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Oneshot Challenges by Saide

Sometimes being late is worth it

This will be my first time writing so I am not very confident of my writing skills. Also please correct me if the category is placed wrong. ^^;

Written for sugar0o’s Impromptu Drabble/Drawble Night 08-09-10


Sitting impatiently at a corner table by the coffee shop while looking at her watch, Kagome was waiting for Sesshomaru to arrive for today is a very important day for the both of them. She was told to go at their usual place while waiting for because he had some last minute revisions with his proposal at the office. He promised her he wouldn’t be late again; he even swore it on his honor as a gentleman and the Killing Perfection that he won’t be.


He’s a dead man that Sesshomaru, he’s late again. He peered out his window and seeing the terrible traffic out on the road he did the next best thing he could think of the very moment, he immediately dashed clean out of the car leaving a shocked Jaken in the driver’s seat.

Blood and Air


Sesshomaru got worried as he was running towards the direction of the coffee shop as something felt very wrong as he got nearer, when he arrived by the corner where the coffee shop is. He already detected the scent of her blood in the air as he got closer and close to his destination.

Bow, Ribbon, Glass and Light

She didn’t think twice upon leaving the coffee shop, he was already too late and on the most important day to be exact. She paid the waitress while bowing goodbye; the ribbon she got from Sesshomaru on their first date, fell off her shoulders. As she bent down picked up the ribbon on the floor, glass suddenly shattered and the last thing she saw was a blinding light.

Brush and Control – (it’s not in order here I’m sorry T^T)


When Sesshomaru arrived by the coffee shop, the first thing he saw was his beloved sprawled on the ground with her blood spilling from her head and body. As he saw the driver being taken away by the police I almost lost his control and wanted to punch him senseless for almost killing his beloved, but he let the authorities deal with the drunk and prioritized the most important thing to do first, taking Kagome to the hospital, and fast.

She felt something brush past her lips as she came to and as she opened her eyes the first thing she saw was Sesshomaru’s golden irises reflecting with relief while kissing her hand gently. She managed to give out a weak smile but thank the gods she survived the accident as she was out cold for almost the whole day after hitting the ground.

It was later explained that a car swerved to the direction of the coffee shop’s window hitting Kagome with a strong force from the car crash giving her a concussion and several injuries from the glass shards. She was given 20 stitches on her head but no head injuries were given during the accident. Sesshomaru made sure that there were no other fatal injuries other than the concussion while she was at the ER being treated of her wounds and such. Kagome sighed with relief upon hearing the news, she thought that it would be her last day and suddenly pinched his arm for being late for their 3rd anniversary together as lovers.

Chuckling, Sesshomaru suddenly brought out a small Tiffany box and placed on her lap urging her to open it. As Kagome opened the box she was almost moved to tears as she saw the diamond ring that she spotted at the jewelry store a few days ago.

Sesshomaru was planning proposing to her on their anniversary even though the day’s over.



Thank you for taking time to read my drabbles. ^^;



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