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The Gas Pumpinator by Walter205

Attendants are Made to Obey!

 With a thundering roar, the Red Mustang drove into the UP Gas Station in a remote corner of Sorrento, Florida. Coming to a stop next to pump number five, one male stepped outside of the vehicle while one female remained inside. The man, who got out, with long silver hair, wearing nearly all red save for his brown sandals, nodded to the female, his eighteen year old sister, before heading for the station doors.

 Inuyasha sighed as he inhaled the beautiful but heavy with humid spring air of the Florida afternoon. They had been driving almost non-stop through the night, having left their home in Indiana two days ago to attend their cousin's wedding in Ocoee. In order to avoid the heavy traffic, they had been driving on back roads for most of the trip since they passed Lake City on I-75.

 Kagome sighed as she reclined back on the passenger seat of the Mustang. Inuyasha drove fast and furious, which usually excited her, but he was her brother, so was much as she could enjoy grossing him out by touching herself, she decided not to travel down that road. But if she spotted some hunky person standing around while Inuyasha was inside paying for the gas and refreshments, then all bets were off.

 Inuyasha passed a man who looked somewhat similar to him with the paleness, golden eyes, and silver hair, but Inuyasha shook it off as one of those doppelgangers you meet every so often. Noting the gray uniform complete with hat that he wore, the tag that said attendant, and that he was heading for pump number five, Inuyasha said, "Fill her up" as he passed and headed into the station.

 He, Sesshomaru, the gas station attendant, and the lovely young woman named Kagome spotted each other at about the same moment. He was heading towards the car, and she was sitting in it, drool starting to emerge from her mouth. Her right hand worked downwards in under her skirt and she began to stroke herself through her panties, moistening them as she imagined what the beautiful hunk would just do to her.

 Her eyes closed softly, then snapped open when she heard and felt the passenger door being jerked open roughly. She looked up into the eyes of Sesshomaru, who was looking down at her in intensity and hunger, his long tongue emerging from his mouth to wet his lips. For his part, Sesshomaru looked between the female and the car, noting the former qualified as a 'her', while the latter only qualified as an 'it'. Running Inuyasha's orders through his mind, he decided to satisfy the customer's desires and proceeded to crash his lips down on the female's, startling Kagome before she sighed into the kiss.

 He quickly unbuckled her seatbelt and picked her up out of the car, slamming the passenger door close as he laid her gently down on the still warm car hood. He stayed in her mouth for perhaps a few moments more before sliding his tongue down to her neck, as he used his hands to divest her of her clothing, starting with her blouse and skirt, then following suite with her bra and panties. After accomplishing that, he used one hand to unzip his pants while another hand grasped her right breast, squeezing gently. She moaned, and then moaned again more loudly after he left her neck and took her left nipple into his mouth, sucking gently.

 With his left hand, he determined that she was definitely wet enough to move on to the next stage. Having set his long hard nozzle in place, he proceeded to enter into her wet core, before beginning a gentle but increasingly hard pumping pace. It was about this time that the brother returned from the store to the car, stumbling upon the scene before him.

 "Wh...wha....WHAT THE FUCK!!!" screamed Inuyasha as he saw the attendant plowing his little sister right before his eyes.

 "Mmm, yes fuck, fuck harder," moaned Kagome in response to Inuyasha's yell.

 "No, I mean, What the Fuck! What are you doing to my sister!!!" he yelled at the attendant.

 Sesshomaru glanced back at him with hazy eyes.

 "Doing what you asked me to do, of course," he replied while rolling his eyes.

 "I told you to fill up the car with gas, not plow my sister!" he yelled in response.

 "The car is an 'it'. This fine young woman is a 'her', and you specifically told me to 'fill her up', which I am about to...," broke off Sesshomaru as he felt his climax approaching. Kagome's orgasm was just the thing to send him over the edge, and he reached his own euphoric high, spilling his seed into her, with a little excess running down her legs. "....accomplish," finished Sesshomaru.

 For several long moments Inuyasha could do nothing but stand there staring at Sesshomaru, eyes wide open in shock. Finally, he managed to blurt out some kind of a protest.

 "But what about the fifty bucks I paid for gas?" he asked in protest.

 "Coming right UP," responded Sesshomaru, zipping up his pants and proceeding to remove the gas nozzle from the pump and connect it to the gas opening on the side of the mustang. Kagome, coming down off of her high, leaned up and began getting dressed, while shooing Inuyasha away not to look.

 "Keh, whatever," said Inuyasha as he walked away, but his mind would never be the same again.

 The End


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