomaru agrees. They would feel undoubtedly pleasant wrapped about the waist.”

She was wrong things had just gotten much stranger.  

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