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sesshomaru's mistake by seshomeru4ever

sesshomaru's mistake

Sesshomaru walked into the mansion of him and his wife Kagome with a cantankerous additude.Sesshomaru walked in the living room and started to break things and curse."Why the would she cheat on me?!"He asked himself.Sesshomaru broke the huge mirror in the living room,then the mirror in the kitchen,then the mirror in the den,and the mirror in bathroom.(Kagome had alot of mirrors put in the house.)Sesshomaru picked up the phone and called his little brother Inuyasha.

"Hello?"Came Inuyasha's voice.

"Inuyasha!You better not have lied about Kagome cheating on me!"Sesshomaru yelled.

"Now why would i lie about that?"

"Because, I got Kagome before you did and now you're being an ass about it!"

"First of all older brother.I have no intention of taking Kagome from you,and second i saw her with Koga in a coffe shop togeather!"

"Inuyasha you better not be lying."

Sesshomaru hung up the phone and continued breaking things.

A few hours later

Sesshomaru broke the blender,th chairs,and almost everthing in the house exept Kagome's priceless pure gold locket that her father gave to her.Kagome loved the locket very much.Sesshomaru walked in the master bedroom that he and Kagome slept in and walked to Where the locket ws lying and broke it.As soon as he did Kagome entered the room."SESSHOMARU!!!" She yelled striking him in the head. "You ungreatful,untrusting, idiotic,dumb-ass!"Kagome kicked him in the stomach."HOW CAN YOU BELIEVE INUYASHA THAT I WAS HAVING A AFFAIR WITH INUYASHA!!!"Kagome pushed sesshomaru out the window and sesshomaru fell to the ground."I am never going to believe that son-of-a-bitch again."

A few minutes later

"SESSHOMARU!!How can you be my husband and you don't even trust me?!" Kagome yelled.Kagome was standing in the middle of the ripped apart living room yelling at Sesshomaru.Sesshomaru sighed while Kagome continued yelling."Really.Thinking I was having an affair with Inuyasha?!""Actually it was Koga."Sesshomaru said under his breath.Kagome struck him in the face."That doesn't make it any different Sesshomaru!"Kagome yelled."Then what were you doing in the coffe shop with him?!"Sesshomaru yelled.Kagome Kicked in the legs which causedSesshomaru to fall to is knees."I was never with him you dunb-ass!!"Kagome yelled."And to think i'm pregnant with your child."Sesshomaru looked up at Kagome"What,you mean it."He asked."Yes i do Sesshomaru.What you don't believe me?!"Kagome kicked sesshomaru in the face."You Son-of-a-bitch!" Kagome ran downstairs and out the house.Just then Sesshomaru's phone rang.


"She kicked your ass!"Came Inuyasha's Voice.


"You wanna know the truth.I did see Kagome in the Coffe shop,but not with Koga.Her little brother Sota!Kagome was telling Sota all about her new babay girl she was carrying in her stomach!"

"Inuyasha,you dumb-ass!Kagome has run out the house!"

"I know.I saw her.(Laughs)."

"You idiot!She could get hurt!"

"Not my problem.If she can choose you over me she can take care of herself."

"You son of a-"

"If we're lucky she'll be killed!(Laughs)"

Inuyasha hung up the phone.

Sesshomaru ran downstairs and out the door.

"INUYASHA!!Where are you,YOU BASTARD!!"

Sesshomaru looked around for inuyasha."INUYASHA!!COME OUT AND FACE ME YOU COWARD!!"

"INUYASHA!!INUYASHA!!"Sesshomaru yelled."What am i doing?!I've gotta find Kagome!" Sesshomaru started to run.

5 hours later

Sesshomaru ran through the neighborhood for the 25th time. "where could she have gone?" Sesshomaru asked himself. Just the the demon heard a loud scream of someone in pain. Sesshomaru followed the sound around the corner to find Inuyasha covered in blood holding his new broken arm. Inuyasha stood up. Sesshomaru kicked Inuyasha so hard in the ribs that he coughed up blood. "Son of a bitch!" Inuyasha yelled preparing to punch Sesshomaru in the face. Sesshomaru slammed Inuyahsa to the ground.  "I know Kagome was the one who beat you bloody. Now all this is your fault. If you tell me which way she went, i'll might let you live!" Inuyasha coughed up more blood. "She went around the corner.East." he replied. Sesshomaru ran around the corner to find Kagome sitting on a bench covered in the now beaten-to-death Inuyasha's blood. Sesshomaru started to say something  but Kagome cut him off. "let's go home. Inuyasha got what he deserved." Kagome hugged their husband and they started walking back home. The couple stopped to look at the nearly dead half-breed."Son of a bitch. NEVER mess with my marrige again." Kagome said as she and Sesshomaru continued to walk home.


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