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Ready, Set, Fall by Aurora Antheia Raine

Peaches and Cream

Title: Peaches and Cream

Author: Aurora Antheia Raine

Prompt: Lick [Drabble #86]

Genre: AU, General, Humor

Rating: T

Word Count: 300

Warning: None

Summary: He thought he could resist temptation. Turns out, he's not quite as strong as he thinks.

She was using a new scented body wash.

He could smell it from where he was sitting, despite there being an entire wall and glass window between them. But unlike the other ones where it overwhelmed his nose, this one was light and pleasant. He took another deep, secretive sniff. Peaches and Cream. It was such an addicting and beautiful scent.

It suited Kagome perfectly; almost too perfectly. It melded with her own unique scent in a way that made him want to sniff her forever.

Sesshoumaru stared at her through heavy lidded eyes. He saw how she was craning her neck into the next cubicle to speak to her best friend and co-worker, Sango. His smitten gaze focused on the creamy skin of her elegant neck and the expanse of feminine collarbone.

Idly, he wondered if she would taste as good as she smelled. Immediately, he shut his golden eyes in an attempt to shake his absurd thoughts, but the only image flashing in his mind were making him restless. All he wanted was a small sample of the taste of her flesh!

He battled an internal war with himself, his clawed hands clenching and unclenching. Abruptly, he stood up and strolled towards his door. He tried to hold himself back, but to no avail. Her scent called to him. He pulled his door open and glided towards Kagome’s cubicle.

He swiftly bent down and nuzzled her vulnerable neck, tangling his claws into her tresses. Her words to Sango fell to a strangled pause as he gave her collarbone a long, slow lick.

Time came to a complete stop; then gradually, Sesshoumaru pulled back.

“I was wrong,” he murmured, “you taste better than you smell."

Without waiting for her reaction, he turned around and left the way he came.

- - - - -

This drabble snagged second place on dokuga_contest!


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