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Unwanted Secrets by Beautifully Wicked

Unwanted Secrets

For Foxy who helped me with this all of the way! You're the best!


Inu-Yasha sat in camp and observed the motley crew that he called friends. Two women and a man made up his small pack. He looked at both women and sighed, looking more closely at the raven haired one. A yearning came from within him and he sighed. Kikyou, the one with the muddy brown eyes and the raven hair; he would have to deal with this as soon as possible. They had met a few years ago- he had saved her from a spider youkai, and she had joined his small rag-tag group. She had stolen his heart, and he was helpless to her charms.  

A sudden scent came to him on the wind, and he froze. “What the hell?” he muttered as he jumped from his perch in a tree, “What are they doing out here?” raising his head and taking a long draw of air he muttered, “That’s them, but what are they doing wandering a forest at this time of night?”

“Who Inu-Yasha?” Kikyou asked and he jumped, forgetting that he wasn’t alone for a moment.

“No one you need to worry about, Kikyou.” He said as he stalked towards the forest.  

“Don’t be too long Inu-Yasha!” he heard Miroku call, but he shook his head and waved him off.

“Where’s he going?” Sango asked as she watched him leave the clearing their camp was set in.

“He said something about others being in the forest, people he knew I’m guessing,” Kikyou answered and Sango shrugged back. “It’s not like he’s going to come back with another woman,” Miroku joked, and both Sango and Kikyou laughed.




Inu-Yasha took another deep breath of air. It was there, they were there, right over the hill, but why were they here and not tucked away at home? He was confused- what the hell was going on? He charged up the hill and into the clearing, where he was promptly thrown and held against a tree with an arrow aimed at him.

He looked at sapphire eyes and watched as they widened. “Inu-Yasha?” the woman asked as he was set back down on his feet by a miniature version of himself no less. He sighed, it was going to be a long night.

“Kagome, what the fuck are you doing out here with no protection and with Yukio?” She refused to answer and instead lowered her head to the ground and blushed. “Come on, I’ll take the both of you back to my camp site. It’s not that far, only a few minutes,” he watched as Kagome began walking in the direction he indicated with the small boy in tow.

He sighed… a long night indeed.



Kikyou, Sango, and Miroku were sitting around the fire eating and exchanging some stories about their previous lives. When a woman entered the clearing, along with a small half-breed child that looked very similar to Inu-Yasha, a collective gasp sprung forth. Inu-Yasha followed them into the campsite shortly. He waited until the woman and child got comfortable before he opened his mouth, “Kagome… answer my question.”

“Yukio is my son I shall take him wherever I please… and I please to be in this forest,” Kagome responded, glaring harshly at the hanyou.

“What are you hiding?” he responded.

“Hiding? Why Inu-Yasha, I do not hide anything,” she answered and looked away. He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“Dammit, Kagome! You can’t just go wandering the forest at night!” he yelled and she stood up.

“I was not wandering the forest, I was bedding down,” she cheekily replied.

He groaned, and rubbed his temples, “This ain’t a game, what the fuck are you doing out here?”

“Mother told you, so shut up.” The clear, crisp sound of Yukio’s voice rang through the clearing. “You stay out of this,” Inu-Yasha growled at him.

“And if I choose otherwise? She is my mother, after all,” he responded.

“I’m ain’t gonna hurt her, kid, so just sit back and wait ‘til I get my answers, got it?” he ground out towards the younger hanyou. The others looked on in awe as the younger glared fiercely and growled but went to his mother and pulled at her kimono sleeve. She picked him up and took a seat in a swift and graceful manner.  Kagome began to hum, and glared at Inu-Yasha, as she lulled her child to sleep. Inu-Yasha waited, impatiently, grumbling ever so often about stupid women and disrespectful children.

Once the child was asleep, Kagome sat him down, kissed his brow, and turned to Inu-Yasha. “Why are you two out here at this time of night?” he calmly asked, and watched as her head fell again a slight shake came to her shoulders and a salty smell assaulted his nose. “Fuck! Kagome don’t cry! I just am trying to figure out what the hell you’re out here, that’s all!” he panicked as she cried. 

“Oh Inu! It’s horrible” she sobbed and threw her arms around him, the others gasped again, and watched the interaction. “I… I don’t understand what I’ve done and… it’s… it’s just awful!” she whimpered into his chest and he put his arms around her to console her. “This ain’t something we should talk about here. I’ll take you to another clearing a bit away,” he whispered into her ear, and she nodded.

“Guys, watch the kid, I’ll be back, someone owes me an explanation,” he sighed as he took her into his arms and ran away from the clearing.

“Well this is certainly an eventful night,” Miroku muttered and the girls glared at him. “Who is she, and who is he?” Kikyou asked as she pointed to the child. “He looks an awful lot like Inu-Yasha,” Sango shrugged her shoulders as they watched the child take deep even breaths. “How could he never tell us he had a family, though?” Miroku asked.

“I am not his son, and I am very insulted that you would even insinuate that I was,” Yukio stretched and yawned showing fangs.

“If you are not his son, then whose are you?” Kikyou asked.

“Mine.” A smooth baritone filtered through the clearing and the others jumped as another youkai stepped from the tree line.

“Father!” they watched as Yukio straightened up and bowed deeply to the youkai.

“Yukio return to the shiro, I shall return with your mother soon.” The tall youkai commanded and the others watched as the boy hurriedly ran out of sight.

“Who are you?” Miroku asked, but Sango gasped as she recognized the markings on his face.

“Sesshoumaru, Lord of the West? What ties do you have to Inu-Yasha?” she asked as he blinked and simply strode away. They followed, wanting answers.



Kagome and Inu-Yasha had reached the clearing, and Kagome began crying again, and he sighed. “Kagome where’s Sesshoumaru?”

“I don’t know! He comes and goes, I never see him and I’m so upset and angered and I just have no idea what I could have done to drive him away! I’m so confused and he always seems so angry, he never makes time for Yukio and he promised, he promised… he promised he would be there for me, and for our children, and it just seems like we’re just extra baggage for him!” she cried harder into his chest, and Inu-Yasha growled. Damn his brother to hell.

“He won’t even touch me anymore,” she murmured and he felt like an ass. He sighed again, and then stiffened as he sniffed the air and his brother’s scent assaulted his nose.

“Hanyou, remove yourself from my mate, now.” The order resonated through the clearing and Inu-Yasha leaped into the nearest tree to avoid his brother’s anger.

“Why are you not at the shiro?” he growled out as he circled Kagome.   

“Why do you care?” she countered and gave him a withering glare. He snarled at her, “You dare insinuate that I do not care for your well being?”

“You show your concern so well,” sarcasm dripped from her voice and he sneered at her. “Your concerns for my well being is unfounded, this Sesshoumaru is able to care for himself.”

“Of course I worry for you, you are my only one. How could I survive without you?”

“Hn,” he muttered and she screamed in frustration, “Why, why do you do that?! It upsets me when you don’t tell me anything- I’m your mate, you’re supposed to be here for me and I’m supposed to be here for you- yet you refuse to include me as well as your son. Sesshoumaru he needs you, and yet you ignore us both. Are you ashamed of us… or are you ashamed of me?”

Sesshoumaru snarled and grabbed her arm, “You would dare? This Sesshoumaru has given you everything you have ever wanted. You asked for a child I gave you one, you dare to think that I am ashamed?”

Kagome wrenched herself out of his hold, “Then why won’t you spend any time with me, or Yukio? You are always away, and I know for a fact that you are unhappy. Please Sesshoumaru I’m begging, please tell me what is wrong,”

“There is nothing wrong you are reading into this far too much, let us return home, Kagome,” Sesshoumaru muttered as he tried to grab hold of her hand.

Kagome flinched away and tears sprang forth, “No! You are lying to me! There is something horribly wrong! You were once the youkai I mated, but you are no longer that male. And I cannot help but still love you! I knew you would do this to me, someday, I just hoped that Yukio would have been a bit older… it matters not. You no longer love me and I will leave so you no longer need to hide your other one away. I won’t… I will just ask that you grant me permission to take my son with me, so he will no longer burden you as well,” Kagome turned her back so he could not see her tears.

A savage snarl ripped from his throat, “Woman! There is no other!”

“LIAR!” Kagome screamed at him.

“This Sesshoumaru tells no lie, bitch,” he growled at her and watched as she balled her little hand into a fist and stamped the ground with her foot.  “Then why are you absent from our bed? Why won’t you touch me anymore?” she sounded like a wounded animal, and he felt his heart wrench in his chest. Making a fist of his own, he spat out, “Half-breed, take your pack and leave us,” It was an order that left no room for disobedience.

“But-” Inu-Yasha started, “NOW!” Sesshoumaru cut him off, turning towards his half sibling nearly foaming from the mouth. Inu-Yasha jumped and grabbed Kikyou, Sango, and Miroku and began to run as fast as possible away from his nearly homicidal brother.

Though Kagome’s breaths were coming in short pants, and her face was flushed from the anger coursing through her veins, Sesshoumaru thought she looked glorious. “Well?” She growled, agitated.

“I was poisoned,” he heard her gasp and come to touch his arm; the looked down into her face and flinched at the worry, and hurt her expression displayed. “Why… what kind of youkai?” she forced herself to say as she looked at his chest, wondering why he hadn’t told her before this.

“Butterfly.” “She gasped, looking down at her feet, “I was careless and was wounded, but I killed her for daring to maim my perfect face, some of her poison dripped into my wound. I did not realize I was affected until a month later. The reason I did not mention the fight was because you were so stressed about the upcoming event with my mother I thought to not add to your worries when I was completely fine, or so I thought,” he explained and watched her back away, a pained expression swept across her face and he felt his heart clench once more. He went to grab her, but watched as her head turned to the forest floor, and he felt like kicking himself.

“I know what butterfly toxin does, so tell me, what were your illusions?” she looked up from the spot she was staring at. This was the one part he dreaded- ever since the damn thing had poisoned him he couldn’t stop the illusions of Kagome swollen with his seed, but Yukio was still far too young for a sibling. “Nothing.”

“Sesshoumaru.” He flinched at the hard edge of her tone, and growled to himself, “It does not matter,” he heard Kagome let out a similar growl, “Sesshoumaru, please tell me, I need to know,” he looked at her sad expression and he couldn’t help but want to maim something, if only the half-breed were still here, he thought. He sighed and finally answered, “You.” He heard her gasp and watched as she put her hand on his chest, but continued on. “I dreamt of you having another pup, but Yukio is still too young, and I have not touched you because I know if I take you I will pup you; it is my deepest desire to see you swollen with another pup,” he confessed as he ran his fingers through her raven tresses.

He saw her flush red, and watched as she went to open her mouth, but he panicked, “It pained me not to touch you and have my way with you, and that is why I could not sleep in our room. I knew I would reach out and demand from your body another offspring. You had so many complications with Yukio and I did not want to see you that vulnerable again. I-” Kagome put a soft finger to his lips and he gulped. Her scent flooded his nostrils and he held the whine that threatened to escape when he scented her arousal.

 “Shhh… Sesshoumaru, everything shall be fine. The first pregnancy is always the worst,” she assured as she ran her hand along his chest. He growled and watched as she pulled his head down to hers, “Aside from that, in my opinion, Yukio needs a sibling,” she whispered across his lips, and before he could stop her she crushed his lips to his.

The whine spilled from his throat and he wrapped his arms around her and brought her to his level. She opened her lips to him and he took all she could offer. He snarled as she began to grind against him. He released her lips and saw her sapphire eyes had darkened in her aroused state. A rumble of approval came from his chest and he watched as her hand trailed downward to lie softly on his covered member. He gnashed his teeth together. “Please, oh please, I have missed you so badly. Every time you returned I waited for you in our rooms to come and ravish me. But you always left and I… oh I was heartbroken,” Kagome confessed. A pain in his chest surfaced and again, felt he should kick himself for the hurt he had caused.

“If I had known I would have been there to give you all of me. I feel deplorable for leaving you unsatisfied,” he purred in response. “Shall we continue this at home?” she asked her voice husky from lust. “Anything for my bitch,” he whispered as he nibbled across her jaw line.

Kagome pulled away and a smile spread across her face, “Let’s go home,” she leaned her forehead against his. A tiny smile spread across his face and Kagome laughed. Sesshoumaru stopped and wondered when the last time he had heard her laugh; he felt horrible for taking away her laughter for he knew it to be the most wondrous sound in this world. He silently promised himself he would never take away her laughter again.

“Let us return home then,” he cradled Kagome in his arms and felt whole again.  “I apologize, my mate, for the horrible treatment I have given you over these past months. I do not deserve your understanding. “Kagome grinned evilly at that statement. “Then I shall punish you for your misdeeds against my person by torturing you until you can no longer stand it,” she giggled and kissed his neck.  He hissed at her playfulness. He could not wait to be home, it was sure to be interesting, and he definitely owed Kagome a pleasurable night; many, to be exact, and he planned on paying back every tear she had shed in loneliness. He kissed the top of her head and purred, “I shall make sure you never doubt my attraction to you, my lovely bitch.”



It had been months since he had seen his nephew, Kagome, and Sesshoumaru in the forest and all of a sudden he gets a summons. “It seems they have reconciled,” Miroku said as he looked over the scroll.

“Gods, I fucking hope so. I never, ever, want to be in the middle of that ever again,” Inu-Yasha muttered, “What does the scroll say?” Kikyou asked. “Some shit about how he needs an audience with me. I have to ask him some shit anyways. I’ll go by myself, and see what he wants,” he smiled at Kikyou, and kissed her forehead. “I’ll come back for you guys, afterwards,” he smiled and began running towards the West. Please, dear Kami let them be ok. I don’t know if I can handle them fighting, he thought as he ran towards his brother’s home.

It didn’t take him but a few hours to make it to his old home, the one he had walked away from to make a life of his own. He stood at the gate waiting for entry thinking of the life he could have had if he had let them cage him. Kagome had been his confidant and knew all of his secrets. He loved her dearly, but he knew that nothing could tear Kagome from Sesshoumaru’s side. He knew Sesshoumaru would kill to make sure Kagome was the happiest being in the world.

He smiled as he jumped the gate and ran inside, he heard the guards yelling but he refused to stop and ran towards the study.  “You have finally arrived, I’ve been waiting four days for you to show,” Sesshoumaru glowered at his half sibling. Inu-Yasha merely let it roll off as he looked around for his brother’s mate, “Where’s ‘Gome?”

“Bed-rest, you may see her after this meeting,” Sesshoumaru motioned for the cushion in front of his table. Inu-Yasha sighed and took the seat, “What do you want?”

“Your Kikyou- she is unsuitable for you; and before you interrupt, you will hear me out. I have had her investigated and She is not what she seems. She is merely playing you for a fool. Her mate Naraku is the same way. Yes, I said mate. She is mated to a spider hanyou just as sly as she. You deserve much better than a sly whore. Now that she knows you have connections to my household her mate most assuredly wants her to infiltrate the Western shiro and, of course, make it seems as if you are the traitor, so I have no choice to kill you. Do you have anything to add, dear brother?” Sesshoumaru asked as he set scrolls from his spies in front of Inu-Yasha.

Inu-Yasha stood up quietly, picking up the scrolls and leaving the study. He went to his room and set the scrolls on a table, and then decided he needed Kagome’s wisdom before he read the scrolls. He marched down the hall and turned right to see his brother’s shoji screen. He didn’t even tap, he just slid it open, to reveal Kagome upon her futon. Mountains of pillows supported her back and sides and she was covered in furs and silken blankets. Yukio wrapped around her protruding middle his puppy ears pressed to her stomach listening to the heartbeat of his mother and sibling. Inu-Yasha just stared.

“Inu! You’re here! Oh I have missed you!” he smirked and went to sit beside her he put a clawed hand on her belly and felt a kick. He smirked and looked her in the eyes asking without words, she merely nodded and he leaned down to her stomach. He heard the heartbeats, and then counted, one beat, two beat, and then a third beat. He looked up with wide eyes. “Twins?” he questioned and Kagome nodded. “Boys, twin boys, I had a vision,” Kagome let her hand lay atop Inu-Yasha’s. “I am sorry about this affair with Kikyou, but you deserve so much more than someone who just wants to destroy you, I think I have found someone you may like though,” Kagome said and then nodded towards the door.

A woman with white hair, a tall, slim body, and lavender eyes walked in to see to Kagome, and Inu-Yasha blushed, “You must be Inu-Yasha-sama, I am Shiori of the Southern bat tribe.” She bowed politely and Inu-Yasha rose, “There is no need to bow, but if you would escort me to dinner I would be pleased.” He muttered and Shiori’s face blossomed into a bright red. “It would be an honor.” She answered and smiled at him.

“Beware Shiori Inu-Yasha can be quite crass, even if he does have manners they usually disappear by mid conversation.” Sesshoumaru’s cold voice interrupted the sweet scene. Kagome grumbled as the moment was ruined. “Shut up you bastard!” Inu-Yasha yelled and tried to punch his brother. Shiori looked on with wide eyes as Sesshoumaru dodged and caught the inu-hanyou only to toss him out of his rooms. “You should hurry to the dining room, there is plenty of food for you to gorge yourself on,” Sesshoumaru insulted Inu-Yasha as he politely ushered Shiori from his rooms. “Have fun you two, enjoy.”

“Must you always embarrass him, no wonder he rarely shows his manners. You always ruin it and for another thing-” Kagome was rudely interrupted by Sesshoumaru’s mouth descending on hers. He placed his hand on her swollen belly and then ran his claws to his son’s hair, “Uncle Inu is an idiot, father,” Yukio voiced as he nuzzled into his mother’s tummy. “Indeed.” Kagome shook her head at their antics, “Like father, like son.” She muttered under her breath. She was given a kiss to her temple.



Inu-Yasha hadn’t returned for a month; everyone was getting restless, but Kikyou alone was getting nervous. Her mate had informed her that her position could have been discovered, but Kikyou did not listen and instead waited for the inu-hanyou to return so she could hurry and break him. It was very unexpected when Inu-Yasha walked in and escorted another female of youkai heritage into the group. “Kikyou go back to your mate, you whore.” He had said without looking at her and Kikyou felt her heart stop. “Inu I have no idea what you’re saying?” she feigned the attack on her person, but Inu-Yasha merely turned to her and snarled, showing his fangs, “You thought you could trick me, but you can’t you fucking whore!” Shiori stopped him from advancing on the other woman. “Calm down, I am here.” She whispered to him and ran her hands through his hair. They watched as the hanyou immediately calmed and nuzzled the top of her head.

“Be gone before I kill you,” he ordered to Kikyou, locking eyes he held Shiori as she neared them. Inu-Yasha hissed through fangs and Kikyou flinched and pursed her lips. “It seems that your brother has ruined all my plans, I shall leave and never return,” Kikyou answered, and began to walk away from the others.

Sango and Miroku merely watched the altercation with wide eyes and were very surprised that, they too, had been tricked. “How is it that every time you leave us you come back with another woman?” Miroku turned to Inu-Yasha and asked. The inu hanyou just laughed. Miroku frowned, “I wish I had your luck, two women in less than a year. That, my friend, is not fair.”

“I’m sure Sango begs to differ, and I’d like to introduce my soon to be mate, Shiori. She is a bat hanyou, and will actually like you guys a ton more than I do,” Inu-Yasha stated and smirked at the others expression. Sango looked like a fish without water, and Miroku looked as if he were choking. Shiori merely giggled. “I think you are right, I’m going to love them!”


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