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A to Z by AmIOtaku

Irritation leads to revelation.

Just an idea I had after watching some show (I shall not name, it's embarrasing as it is that I actually watched it.)

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"Are you sure about this Sesshoumaru-sama?"

"Be silent, miko."

"Can’t you just try to reassure me about all this?"

"Do not question me about such inconsequential matters."

"Every matter with you is ‘inconsequential’."

"Finally, the miko understands."

"Give me a reason I shouldn’t zap you right now."

"Hollow threats are beneath you."

"I am being very serious."

"Just be sure your aim is exact, for once."

"Kiss… my…"

"Language miko."

"Must you be so difficult?"


"Okay, listen you pompous…"

"Perhaps, miko, you should think before you speak your next words."

"Quit being so condescending and I would be more agreeable to your high and mightiness."

"Refrain from using such a tone with this Sesshoumaru."

"Since when do you care what anyone says anyway?"

"The same time you began to travel with me."

"Uh, care to repeat that?"

"Variation in my pack has forced me to… adapt."

"Well... hm... I didn’t expect an answer like that."

"x-factor, huh- I mean, with me coming into your life unexpectedly?"

"Yet, you appear to be unsurprised at this revelation."


"Zebras can’t change their stripes, but I always thought, despite the saying, old dogs could learn new tricks."


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