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Ahoy, There That Bubble Blows! by Walter205

Bubbles Ahoy! A Thousand Bubbles Delish! From Bubblesco

 Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha, nor will I profit from it. Again, I'm very tired when I wrote this, so there may be some grammer mistakes. Some.


 "Sesshomaru, thank you so much for saving me from Mukotsu. Thank you thank you thank you," gushed Kagome after using her priestess powers to nullify the poision in her body.

 "Please, please don't kill me, I beg of you, please don't," begged Mukotsu, groveling on the ground in front of Sesshomaru.

 "My lord, you left me behind again. But fear not, this Jaken has caught up to you and is ready to serve you once again," harrumped Jaken as he came up on Lord Sesshomaru from behind.

 "ENOUGH!" Sesshomaru almost yelled. He quickly grabbed Kagome, Jaken, and Mukotsu, before stuffing them into a bubble suit formed from his demonic aura. Kagome landed at the bottom of the suit, Mukotsu landing on top of her, and Jaken landing on top of Mukotsu. The miko immediatly shut up, but that was probably from having the wind knocked out of her.

 The other two though kept babbling right away, Jaken croaking in confusion, Mukotsu begging even more now with tears streaming down his eyes.

 With a swift kick, he sent the orb flying off into the sunset. He then looked down, before his eyes widened.

 "Miko, remember? Not affected by demonic auras," said Kagome, still lying on the ground where the sphere once was.

 "Hnn, I will send you flying miko," vowed Sesshomaru.

 "Good luck with that," sarcastically answered Kagome.

 Without another word, Sesshomaru discarded his weapons and armor, then started working on his clothes.

 "What, what are you doing?" asked Kagome in a sudden stammer.

 Sesshomaru looked up then, and a small smirk came over his lips that sent deep chills up Kagome's spine.

 "A miko's powers come from her pureness. If you aren't pure, then you have no power. Rutting with a mighty demon lord is one method to reduce one's...pureness," said Sesshomaru in a taunting voice.

 Kagome could only blush as he began sauntering in her direction...

* * *

 Meanwhile, over the rainbow, the sphere landed on top of Mt Hakureai, which popped the demon sealed bubble suit. Jaken and Mukotsu both fell out, and were instantly purified by the mountian.

The End


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