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Dogs and Horses by Walter205

Herding the Mustangs...

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 "So you two claim to have been dragged down an old dusty well, and somehow transported through both time and dimensions, just to exit through a portal square onto the main rail-line running through Central?" asked Roy with a twitching eyebrow.

 "Yep, I know it's hard to believe, but I think we can convince you," said Kagome while nervously wringing her fingers. Sesshomaru, sitting next to her, could feel the male human's doubt of their words and snorted, not quite believing their current predicament himself.

 "Oh really? I would like to see that," muttered Roy, before lifting his telephone. After talking for several moments, he replaced the telephone into the cradle. He smiled at his two strange guests. A few moments later, the door opened, and in walked a man about Roy's height, with brown hair and glasses. He was dressed in the same blue uniform, but was wearing the bottom half of a strange costume of some kind, Kagome thought it resembled a Barney dinosaur costume, only it was light pink with hot pink spots scattered about, and it had a tail.

 "Ah, Hughes, just the...what are you wearing?" asked Roy, his eye twitching again.

 "Oh, Elicia's birthday is coming up, and well, I found his costume, apparently it's called a rOo-a-saur, and well, I was trying on the rOopants when you called," explained Hughes while sweatdropping.

 "Hmm, must be uncomfortable," commented Roy.

 "Nah, the inside is lined with Organza," replied Hughes.

 Roy's eye twitched again. He shifted in his seat.

 "So, Hughes, we have two strange visitors here claiming to be from another dimension, or some sort. I'll let you take them down to the courtyard to see if they have any special abilities, and after showing them a thing or two about state alchemy, report back to me with your results," ordered Roy.

 After Hughes led the protesting Kagome and silent Sesshomaru away, Colonel Mustang leaned back into his chair.

 'Let's see, usual day, or unusual day? Probably the latter' thought the Colonel as he drifted off into a light slumber...


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