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The Morning After by Shrii

The Morning After

Prompt: Spectrum Challenge, "Blue"

Word Count: 580

Disclaimer: I do not own Sesshoumaru or Kagome - I'm just playing fate with them a bit. >_>

A/N: I have NO idea where the idea for this came from. One minute I was talking in chat and the next this spewed out of nowhere on word xD. This will most likely remain a stand alone drabble, so I'm marking it as complete. Though, I may actually do something further with it in the future.  I totally fail at summaries, so I just steel tidbits from what I already wrote. >____>. I also still need a beta. *Hint, Hint, Wink, Wink.*


                The early morning sun peak in through the cracked section of sapphire colored silken curtains to embrace both the sleeping occupants curled up on the large bed.  The scene in itself was oddly serene and lovely, considering the two very different beings had been arguing so viciously the day before. It was funny how things could turn out unexpectedly against the norm.

                One would think after witnessing them at each other's throats that they would not even want to be in the same city as one another -- least of all in the same bed. Regardless, fate had a funny way of playing with her pawns; finding pleasure in bringing them through many twists and turns, humoring herself by causing the two of them to fall asleep clinging to one another unconsciously.

                As the spell of sleep began to fade, just like the waning darkness, the small figure with hair the color of deep obsidian began to stir from her position.  Her hair was sprawled around her, covering his hand on her back and her smaller one that was curled lightly upon his chest, tangled in a strand of his silver hair. The midnight blue bed covers and golden silk sheets were kicked back, exposing one long, slender, slightly tanned leg that was tossed over the top of the others more pale muscular ones.  Her chest heaved silently in even slow breaths that began to change as consciousness started to dawn.

                Kagome Higurashi had never in her life felt so warm and content before. So as a moth to an irresistible flame, she did what any common sensed being would do in her situation, she drew closer to it. Of course she was still unawares as to what that warmth was exactly. She was weighed down by a gentle pressure on her back and could faintly hear the sound of deep even breathing.

                It took her a full two minutes to figure out that the breathing she was hearing was not her own.

                Her heart skipped a beat as she realized her cheek was resting against something warm yet hard, while her nose was being tickled slightly by some soft foreign object. Her eyelids flutter once, twice, and then opened blurrily to the morning around her. Blinking a few times to adjust to the dawn, the first thing she noticed was that she was surrounded by the softest silk she had ever felt and that she was sprawled partially atop a flawless pale chest... A flawless pale male chest.

                "What the..."

                Painstakingly slow she tilted her head up to discover the identity of her 'companion'. The moment her eyes met the serene countenance of Sesshoumaru, his hair fanned across the pillow, looking to all like some sort of god, her eyes widened. Her heart stopped beating within her chest, her mouth went dry and although her lips moved no sound emitted from between them.

                In utter shock and confusion she stared down at the still sleeping demon, unable to move in fear of waking him. The wheels in her head started turning and a stampede of thoughts crashed through her mind, but nothing could give her a reason for why she was in her current predicament.  The only thing she could recall was the sweet after taste of peach wine on her tongue.

                All she could do was helplessly wonder why she was in his bed, and even more so, just what exactly had they been doing in said bed.


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