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Lord Chubbymaru by Walter205

#10 Spot on LGP's Hitlist

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 His whip cut across another demon, slicing it down as he savored yet another victory. The demon's corpse fell to the ground, slowly fading away as a small set of numbers rose from its remains. The numbers told him of the score. Thirteen experience points, to add to his growing pool.

 'Thirteen, huh? That leaves three thousand six hundred twenty two points left to go, until I reach level ninety eight' thought Sesshomaru Greely.

 He sat in front of his computer, the latest and most high tech gaming rig money could buy. He was playing the latest expansion to a popular online MMORPG game, called World of Warcraft. The expansion was called Meltdown, and raised the level cap to one hundred, which he was now trying to achieve with his Night Elf Hunter, Fluffykins, and his pet core hound, Jaken.

 The game reminded him of a distant past in which he was a different person, even in appearance. He could remember back five hundred years, when he was a great demon lord, ruler of the Western Lands. He didn't need such heroes to carry out quests for him, he did it all himself, fighting the lesser demons that this game called trash mobs, and killing many of the so-called 'bosses' himself, although he could consider the final battle against Naraku something of a ten-man raid.

 They thought they had won it all after the battle with Naraku was over. But Kagome had vanished into her time, never to return, and his little brother had died a lonely, heartbroken death at the young age of forty, in demon years. The others had had a good life, but he had steadily declined, losing first Rin and then Jaken in battles against humans that had expanded and enveloped demon lands.

 He had lost everything, his pride, his honor, his lands, his crown and title. Now he sat in a specially reinforced steel chair in his apartment in Tokyo, his seven hundred fifty pound bulk weighing down the chair as he alternated between munching on a mixture of peanut butter, sugar, and creamed marshmallows and playing his video game. He could get away from the reality of his pitiful existence and become lost in this mimic of his past glory.

 Then, his computer died.

 The doves outside of his apartment took flight at the loud sound of his mournful howl.


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