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Prompt Avalanche by Walter205

Let the Fun begin!

 Prompts: Shark, Cookies, Elucidate, Nirvana, Teddy Bear, Poo.

 Kagome sighed as she leaned back against the wall of the hot tub. She was in absolute nirvana with the hot water relaxing her worn muscles and tendons. She had just gotten back from scuba diving with Sesshomaru, where they had seen, of all things, a nurse shark!

 The aforementioned male entered into the tub now, bearing a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Kagome smiled at him.

 "To elucidate succintly, if I didn't have to go take a poo, I would join you and then you would truly find nirvana," Sesshomaru smirked as he set down the platter next to her and ran off back into the beach house.

 Kagome smiled as he heard him cursing after he tripped over their little Shippou's Teddy Bear.


Prompts: Cuddly, Platter, Ferret, Tiddly Winks, Sprinkle, Perogies, 9mm.

 "Tiddly Winks, where are you?" called Kagome, look around the apartment for her cute and cuddly little pet ferret. All Kagome had tried to do was sprinkle some pink glittler on Tiddly's fur and the little animal had taken off.

 Sesshomaru sighed, leaving his half eaten platter of perogies on the dining room table as he joined Kagome in her search. Coming back a few moments later, he saw the ferret jump off of the table and take off out through the front door, his precious perogies devoured.

 "It's ferret flaying time," muttered Sesshomaru as he cocked his 9mm Beretta and took off after the ferret. After a scream of "Don't harm him!" Kagome ran out after him.


Prompts: Talisman, Cricket, Motorcycle, Glue, Viagra, Cage.

 Sesshomaru did as he was told by Kaede, the old spirit hag. He sniffed some glue, offered up one hundred roasted crickets to the dodo bird talisman, and locked his half brother inside a cage before shoving him off of a cliff. He then proceeded to drive off the cliff while on his motorcycle, which exploded at the bottom of the canyon, killing him.

 In heaven, Sesshomaru met up again with his dearly departed wife Kagome. And although he was happy again, he was still determined to get back down to Earth somehow and kill the hag, since the advice was supposed to have been for bringing Kagome back to life, not sending him to join her in the afterlife. After all, he had done so much prep-work, not to mention his sister-in-law Kikyo won't have any inheritance because he sold it all on E-bay to pay for all the viagra that he had bought for when she would be back.


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