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The World is Full of Surprises by Chi


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As the sun rose in the sky the two within the cave woke up and opened their eyes to the dewy world around them. Outside the cave everything was covered in drops of water which glinted in the warm light the sun provided for the world. Once they were both awake Sesshomaru watched as Kagome flicked the lighter open and then lit the wood on fire.

“How did you make fire appear so quickly,” he asked.

“It’s called a lighter. A spark ignites a fuel inside the tube and that causes a flame to come out of the only exit it has, the top of the lighter. When you’re done with it you just close the lid and the flame is put out due to lack of oxygen,” Kagome explained.

“Where did you acquire this piece of technology,” the demon asked watching as the girl’s face lit up with fear.

“I got it from my home land.”

“Just where is your home land? Do not lie to this Sesshomaru, I will be able to smell it on your person.”

“I come from 500 years in the future. I was pulled into the well on my families shrine and I ended up in this time. I released Inuyasha and we started to travel together, meeting our friends’ along the way,” Kagome answered.

“I would like to hear more about your home,” Sesshomaru said as Kagome stood up and started to shift nervously from side to side.

“I’ll answer all the questions I can and I may be able to bring you with me if I go home to visit my family again.”

“This Sesshomaru will not stop you from visiting your time as the half breed did.”

“Thank you Sesshomaru,” Kagome looked at him and started to walk out of the cave. “We should leave now that we have finished eating.”

They started to walk towards the west. Throughout the day Sesshomaru would ask a question and kagome would patiently answer it to the best of her abilities. As the sun set they made camp again, ate and slept. As the night went on it got colder and Kagome started to shiver in her sleep.

‘Mate cold. Warm mate, NOW,’ Yokai growled in Sesshomaru’s head.

‘No, this Sesshomaru will not hold a human even if she is our “mate”,’ Sesshomaru answered trying to cage his beast that fought every mental barrier he had made.

‘Warm mate or beast take over,’ Yokai warned but Sesshomaru didn’t listen and a second later he was inside his own head and his beats had control over his body.

Sesshomaru could only watch as his beast walked over to Kagome, picked her up and sat down with her between his legs. His beast wrapped her in his mokomoko to keep her warm and stayed on watch the entire night to ensure her safety.

The next morning Yokai was still in control of Sesshomaru’s body. Normally he would have given up control by now but it seemed that he wanted to spend more time with his intended mate.

‘Mmmm, it’s so warm. Why am I so warm,’ Kagome thought as she looked up only t see a feral looking Sesshomaru.

“S-Se-Sessh-Sesshomaru,” Kagome stuttered fearfully, shivering.

“Mate,” Yokai growled jumping up as Kagome jumped out of his lap and started to back away.

As he got closer to Kagome she backed up more and was surprised when he tilted his head to one side causing him to look like a puppy.

“Why mate scared? Mate, come here. Mate no run from Yokai,” he spoke as well as he could in his current form.

“Sesshomaru what do you mean by calling me mate?”

“Not Sesshomaru, Yokai. You this Yokai’s mate,” Yokai answered as he stepped closer, taking the now frozen Kagome into his arm.

“Do you want your arm back Yokai,” Kagome asked now able to move and look into his blood red eyes.

“Mate make arm regenerate? Yes,” Yokai said as he watched a warm, white light envelope his arm.

Kagome focussed on regenerating his arm and watched as the bone, muscle and flesh re-grew in a matter of seconds. As she finished regenerating his arm her eyes fluttered closed and she slumped against Yokai’s chest, unconscious. At that point Sesshomaru managed to take his body back from his inner self.

‘What did you do Yokai?’

‘Got mate to give arm back. Outer be happy now, mate strong,’ Yokai responded.

‘She gave me my arm back. Why,’ Sesshomaru asked himself not betting an answer. ‘I will ask her after she wakes up.’

Hours later Kagome awoke and found herself to be moving through the trees. As she looked up and saw Sesshomaru’s stoic face looking ahead in case of danger.

‘He’s carrying me, but why,’ Kagome thought to herself while watching Sesshomaru’s face. ‘He’s so gorgeous. His hair is so long and he’s better than Inuyasha ever was. I can’t believe that I’m travelling with hot demon lord. Did I just call him hot? No, no, no, no, no, NO! I can not fall for him. I’ll only end up having my heart broken again or having my head chopped off if he finds out. I guess I’ll have to distance myself from him in order for my feelings to remain a secret. This sucks!’

“You’re awake, for how long,” Sesshomaru asked Kagome causing her to come out of her trance.

“Hm, oh. I haven’t been awake for long. How long have you been carrying me for. I hope it wasn’t a bother,” Kagome responded, blushing and looking away from the silver haired demon lord.

“I have not been carrying you for long and you are not a bother miko,” the demon lord looked down at the blushing miko as he descended to the ground, landing on the soft, dewy grass below.

“I see. Would you mind putting me down now? Um, where are we,” Kagome thought out loud while looking around the field with curiosity.

“We’re in my lands’. Before you woke up I was heading towards my castle. Rin would like to see you again,” Sesshomaru noticed that Kagome was still looking at the ground. “Why do you hide your face from this Sesshomaru.”

“I don’t know. Rin wants to see me, it has been a while,” she mumbled the last sentence to herself.

‘Mate uncomfortable, make mate comfortable or Yokai take over!’

‘Fine but I’ll need a favour from you after I’m finished.’

‘Yokai do anything for mate!’

‘When I want the favour I’ll call on you. Now leave me alone,’ Sesshomaru spoke to his inner self as his beats disappeared.

Sesshomaru saw Kagome standing in front of him with her head turned from him. As he focused on her she turned her blue eyes’ towards him. The second her eyes’ came into contact with his own he saw how nervous and insecure she looked. He took one step towards her and then another, after five steps he stood only a foot in front of the now shivering miko. His left hand reached forward and caressed her now trembling cheek. She tried to turn her face from his view but he held her in place leaned towards her and spoke.

“Why do you fear me miko? I have not harmed you as of yet,” Sesshomaru watched as her face softened from nervousness into an expression peacefulness.

“I’m not scared I just…,” Kagome paused in her speech, “I don’t know why I turn away from you but…I want to stay here for now. I have no intentions of going back to Inuyasha without dieing first.”

“I see, then you may stay at the palace and be a companion to Rin,” Sesshomaru sighed a she watched the priestesses face light up with joy.

“Thank you so much Sesshomaru,” she squealed as she launched herself into the demon’s arms.

‘Mate no longer shy,’ Yokai let out a pleased purr.

‘So it seems Yokai. Let us see if she can keep it up.’

‘No hurt mate!’

‘I have no intentions of doing so.’

Sesshomaru felt her arms circle his waist and decided to do the same. He quickly wrapped her in his arms’.

“Sesshomaru, what are you doing,” Kagome asked fearfully.

“Returning your show affection,” he said nothing more than that but tightened his hold on the young miko.

“S-Se-Sessh-umm-Sesshomaru, why are you holding me so tightly,” Kagome asked attempting to look at the lord’s face.

“We are about to take to the skies once more, hold on,” he ordered as his yokai started to become tangible beneath his feet in order to lift them above the ground.

As they soared through the sky the demon lord of the west looked ahead while occasionally stealing a small glance at the miko in his arms’. At first Kagome was terrified of falling but after some assurance from Sesshomaru she started to enjoy the scenery below. After many hours of travel Kagome spotted a structure in the distance and as they came closer to it recognized it as the shape of a building.

“Sesshomaru is that your castle up ahead?”

“Yes, we will be there shortly. Kagome you will need to call me Sesshomaru-sama or Lord Sesshomaru while you reside within my home. The servants are not fond of most humans. They barely accept Rin,” Sesshomaru requested.

“Sure Sesshomaru-sama but if you treat me like a servant or differently than you are now I will stand up for myself. Make no mistake in thinking that I am a submissive person because I’m not,” Kagome spoke up and saw Sesshomaru look down at her with the smallest smirk on his face.

“I understand but please do not attack anyone without reason.”

“Don’t worry I won’t attack anyone without provocation,” Kagome promised.

After a few more moments passed Sesshomaru started to descend once he was above his court yard. The moment Sesshomaru’s feet came into contact with the ground guards and maids rushed to the court yard to greet their lord. Every maid and guard crowded around Sesshomaru as he set Kagome on the ground. After a few moments of silence his general Kyosuke stepped forward and spoke.

“Sesshomaru-sama you have finally returned to the palace. It has been months and the lords’ of the other lands have sent their daughters’ here in order for you to mate one of them,” Kyosuke then noticed the human female that was standing in front of his lord.

“I see. Maki,” Sesshomaru spoke.

“Yes milord,” a female deer demon stepped forward and bowed.

“Make sure they have rooms as far away from mine and possible and prepare the room across from Rin’s. Once you have completed that I want the miko to be clothed in appropriate clothing, however I want her to be dressed in something that she can move in. Do not put her in a kimono,” Sesshomaru ordered just as the other lords’ daughters burst into the court yard and pushed kagome out of the way causing her to trip and start falling to the ground.

Before kagome could hit the ground Kyosuke caught her and made sure that she was steady before releasing her onto her own feet.

“Wh-what did they do that for,” Kagome was furious and had decided to give those bitches a piece of her mind.

Sesshomaru saw them push Kagome and Kyosuke catch her before she hit the ground. After she had been steadied she made her way towards the crowd of females around him with the coldest glare he had ever seen on her face. When she reached the demonesses they all noticed her and turned around to face the pissed off miko. Her energy was visible and crackling against their skin.

“How dare you push me down,” Kagome growled out furiously.

“It’s not like anyone here cares about a pathetic human miko. Besides, we are royalty and demanded to be treated as such. If you don’t do as we say wench, your stay here will be very uncomfortable for you,” a beautiful panther demon sneered.

“Leiko you will not disrespect my guest much less disrespect the protector of the Shikon Jewel. If you threaten her again, I can and will banish you from my lands’. I do not care if you are royalty or not,” Sesshomaru said coldly, sending shivers down everyone’s back.

“Miko, I will escort you to your room and have you put into proper clothing. Follow me,” he ordered as he turned and started walking towards the castle entrance.

Kagome followed him to her room and was shocked at it’s beauty. The room was blue, white, black and silver. The walls were white with a navy blue outline. After she scanned the walls, Kagome looked at her bead and the accessories that were near it. The bed frame was black with blue and silver blankets and pillows. The wardrobe was all black with silver handles. Behind the bed there was a large door that opened up to a balcony that overlooked the gardens. There was a door to the left of the bed that led to an indoor hot spring as Sesshomaru explained, she was free to use it any time. Once Kagome had finished gaping at her room she turned to Sesshomaru and jumped on him, hugging him. If Sesshomaru had been a normal person she would have knocked him over but he stayed upright without a problem.

“Thank you so much Sesshomaru-sama,” Kagome squealed, hurting his ears slightly.

“I am pleased you like your room. Mine is two doors to the left of you and Rin’s is across the hall to yours. Please do not go wandering without a guide for the first few days until you have gotten used to navigating around the palace. I will see you at dinner,” after he had finished his speech he untangled himself from her arms’ and walked out.

An hour later Kagome had been bathed, dressed and prepared in a comfortable males kimono that had thinner pants and a dress over top that had slits up side. The slits reached her hips to allow free movement. The Chinese fighting dress was blue and black with white buttons that did up the front. The maid then took her to the dining room and she entered.


When she entered no one made a single comment for fear of have their heads lopped off by the demon lord that she now sat beside. As dinner finished the maid arrived once again to take Kagome back to her room. It took Kagome a while but she eventually fell asleep.

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