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King Dokuganong by Walter205


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 "What did I ever do to any of you?" cried Kagome in question, hanging from a tall pillar, her hands bound above her heads. Her head was level, her eyes locked on the figures standing atop the wall and gate where her captors stood glowering at her.

 "None of us has a chance with Sesshomaru as long as you're around. With you gone, Sesshy will be ours for the taking," answered Quiet Whisper, an evil glint in her eyes.

 "Why not just kill me and get it over with then?" asked Kagome, her fiery spirit lighting her eyes.

 "That special privelege is reserved for only one person," drawled out Whisper. Just then the forest behind Kagome shook, then shook again, a noise like thunder growing louder...or nearer.

 "rOo, rOo, rOo, rOo, rOo, rOo, rOo," the other authors and artists began chanting over and over again while stomping their feet.

 "What is that?" asked Kagome in a small voice as something big crashed through the trees and shrubbery to her right.

 "RoO, RoO, RoO, RoO, RoO," the chants became louder and louder.

 Suddenly, something big crashed out of the forest. Kagome's eyes became wide as she saw the dinosaur with hot polka dots emerging from the forest. When it turned it's head to look at her, Kagome saw a hideous face emerging from the dino's mouth. It seemed the dinosaur was only an outfit the monster...wore.

 As the rOo turned and eyed it's prey, the chanting died away as the authors looked on in greedy anticipation.

 The rOo reached a cloth covered hand out towards Kagome....

 Suddenly, a shriek went up on the wall. A green whip arced around and through the rank of authors. The heads of Whisper, Chaos, Rowdy, Anno, and several others fell from the perches atop their shoulders down the length of the wall. The other authors turned to see Sesshomaru with his compatriots storming towards them.

 'Oops, busted,' thought the other authors before they abandonded the walls and ran for the hills.

 But in the meantime, rOo had grabbed Kagome and was about to eat her when a loud droning noise caught everyone's attention.

 Overhead, a flight of Biplane fighters, manned by Plot Bunnehs, soared in for the attack. Turning to confront this threat, rOo dropped Kagome, who was plucked up by Sesshomaru as he bounded off into the forest with her. Stomping around to position herself for the biplane attack, rOo crushed to death everyone else in Sesshomaru's group, including Rin, Jaken, Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Shippou, Kirara, etc.

 The plot bunnehs dive in, firing plot ideas at the rOo. Taking too many plot idea hits, the rOo exploded into heaps of pink dino twinky fluffs, smattering the landscape.

 Walter, one of the last surviving authors, looked from where Sesshomaru was making love to Kagome in a nearby cave, to the remains of the rOo, Sesshomaru's party, and the other authors, and finally to the plot bunnehs who started to fly away before they ran out of fuel and all crashed into a nearby volcano. He raised an eyebrow before shrugging and heading off to steal Sesshomaru's freighter and head back to the mainland.

 The End


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