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A Demon Lord's Cry by Kagome Yuki Niwa

Meet the Beast

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha.


: Romance/Angst/Hurt


: Sesshoumaru/Kagome


: Little Rin has died and Sesshoumaru doesn't know what to do. He loses himself to his beast, lost in emotions he hasn't felt in hundreds of years. Kagome is called to subdue the raging beast and in the process binds herself to the taiyoukai stronger then her bond with Inuyasha. With Sesshoumaru's subduing comes the price of being Lady of the West and with the title comes all the downsides and perks of being ningen royalty among a youkai court.

A Demon Lord's Cry

Chapter One: Meet the Beast

x . . . . x

When someone fell ill in Sengoku Judai - they died.

Her steps were small when she moved through the white that surrounded her in the blackness of the night. Her dainty feet dragged in the ice covered ground as she was unable to find it in her to move quicker when her world was falling to piece around her. There was a tiny smile playing on her face, strained, false, a lie. Someone she cared for deeply hadn't taken well to the cold that descended so harshly upon them only a few weeks prior. The time travelling miko had done everything in her power to ensure that the youngest member of their group was taken care of by using dozens of modern medicines and making even more trips back and forth through the well. Even Inuyasha had tried using variations of youkai medicines that he had been taught at a younger age.

Nothing seemed to make a difference.

Shippo was not healing with the help of any medicine and seemed to be healing at a very slow rate on his own. It was something to celebrate and be thankful for but not for Kagome. Like all mothers, the young miko was worried to tears at not being able to help her little kit and it was wearing heavily on her. She was someone he had come to rely on. How could she not fall in love with those large turquoise eyes of his? And that bright smile whenever he saw her? So she did and she claimed him as her own and that was that. Now she had let this happen of all things – the child was bedridden and she felt it was all her fault.

A soft, ragged sigh slid past her lips as she continued on with her little trek, her dark blue skirt swishing around her pale thighs enticingly. She had recently put on a warm, black jacket to accommodate the first few weeks of winter. A top her head was a black beanie, slowly gathering snowflakes, and around her neck was a gray scarf. Her little nose was a lovely shade of crimson and officially numb from the cold but she didn't turn back for the hut.

No. There was something oddly soothing about wandering around the forest with nothing but her own thoughts for company, something that made her feel almost lighter... but not better. Not better considering her kit was ill. There was something about the isolation that allowed her thoughts to go to a much darker plane then they usually did. It allowed her to think the thoughts she never would think and feel what she never allowed herself to feel in front of her friends.

She let the hopelessness and despair consume her for just a few moments because she could never do so in front of anyone else and it wasn't like the forest would tell anyone. It kept her secrets and allowed her, her solace.

So many children had died already that winter and it had just started. The heartache was terrifying and the pain was something that she was not immune to and it tried to consume her. Children that had never lain within her womb had been the cause of many tears and many nightmares as she saw their bleak and desolate faces behind her closed eye lids. Her heart broke into thousands of pieces as she thought of the many children that passed. In her pain, Kagome knew one thing.

She was not meant for this era.

She was not cut out for the cruelty and ruthlessness of it, not like Kaede or Sango who were born into the pain... not thrust into it. In her dark thoughts, Kagome allowed herself to pray for her kit. She wanted - needed - him to get better. Shippo was stuck on the fence not sure which way her kit would go. He was at the point where he could get better or worse.

She hoped it would not be worse.

Kagome looked up at the gray sky and exhaled a breath from her lips, watching distantly as the warmth made a puff in the air. As moisture gathered on her cheeks she thought snow was melting as it hit her flesh. It took a few moments for Kagome to realize she was crying. Minutes later, she found herself crouched in the snow and burying her face into her arms as she sobbed.

She had no idea how long she stayed that way, kneeling in the snow, sobbing so completely and fully. She did know that quite some time had passed considering she could barely feel her hands and vaguely feel her toes. Her body was sore and stiff to the point where even the slightest twitch of her finger caused some pain to course through her body. It was darker, she realized, but the little crying jag had done wonders for her. So, Kagome stood and stretched the soreness from her back and limbs. She looked around and then turned the way she had come.

She stopped before she could take her first step as the presence of a youkai filled her senses. She stiffened and looked around somewhat wildly. Her powers had increased in the time that had passed. She was now stronger and her arrows had more power so that she could protect herself and her friends though she still had a very long way to go and was not in complete control. She had grown weary of being a burden to her companions. Kagome paused as she heard huffing and slight wheezing as a brown and green figure flew from the trees and threw itself at her feet.

She recognized the creature as Sesshoumaru's lackey.

She knew immediately this did not bode well for her.

"Ningen wen - Miko-sama!" he cried and Kagome frowned quickly at the change in her title. Jaken had never been her friend and he had never called her anything other than a degrading name. She could feel her stomach begin to fill with dread as he bowed to her in the cold snow. Kagome was on her knees within moments after him, shaking him slightly, trying to figure out why he was so distressed.

"What is it, Jaken? What's happened? Is the Western House alright? Is Sesshoumaru alright? Did you find Naraku?" She thought it funny how Naraku was the last thing to come from her mouth. The little toad though, looked at her with luminous, bulbous eyes filled with tears. One of the most hateful youkai, prejudice toward all ningen alike, was pleading with her using his eyes.

For what? Kagome had no idea but she could the dread settle solidly in her stomach.

"Please... " he murmured, the tears slipping down his dry and cracked skin. "Please... come to the House of the West and subdue my Lord. I have never begged of a ningen, a miko no less, but I beg of you now, Miko-sama, please."

It took her several moments to register what the small youkai had been asking her and she blinked as she released him and stared at him as though he had grown a second head. Jaken was nothing if not loyal to his Lord.

"Why?" she asked him, eyes narrowed, not understanding this at all. "I don't understand what you're asking me to do. Just tell me what happened, Jaken." she murmured soothingly.

"Miko-sama... " he began as his face scrunched up and he released a gasping sob. "R-Rin is dead." he whispered, his coarse voice cracking in his pain. It didn't take Kagome long to register to the news. She could already feel her hands shaking, the tears burning behind her eyes as brought one of the shaking appendages to her temple, her breath coming in short gasps.

Sesshoumaru had loved that little girl in his own way and she had no idea of the impact her death had on the taiyoukai. Her death though, had caused her mind to drift to her earlier thoughts.

So primitive was this time that another child had died.

"I don't understand why you need me. You need to explain to me why he needs subduing." she told the distraught youkai softly.

"Sesshoumaru-sama was there when she passed, holding her hand. One moment she was breathing and the very next Sesshoumaru-sama scooped her into his arms and locked himself into the Western family crypt where we believe he has lost control and let his beast loose. He has been locked within for days, howling mournfully day and night." he stated as softly as he could with the silent tears coursing from his eyes. "He needs to be subdued and not killed and after years of watching you on the battlefield, I know you have enough honor to help and not kill him."

"Jaken." she said, grasping his attention as she told him the blunt truth. "I am not strong enough to subdue Sesshoumaru. I have raw and untamed power. A lot of it. That doesn't mean I have enough to subdue a taiyoukai like Sesshoumaru."

"You don't understand!" he cried out, desperation vibrating from every cell in his body. "We need a miko of any power. A subduing spell is not based on power, it's just a spell! Please... we just need a miko that won't kill him!" he pleaded, again begging. Blue-gray eyes closed as her mind played over the scene in her head. Sesshoumaru, holding the small body of Rin, with his howls erupting from a throat that was most likely raw from use. Emotion clogged her throat and filled her head.

This was Sesshoumaru and he most likely had no idea what do right now. Confused and hurt were two words she would have never linked in the same sentence as Sesshoumaru but at this moment she knew that those were the emotions he was feeling. Her heart went out to the parent mourning the child that graced his life so briefly.

Kagome reached her decision.

"I'll do it, Jaken, but I have to go to the village to gather my things and let my friends know I'll be going. I can safely assume this invitation is not extended to them, correct?" she asked and even though Jaken had sagged with relief, he shook his head.

"It'll be bad enough to have you in the Western House, but to have your whole rag-tag group would be worse." he explained and Kagome nodded her swiftly. Jaken whistled and a green, saddled, two headed ryuu appeared. Kagome recognized the creature to be Ah-Un, the same creature Sesshoumaru kept around. Kagome was gestured to sit on the saddle of the ryuu and she hesitated only a moment before jumping onto its back.

The two headed youkai made a low sound of sadness, as though they - it, whatever it was - too mourned the little girl. Jaken jumped on the youkai in front of Kagome as they took to the skies. It was a short ride but time was of the essence as Jaken explained why they couldn't wait for Sesshoumaru to merely snap out of it on his own. She would use his explanation to help her to convince Inuyasha to let her go.

As Kagome leaped from the creature when it descended, she mentally prepared her argument, her heart heavy. She pushed open the flap of Kaede's hut and moved inside quickly, her face tingling from the abrupt change in temperature. Her friends were startled by her abrupt entrance but she quickly began gathering her things, talking as she did so.

"I'm leaving." she stated almost immediately, not having the luxury of dancing around the issue all night.

"The hell you are!" Inuyasha cried indignantly. "There ain't no way I'm letting you go back to your time when you barely just returned!" he growled, amber eyes swimming with anger.

"I'm not going to my time." she murmured, meeting stunned silenced as she looked to Kaede. "May I have the spare subjugation beads?" she asked softly of the older miko. Kaede moved wordlessly about the hut and gathered a necklace of dark blue beads similar to Inuyasha's minus the fangs.

"Why do ye require the beads?" Kaede asked, her single eye questioning as she handed them over to the younger miko. Kagome accepted them with a polite nod and 'thank you' as she continued to gather her things.

"I'm headed to the Western Lands to subdue Sesshoumaru." Kagome answered honestly as she finished packing her bag. A deep growl filled the silent hut and Kagome turned to meet the amber gaze of Inuyasha.

"You're doing what?" he growled as Kagome sent him a watery smile.

"Is that wise, Kagome-sama?" Miroku asked, his violet eyes filled with worry for the younger girl. Sango could only stare in shock for several moments before asking the same thing as Inuyasha had.

"No, Miroku-sama, it's not wise but I have to do it." she told her companions.

"Why, Kagome-chan?" Sango asked not quite understanding why her friend would go to risk her life to subdue Sesshoumaru.

"Jaken came to me in the forest with news. Little Rin, the young girl that traveled with Sesshoumaru, recently died and has let himself fall to his 'beast'. I have no idea what this means but he's obviously not himself. Jaken needs a miko to subdue and not kill him and he says I'm the only honorable miko he knows of." she paused and as Inuyasha opened him mouth, she stopped him. "Jaken has also said that they can't afford for Sesshoumaru to stay this way much longer. There are already speculations that Sesshoumaru has fallen into insanity and youkai are speaking of assassinating him in his present state to take over the West. Should that happen, chaos will become the West and I am duty bound to help Sesshoumaru in this time of need."

"Duty bound?" Miroku asked the young miko.

"He saved me once from the possible marriage and rape from Mukotsu of the Shichinintai." she swiftly informed them as she tightened her scarf and headed toward the fitfully sleeping Shippo.

"I'm going with you." Inuyasha stated as Kagome shook her head at him, her fingers moving through Shippo's damp bangs.

"Sesshoumaru is not going to be happy with me there and so I highly doubt the both of us is a good idea." she murmured now that she was close to the sleeping kit, knowing Inuyasha would hear her. She planted a soft kiss to the kit's brow and pulled away.

"Kagome-chan is right." Sango muttered angrily, eyes flashing, upset she could not help her friend in her plight.

"You'll find me if there is change in his condition, right?" Kagome asked, gesturing to Shippo.

"Feh!" he muttered as he looked away, arms crossed over his chest. He nodded his head, begrudgingly understanding. He knew that honor drove people to do odd things and he was no different than Kagome. He could not fault her but he could pissed as hell at her. "Don't come cryin' to me when that bastard shoots you full of acid!" he growled.

Kagome only smiled as she offered her goodbyes and a last lingering look at Shippo before she made her way out into the cold. Kagome shivered as a blast of cool air hit her and almost sent her back into the hut due to the severity of the temperature. She knew though, in her heart of hearts that she couldn't leave Sesshoumaru to the fate that was currently being laid before him. She couldn't leave the proud, aristocratic youkai with emotions that were consuming him. So, instead, Kagome ran to the edge of the village where Jaken and Ah-Un were waiting for her because Kagome could not turn away a soul in agony.

Jaken greeted her with a small nod of his little head and then gestured for her to leap on the back of the two-headed youkai. Kagome complied a but not before sending a small look back at the peacefully sleeping village. She then mounted the creature and Jaken followed suit, leaping in front of her to take the reins. Mere seconds passed before the young miko found herself in the skies once again, the full moon shining brightly along the trio.

It was only after the village was out of sight that the full weight of the situation crashed down upon Kagome, leaving the poor girl breathless.

She was going to Western House.

Kagome was headed to the House of the Moon.

A miko was going to be in Sesshoumaru's House.

Kagome sent a silent prayer to Kami as they flew in the sky, praying that Sesshoumaru wouldn't kill her the moment he came back to his senses. She was nothing more than 'ningen filth', after all, and 'ningen filth' did not belong in Sesshoumaru-sama's home. Then again, Rin had been ningen. Kagome blinked her eyes furiously to hold back her tears. She wasn't Rin, though. She was Kagome and Sesshoumaru wouldn't be nearly as merciful toward her as he would have been toward Rin.

"Jaken?" Kagome asked softly. The little toad turned and gave her a small nod to continue speaking. "What exactly killed Rin-chan?" she asked gently, her eyes soft yet questioning. Jaken merely sighed and Kagome soon thought he wasn't going to answer her. She was wrong when he opened his lip less mouth and his squawking voice flowed past.

"We are not ningen, Miko-sama." he began softly, looking into the night sky. "Rin very much was. The Western House had no ningen but Rin and we as youkai didn't really realize her frailties until it was much too late. Rin had gone to play outside in weather that would have been seen as normal by youkai standards but it was much too cold for her and she was much too stubborn. She was out for hours and when she came in, weak and stumbling, skin blue, body shivering, we practically surrounded her in fire. That is what killed her. We heated her body much quicker than we should have."

Kagome concluded that it was very likely that hypothermia had killed Rin and her body had been gaining heat faster than her chilled body could take. Again, blinking back tears, Kagome mulled over the situation in her head and concluded that this was most likely going to turn out quite bad. The sensation of dread in her stomach was offering no help.

Hours passed as Kagome's hair whipped wildly about her delicate face, the wind causing her cheeks to go numb and ache from the stinging cold. She soon found herself shivering slightly every now and then but nothing too large to worry about and so Kagome ignored it. Half an hour had passed when she heard them. The sound caused her to blink several times before a muffled sob tore its way past her lips.

Sesshoumaru was howling.

For a few brief moments, Kagome had thought there was a pack of wolves nearby and were responding to the howling but she soon realized that the ghost like noise, filled with such a haunting and arresting sadness was nothing but Sesshoumaru. They shook her to the bone, her very core aching with such a profound pain. They were heart breaking, sob wrenching sounds and Kagome felt her sadness simply increase tenfold. The sobs of a mother when they lost their child, to see the pain in their eyes when they realized they were gone was a terrible sight but this- this was worse. To know these sounds came from a man - a youkai that hadn't known such pain in many, many years - was simply the most unbearable thing Kagome had heard and felt in a long time.

This was a youkai that had felt almost no emotion for anyone but himself and he most likely didn't understand this pain, didn't understand how to react. Sesshoumaru and not understanding didn't belong in the same sentence... ever, but Kagome knew deep down it was an accurate way to describe the taiyoukai at the point and time. After all, had he understood, he wouldn't have been in this situation.

"Oh Kami, forgive me." Kagome whispered as the weight of what she was about to do settled on her shoulders.

The poor miko was going to subdue Sesshoumaru like a common inu. A proud youkai like Sesshoumaru would now be seen as the equivalent of a pet much like Inuyasha was. Inuyasha didn't much care though... Sesshoumaru, on the other hand, would care. That's what the necklaces were after all, collars. They bound the wearers by collars to the person that had placed them there. Inuyasha had grown to see the necklace as a sort of bond that allowed him a place in the world and Sesshoumaru would not see like that at all, Kagome knew this almost instinctively. Sesshoumaru already had a place in the world, did he not?

Kagome almost flinched when Inuyasha's words came back to haunt her.

"Don't come cryin' to me when that bastard shoots you full of acid!"

'Oh, Inuyasha,' Kagome thought sadly, panic slowly coursing through her veins. 'I think I'll be dead before even being able to come and cry to you.'

The howls began to grow louder as the trio began to get closer to the place where the sounds were originating from. As the House of the West began to come into her sight, she felt her previous fear be replaced by awe. The group had never had a reason to be this deep in the Western Lands and she couldn't prevent her reaction. It was a breath taking sight that was being unveiled before her. The Western House was surrounded by a youkai town. The House was built into the side of a large mountain, almost a wall of rock considering climbing that rock would be hazardous.

It was much like a miniature fortress in some ways. Surrounding the high walls was nothing but untouched land lacking in trees for about thirty yards or so within that of the wall. Around the thirty yards were large trees that towered over the high walls and Kagome could only relate them to the California Redwoods that she had once seen in a book back home. From her view above the trees she could see the huts and the markets surrounding another wall in the inner city. The inner wall was the wall that surrounded the Western House and the Western House was beautiful. It was much like most feudal lords had but there were differences.

It was built in a large letter 'x' with a square in the center. The middle of the square was absent except for a large court yard filled with a large pond and plants that thrived in water and grew around the small little ecosystem. It was very well kept from what Kagome could see, with green grass surrounding the pond and small stone benches positioned under large Sakura Trees. Around other parts of the 'x' she could see a large and beautiful garden, training grounds, several dojo, other small feudal mansions, among other things she was too overwhelmed in taking in.

Kagome was shaken from her observations when she realized they were flying over the first wall. She was about to ask Jaken if it was a good idea not to greet the deadly troops she had seen standing atop the wall when she mentally hit herself. They had all most likely known Ah-Un by sight by now. They flew over the youkai city where there were still some youkai doing last minute chores and they turned their heads skyward when they sensed the ryuu. Some waved and others moved quickly into their huts and homes. It began to snow gently again when the two headed dragon descended outside the inner wall surrounding the Western House. Several inu-youkai and a few other creatures she couldn't immediately identify turned their attention to them from outside the front gate and atop the walls.

"Jaken-sama?" called an inu-youkai positioned outside the gate as the two jumped off the ryuu. Kagome quickly took in the tone, which was cool, and then took in the features of the inu-youkai. His features were sharp, like all the features of inu-youkai in their humanoid forms, his ears pointier then most demons. Though his hair wasn't white like the Western Lord, she knew he was inu because of the aura.

"Yes, Takeshi-san?" Jaken asked almost tiredly.

"You were sent for a miko, not a whore." the inu, Takeshi, spoke. Kagome blinked several times before she glared hard at the youkai. Blue-gray met green in a clash of anger and Kagome once again allowed her eyes to roam and take in the thigh brushing raven black hair, the dark green eyes filled with anger, the claws that were clenched into fists with suppressed rage, and the brooding aura. Kagome knew that most youkai could be classified by the color of their hair or markings and she classified this one was either a black inu or an obsidian one.

Over the years she had studied cultures of youkai in order to understand their fighting habits and techniques when they encountered them over their travels so instead of getting hurt through surprise, they were able to fight with precision and with few injuries. Once again her eyes moved over him, trying to see if he wore the colors of his own house but only found the Western colors. White, blue, black, and gold.

"I am a miko." Kagome said softly though her anger was thick in the air with the sharp scent of purification energy and crackle of sparks of pure power. Kagome was filled with a sense of smugness when the inu-youkai's eyes widened. She only reigned in her power when Jaken hissed audibly and the Ah-Un growled lightly. The front gates were opened and Kagome felt that the howls had only grown louder as her brief but of smugness faded and was replaced with profound sadness.

The trio walked through the arch way, several people running to greet the small group. Kagome only looked at the two that commanded attention instead of paying attention to other servants. One of the two was a small, plump female brown inu-youkai. She had shoulder length chestnut hair with pointed ears and black eyes. Her features were small and rounded and she had a kind, serene look about her. The kimono she wore was light and not that of the high class but pink colored with a yellow obi.

The other inu-youkai was clearly that of aristocratic nature with the way she held herself. She herself was a golden inu with waist length gold hair. It wasn't the blond of humans but the pure color of gold as though someone had spun golden coins and made it hair. Her features were sharp and angelic, with rosy red cheeks song her tanned flesh, with dark lashes that brushed her cheeks, with a body that was slim, almost model like, and eyes the color of melted honey. Her kimono was most likely worth a horse... or five, and was blue silk, clinging to her soft curves, with small flowers imprinted at the hem, and a silver obi.

"Miko-sama." greeted the small inu, a gentle smile on her round features. "My name is Himeno and I shall be helping you with your preparations. Beside me is Reika-sama."

"It would be a pleasure to meet you if not the circumstances. My name is Kagome." she bowed, Himeno returning the gesture whereas the other inu didn't bother moving. Himeno indicated for Kagome to follow and she followed dutifully. Kagome turned to see if Jaken was following and when she realized he wasn't Kagome paused and gave him a reassuring smile. "Jaken-sama!" she called gently. He turned to her and she could see the strain he was going through. "It'll be fine. I promise not to let anything happen to Sesshoumaru." Kagome missed the frown that Reika had sent her at the use of Sesshoumaru's name without an honorific.

Jaken only nodded before turning and walking away. Kagome went back to following Himeno and was led through the inner hallways made of wood and shoji screens. She was led soon to a large wooden door intricately designed with the House of the Moon symbol, a Crescent moon. The door was opened and Himeno led her into a large library filled with shelves of volumes of books, scrolls, and sheets of parchment. There were several small desks covered in papers, and a larger desk arranged neatly with stacks of parchment and ink. Himeno pointed to a desk with a single scroll and Kagome looked over at it.

"That scroll is a scroll of sealing, Kagome-sama. It is the only scroll we have been able to find and we hope it helps you. It says that you need an object of some sorts - " Himeno was interrupted by Kagome when she pulled out a necklace.

"I was given a necklace to use." Kagome stated softly and the inu-youkai nodded her head stiffly, clearly not wanting to be a part of the subduing of Sesshoumaru but knowing there was no other choice.

"That will do just fine. We ask that you learn the spell as soon as possible. I'll have dinner and something warm sent to you. The door will be closed so you can study uninterrupted. Another youkai will be here shortly to read the scroll to you." Himeno said gently as she turned to leave.

"The youkai won't be necessary, Himeno-san." Kagome told her as she began to shimmy out of her clothing. "I can read just fine." Himeno arched a brow in surprise but nodded her head as Kagome kneeled before the desk and began to read. There was a large fireplace in one corner and Kagome arched her own brow in contemplation. The western youkai were certainly ahead of their time. She sighed softly but then turned her attention to the scroll where she studied and concentrated on how it was done.

Several hours passed and Kagome had the spell memorized and full stomach. She stood and went to the door where she asked one of the men posted outside to get Himeno. The inu entered the study and Kagome nodded her consent that she was now ready. Armed with only a necklace and a single spell, Kagome was nervously ready to brave the taiyoukai. Well, she was as ready as she could be without vomiting up the contents of her poor stomach. Secretly, she knew she shouldn't have eaten as much as she had.

Being led through halls once more, Kagome could hear how the howls grew louder in volume. Her stomach was in knots and she was feeling vaguely ill. Fear was coursing through her veins along with adrenaline as the duo stopped before a hallway with a large door at the end. No words had been exchanged through the short trek and no words were spoken now for several long moments. Kagome thought the little inu was going to turn and walk away after a few more minutes passed but Himeno gave her a searching look, full of a deep aching sadness.

"If you go to the door and open it, it will lead you down stairs and into the crypt. There you will find Sesshoumaru-sama where I - we as those in the entire West, ask you to please do all you can." she murmured, her black orbs being enveloped in a sheen of tears.

"I will, Himeno-san. No worries." she said gently and then she was walking toward the door, her fragile, human heart twisting with every step. She pushed the large, heavy door open, the beads clinking in her hands as her fingers trembled and shook, the door creaking open. Slowly, Kagome took one step at a time down into the dark staircase, lighted by only a few torches. The howls were louder now and Kagome took several deep breaths and paused before reaching the last few steps.

What was she doing? Was she really going to risk her life for a youkai she didn't know? A youkai that had tried to kill her on more than one occasion? Kagome took a step back but an image of Rin her mind had rooted her to her spot. She nodded to herself and began walking once again. Yes, she was going to do this. She was going to do this for Rin and her Sesshoumaru-sama. When Kagome reached the bottom of the steps she saw a path that was lighted by torches with stone tombs on both sides. Statues of great inu-youkai in both human and beast form stood over some of the tombs. At the end of the cavernous room was Sesshoumaru, crouched, with his back toward the miko. He was howling loudly, his head of silver hair thrown back, as each howl was torn from his throat. Kagome moved forward slowly but her foot hit rock and it sounded softly in the room. Kagome hoped he wouldn't have heard it over his howling but this was Sesshoumaru after all. The howling died abruptly and the taiyoukai turned his head to look at her, his body shortly following.

Kagome's lips parted but no words would slide passed as the male turned and faced her. In his arms, cradled gently, was Rin, her small body pressed closely to his chest.

Scarlet clashed with blue and a tear slid down the miko's pale cheek as a choked sob fell from her dry lips.

"Be silent, wench." Sesshoumaru murmured, voice hoarse with a distinct rasp. It was nothing like the cool and unemotional tones she was used to hearing. Kagome could only nod her head as she took in the dried tear tracks along his striped cheeks and the dirt on the bottom of his hakama where he had been kneeling and crouched. "She's sleeping." he whispered softly, a clawed hand gliding through Rin's glossy locks. Kagome merely lifted her head upward and prayed. She looked back to Sesshoumaru and another tear slipped from her eye.

"Sesshoumaru... " Kagome began gently. "Rin is dead." she ended just as soft and gentle. Crimson eyes narrowed and then a ferocious roar tore from his hoarse throat as Kagome's eyes widened. It wasn't even seconds when Sesshoumaru disappeared from her view and Rin's body lay in his previous place. She had no time to register her head hitting the wall, her sight dancing with spots, and her body being held off the ground from her throat. A clawed hand was not yet blocking air to her lungs but in a few seconds, Kagome knew she could be dead. Kagome looked into crimson eyes once more and flinched.

"You. Lie. Bitch."




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