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Operation Orifice Overload by Walter205

Goober Goober Goober!

 Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha, nor will I profit from it.


 "My mate is looking for something...exciting," stated Sesshomaru to the gentleman seated before him. Some big, some small, some average sized, they represented some of this closest friends and family, and would help him to accomplish his mission.

 "Even more exciting then what we give her already?" asked Inuyasha incredously, knowing what Sesshomaru was referring to.

 "Indeed, little brother. I intend to nip this want of hers in the bud, which is why I have called you all here today," annoucned Sesshomaru, looking around at the others lounging on the couches. Himself, Inuyasha, Kouga, Mukotsu, Jaken, Bankotsu, and Renkotsu.

 "So, what is your game plan?" asked Bankotsu. He was already spoiling for a good time, like always.

 "Gentleman, the name of the game is Orifice Overload. Simply put, we are, in one way or another, going to fill up or cover every single opening on her body. We will leave her such a quivering mass of pleasure female that anyone weaker would probably become Schizophrenic," explained Sesshomaru.

 "So...who gets what?" asked Inuyasha, his eyes starting to light up in excitment.

 "Me and Inuyasha will handle the ass and pussy. I don't want anyone else's seed spilling into those places. Mukotsu, Jaken, both of your small statures will allow you to handle Kagome's ears effectivley. Kouga, you will have the pleasure of being blown jobbed by my mate. Bankotsu, Renkotsu, you have her nipples. Try not to bite or squeeze too hard," ordered Sesshomaru, watching as each of them nodded in turn.

 "I am off to prepare my mate. Go ahead and being stripping, and when I bark, come in and proceed with the attack," said Sesshomaru, dashing off as he undressed while running to his bedroom.

 He slammed open the double doors, to see his mate lying in bed with her nightgown on. She looked up at him with hunger in her eyes.

 "Sesshomaru...," she purred.

 He wasted no time in crossing the distance to the bed. He grabbed her hands and held them above her head, trying them to the headboard. Next, he grabbed a headband lying nearby and used it to blind her, making sure not to cover up her ears.

 "Oooh," Kagome almost moaned in anticipation.

 Sesshomaru proceeded to tear off her nightgown, before laying her down on the bed, resting her head on the plushie pillow. He shook his head briefly, thinking of how much his mate's head would be defiled by those she hasn't yet experienced private moments with yet.

 Everything was set. He barked a couple of times.

 First, Inuyasha. He lifted Kagome up while the whelp positioned himself. He gently lowered Kagome back on top of him, making sure the half breed didn't get things started too early.

 Next, Kouga. He helped the wolf position himself, straddling her throat, his length pressing against her lips. Her tongue darted out briefly to whip across it's tip, and Kouga moaned, hardening the rest of the way. Then, Mukotsu and Jaken. Each one positioned themselves on the pillow either side of her accordingly. They will use their hands to push out, and Kouga will use his legs to push them back in.

 Finally, Bankotsu and Renkotsu. Being careful not to get too close to Kouga's butt, they positioned their mouths accordingly. With that done, Sesshomaru lifted up Kagome's legs, smiling as she wrapped them around him. He lightly pushed his bulging length against her nether lips, his smile widening when he felt how wet she already was for him, and the others.

 "Gentleman, get set," ordered Sesshomaru. Kagome let out a squeek as she felt all of them pressing their dicks or lips onto her various bodyparts.

 "Let's Goober this bitch!" yelled Sesshomaru. By Goober, he means peanuts, a funny nickname for their penises and nuts.

 Everyone immediatly slid within Kagome, Bankotsu and Renkotsu starting their suckling. Kagome cried out in pain and pleasure, and as everyone started pumping, her pain turned to overwhelming pleasure. Two minutes in, Kagome achieved her first orgasm. Inuyasha, being the weakling that he was, immediatly achieved his own orgasm, filling her ass with his seed.

 Kouga lasted no more than another minute, Kagome's lack of a gag reflex and years of honed experience BJing Sesshomaru, plus the wolf's five hundred year old fantasy of Kagome doing just this to him, proved his undoing. His seed squirted into Kagome's mouth, and she swallowed down all of it. Mukotsu and Jaken came next, the odd pleasure of ear sex causing them both to come in another two minutes.

 Kagome had come thrice more since then, having achieved four orgasms all together thus far. Sesshomaru used his claws to cut her bindings, and she immediatly went to work on pumping both Bankotsu and Renkotsu with her hands.

 Twice more she came before both of them blew their loads, breathy moans exhaling on Kagome's sweaty, bruised, and erect breasts. Then there was only one.

 She was almost KOed now, he had never before brought her anywhere near this, but damn he wanted his desire of hers to do these types of things to go out the window. He was holding back, but damn was it hard with her seven orgasms hugging and squeezing his length. Finally, as he brought her to her eigth of the night, he achieved his own, spilling his seed into her pussy.

 As he almost collapsed next to her, he looked at the clock. His friends had lasted no longer than ten minutes, but when it was said and done, twenty five minutes had passed.

 "Sesshomaru?" called Kagome weakly. He removed her blindfold to see her staring back at him with shimmering and happy but fatigued eyes.

 "I think once in a lifetime is enough for something like that," she said breathlessley, before passing out.

 For his part, he howled in triumph, his roar reverberating through the house, before he too collapsed, to join his friends and mate in a deep slumber.

 The End


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