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The Last of the Dokugans by Walter205

Unca Shunca

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 Inuyasha and Inutashio watch from a distance as Magua leads Rowdy away from the camp. Sesshomaru has already rescued Kagome, convincing the village elder to burn Jaken in her place. Sesshomaru considers killing Jaken from a distance to lessen his pain from being burned away, but decides at the last second, aw what the heck. The odor produced by Jaken's burning body kills everyone left in the village.

 Inuyasha puts a hand on Inutashio's shoulder, before taking off.

 Around the bend, Quiet Whisper is about to round a corner when Inuyasha jumps out in front of her. Before Quiet Whisper can get off a shot, Inuyasha uses his Adamant Barrage to lodge several spears in Whisper, killing her instantly. Inuyasha next uses his blades of blood, throwing Chaos off of the cliff and to her death. Finally, using his Meidou Zangetsuha and Wind Scar, Inuyasha kills off Anno and Dany, before confronting Magua.

 Magua blocks Inuyasha's sword with his tomahawk, before using his knife to slit Inuyasha's throat and throw him off of the cliff. And just because he wants to be like Inuyasha and Naraku, Magua decides to throw Kikyo off of the cliff after Inuyasha. A loud popping sound followed by the clattering of broken pottery could be heard from the authors and Magua from way down below.

 Kagome, seeing Kikyo's death, starts crying. Err no wait, I think it's Inuyasha's death that starts her crying. But anyways....

 Sesshomaru and Inutashio run after Magua. Sesshomaru uses his poision whip to kill a slew of authors. Inutashio uses his claws to kill Steph, the last fanartist standing between him and Magua.

 Sesshomaru flexes his claws at Walter, who wisely stands back.

 Magua swings his tomahawk at Inutashio, who dives under it and rolls. Magua turns around, just as Inutashio brings his steel boot up into Magua's groin. Walter winced as he heard one or two little things go pop. Magua drops his tomahawk and knife, gropping his crotch as he drops first to his knees, then keels over onto his side in the running water, blood pouring from his mouth.

 Sesshomaru grabs Kagome and makes for the nearest cave for a little lovemaking session, while Inutashio conducts the last rites for his other son, letting loose a string of spit out over the cliffside.

 "Sesshomaru, who is now the Last of the Dokugans," mutters Inutashio.

 The End


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