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Wrong Feels So Right by SunsetMiko


I do not own Inuyasha and Company, no matter how happy it would make me. Rumiko Takahashi does.

Sesshoumaru declares Kagome's clothes indecent, but she proves him wrong. Written for Ebony_Silks Week 52 drabble Indecent Theme.

"You have no idea." Those were the last words Kagome said before she turned and stalked away, the little green scrap of fabric he'd declared indecent swishing dangerously with every step. No matter how hard he tried, Sesshoumaru couldn't stop wondering what she meant while he waited for her to return in more suitable clothing.

When she finally stepped into sight he nearly stopped breathing. His mouth started to water, his eyes widened, his fingers twitched at his sides, and his pants suddenly became much tighter than he remembered.

Kagome shot the taiyoukai a playful smirk. Under normal circumstances she wouldn't be caught dead in something so racy, but he'd asked for it and she wasn't one to back down. She stood before her demon lord in the skimpiest clothes she could find. The skintight black skirt was so short her tiny red thong peeked out at him, the tank top was too small for her three summers ago, and she'd forgone a bra altogether.

His eyes traveled from the sexy messy hairdo down the curve of her neck, focusing on pert nipples straining against thin fabric. Her tone tummy was bared to his heated gaze, the little red scrap of silk barely covering black curls was begging to be torn off, and her soft tan legs went on forever.

She was right. Compared to this her little green skirt was far from indecent, but this was one time Sesshoumaru didn't mind being proven wrong, not even a little bit.


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