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Angels Among Us by Kat


Angels Among Us

Part One

Damn it Inuyasha, The last time I let you recommend some one for this job I had to have them arrested for laundering mony from the trust fund. What makes you think that I would listen to you again?”

Sesshomaru was pissed and showing it.

Because, Big brother Im not the one doing the recominding this Time. Kikyo is.”

Thats Half brother and what makes you think that this person is quilified for the position?”

Kikyos cousin lives at a shrine and does this kind of charity work all the time. Look give her a chance and if she doesnt work out than I will resign my position here at Inu Inc. and never bother you again. And to make the deal sweeter I will even move to the other side of the world so that you dont even have to run into me from time to time.”

Sesshomaru looked at Inuyasha and said,

Deal. But you had better hope that she works out other wise I would not like to be the one to tell Father that you were part of the deal.”

Inuyasha smiled as he walked out the door and picked up his cell phone and called his wife.


Hiya hun. Your cousin is in but I just hope that she is as good as you say she is other wise you will be looking for a home in Ohio.”

Um I wont ask, but I will tell her. Im on my way to the shrine now.”

Ok Love talk to you later bye.”

Kikyo pulled up to the curb and got out of her car. Looking up the steps for the family shrine she suddenty wished that they had an elevator.

'Pregnant women should not have to climb all these stairs.' Kikyo thought. Just than she thought of something else, Her cousen had excelant hearing.

Kagome Its Kikyo and Im at the bottem of the stairs, any chance of you helping out a fat prego woman?”

Kagome was at her side in a flash. And took Kikyo in her arms and un folded her masave wings and flaped them once to get them in the air and twice to get them to the top of the stairs.

You, my cousin, are just amaizing. You will just have to move in with me while im pregnant.”

Kagome just laughed at her.

You know Kikyo your not that fat.”

That little coment earnd her a smack on the arm.

Im here to tell you some good news Kagome and this is how you treat me?”

Kikyo faked a huff and stomped her feet.

Oh stop being so dramitic and just tell me if I got the job or not.”

Kikyo laughed and looked at Kagome and smiled

Oh you got it all right but Inuyasha said something about how you better be as good as I say you are or I will be looking for a house in Ohio. I have no idea what he means but I know your going to do a good job. Oh and I got that spell for you so you can concell your wings and markings but honestly I dont know why you want to there are lots of demons out in the open now a days.”

True but none that look like me. Besides the last person that seen me thought I was an angel.”

Oh Kagome that was like a hundred years ago.”

One hundred and five thank you.”

Yes well I wasnt born just yet so how would I know.”

Yes well lets go see my 'neice'.”

Kikyo laughed harder and shook her head

I will never get tired of our family tree or the funny stories it holds.”

Yes well just keep them to your self and we will get along just fine ok?”

The two women went into the house and sat down to have some tea and told Aunt/Neice Aira the good news about Kagomes new job.

I will warn you thou Kagome, Inuyashas half brother, Sesshomaru is a real bastard to work for so that you know.”

A real ray of sunshine huh? Its ok. If I hadent develouped a tough hide in the last 500 years than im not worthy to live as it is so bring him on baby!”

Oh this is going to be fun. By the way you start tomorrow bright and early at 6 am. I will be around at 5 to pick you up so be ready to meet the Ice Prince k?”

Kagome nodded and got up to help Kikyo back down to her car and waved good bye as she drove away.

Bright and early the next day Kagome got in the car as Kikyo pulled up. She was wearing a black suite with a pale pink blouse under her matching black suite jacket. She left her hair down but pulled it back out of her eyes with a hair clip, a silver chain with a cresent pendant around her neck and silver studs that dangled cresent moons from her ears completed her look for the day. Kikyo looked at her and let out a breath.

Is that how you plan to sooth the savage beast? By enticing his lust?”

I have no idea what your talking about I thought I looked good. If you think otherwise than take me back and I will change.”

No you look fine, just remember that Inuyasha is spoken for.”

Kagome laughed at that and the little bit of humer put her in a good mood to face this Beast of a boss that she was rumored to have.

A little while later they pulled into a parking garuage and got out of the car and got into the elevator and accended to the top floor. Soon they arrived at Sesshomarus office doors. Kagome took a deep breath and knocked.


Kagome opened the door and bairly took a step in when she stoped at his voice,

Get out you are not quilified for this job.”

Excuse me? You know this how when you have yet to look at me.”

I will not employ humans the is a demon ran company and I will not allow humans to have jobs here.”

You sir are a biggot. And for your information I am no human.”

Kagome took off her jacket and handed it to Kikyo and allowed her concelment spell to drop. The sound of fabric tearing caught Sesshomarus attetion and he looked up to see a most beautiful angel standing at his door. But the thing that caught his attation was the fact that she was wearing his house simbyol at her neck and ears.

Where did you get your jewelry?”

I dont know it was found with me almost 500 yeasr ago why, do you know where it came from?”

Yes they were a gift for my intended. But her and her family were killed years ago.”

Well than if they belong to you than you may have them back. But you will give me proof first of ownership.”

Sesshomaru was before her in a flash and looked down at her.

You dear to impune my honor?”

No disrespect intented sir, but they are all the clue I have to my past. And I am lothed to give them up so quickly.”

Very well get to work and at the end of the day you will attend dinner with me and my family and we will get to the bottem of this.”

Kagome bowed and left the room and was showen to a desk just out side his office. She sat down and begain to dig throu the mountian of paper work that was sitting before her.

8 very long and mind numbing hours later Sesshomaru appered in front of her and said,

It is quitting time for the day. Lets go and see if we can find the anwser to question that we both have.”

Kagome followed him out to his car and together they made there way to his families home atop the hill just out side Tokyo. They pulled up to the front doors and a toad like imp opened the doors for Kagome and Sesshomaru came around to walk with her up the stais and into the house.

Jaken, have an extra place set for our guest for dinner.”

The toad bowed and ran off to the kitchens.

Come with me Kagome, knowing my father he is out in the gardens with the pups.”

Pups? You have kids?”

Yes they were orphans and I adopted them. Actualy only one of them is a pup the other is a kitsune. But the are both my 'children'.”

Kagome nodded and followed him throu the house and out to the gardens.

Ottou – san!”

Came two small blurs headed strait for Sesshomarus legs. The 'pup' was a little girl with black hair and the 'kitsune' was a little boy with red hair. They were both so cute that Kagome wanted to pick them both up and hug them.

Rin, Shippou say hello to our guest. Kagome this is my son and my daughter.”

Kagome knelt down to there level and said,

Hello there my name is Kagome and its very nice to meet you both.”

Being very shy around new people they both just waved to her from behind Sesshomarus legs.

Father we have a mystery here that needs your attention.”

A tall man with long white hair held high in a pony tail walked over to them and looked from his son the their guest and stopped and staired at her than smiled.

Welcome home Kagome. It has been a long time and it is good to see that the rumors of your survivle were true. But tell me how did you survive the last 500 years?”

Sesshomaru looked at his father and asked,

You know her? How?”

This is your intended son. The we thought we lost all thoes years ago during the raids of humans out to kill off our race.”

It was all to much for Kagome to take in and she promply fainted.

Oh well I guess anwsers will just have to waite till she wakes up. Take her up to the family wing and give her the room next to yours son and we shall waite till she wakes.”

Sesshomaru nodded, picked her up and carried her off.

Ojii – san who was that lady and why did she pass out?”

That, Rin is your soon to be mother.”

The next day Kagome opened her eyes to find the sun streaming in throu the window and she bolted up right thinking that she was ging to be fired for missing her second day of work but soon that fear was put to rest with the knocking at the door.

Come in”

A servant opened the door and came in with a Deep sapphire colored dress drapped over her arms and placed it down on the edge of the bed and truned to Kagome.

Will you be needing any help in getting dressed?”

Um no but that is not my dress.”

The Elder sent some one out for it last night. He was very spicific about the design. And I am to tell you that it is a rule here at the mannor that hidding your deamon attrubuts is forbiden so please worrie not about causing a problem with your beautiful wings My Lady.”

Please just call me Kagome I am only a guest here. Oh and please can you tell me what day it is?”

As you wish My Lady. And it is saturday.”

The servant bowed and left the room and at that moment Kagome felt like she was back in the past again.

'Who are these people and how do they know me?'

Kagome went into the bathroom and took a log hot shower and dried off in her usal flair. Spreading out her wings she flapped them a few times and than was done and prifictly dry. She walked back into her room and put the dress on and found that lying under it was a pair of underwear. Quietly she sent up every prayer that she knew to the gods that someone thought of them. When she was fully dressed she found a hair brush and brushed out her long hair and made two french braids and tied them off with light blue ribbons she found on the dresser. With that done she placed her black heals back on and found her way down to the gardens and found a spot where she could sit and spread her wings out to let them catch the suns rays.

I see that you wear the engagement gifts given to you father for you. Now that your awake maybe you can tell me how you survived where so many other did not.”

Kagome turned around to find Sesshomarus father approching her.

I really don't know. All I know is what was told to me by my family.”

Your family? You mean to tell me that your father survived as well? If that is true than why didn't he come and find me I would have given you and him shelter.”

Im sorry My Lord but I don't know anything of my birth Family. I speek of the family that raised me. My adopted mother her name was Sango and she was a demon Slayer she and her husband Miroku a monk found me wandering around when I was 3 and took me in and raised me like there own. They had many children and I watched them all grow and die. There was once when Sango told me I was like an Angel sent to watch over her family throu the years. Their children grew knowing me frist as sister than as aunt and than last as guardian. I have been with there family for the last 500 years. Teaching them and watching them grow and have more children. At one point I thought that I had lost the family when the first Kikyo turned out to be a miko, her parents had only her and than they both died from sickness and Kikyo swore that she was never going to have kids, than the unthinkable happened. The first Kikyo was raped and gave birth to twins and than died from blood loss. I never told the twins how they came to be but I did teach them about their family and the proud blood line that they had.”

Kagome stopped lost in her own thoughts and a single tear slipped down her cheek and she continued on.

The twins were called Kai and May. They were so dear to my heart. I raised them like they were my babies. When I lost them I burried part of my heart with them. I wanted so much to have children of my own but after awhile I just figured that it was not ment to be. Humans called me Angel, and I have never met other demons until the last 250 years or so, but I was so busy with Himmi and than Kenshen came along, than Aira and now Sota. I can trace the Higarishi Family back 500 years. I know all their names, all their favorite things, everything about each of them. The one constant in that family history is me. And now I fear that there will be no one for me to pass that knowlage on to when it is my time to pass. I dont even know how long I will live.”

The Elder Lord sat next to her on the bench and took her hand in his and said to her,

Kagome you are 512 years old. When the demon slayer found you you only looked 3 in human years. Your blood Father and Blood mother were the Lord and Lady of the North and you were betrothed to my eldest son upon your birth. You two were to be married on the day of your 200th birthday. But when the raids started and the humans started to kill off our kind your father was lost to us. Your mother died shortly after your birth trying to bring your twin into the world. He died as well. You were all that your father had left and he lived his life for you my dear. Word was sent to us of his death but nothing was said about you. Over the years we herd rumors that you were still alive but every time we went searching for you we found nothing. It seams that your adopted Family took to keeping you safe very seariously even from your own kind. But tell me how did they know what your name was?”

I was wearing a bracelet that had my name carved into the metal. And they said that I had a pouch holding the necklase and earings in it. They never took them from me but I kept them safe over the years and now that I know that they really belong to your family you can have them back now.”

Kagome took off the necklace and earings and placed them in his hand. Kagome lifted her head and than looked down at the Elder and said,

We are not alone My Lord we have two little would be spies listening to us.”

You may call me Toga my dear, And you two may come out from hidding Kagome will not hurt either of you.”

Rin and Shippou came over to Toga and Rin said,

Sorry Ojii – san. We just wanted to see your angel.”

Toga laughed and picked Rin up and said to her,

Little one you are my angel. This is Lady Kagome and she is an angelic for the northern air tribe.”

Shippou pulled on Kagomes dress and asked,

Lady Kagome can you fly?”

Yes I can little one. Why? Would you like to go flying with me?”

Can I Ojii – san?”

I see no reason why you can't but you hold on tightly ok.”

Shippou jumpped on to Kagomes back between her wings and wrapped his arms around her neck and held on for dear life. Kagome turned and looked at Toga and said,

We wont be long.”

Kagome took a few steps back from them and said

Hold on Shippou.”

Kagome took a running start and un furled her wings and flaped them a few times and they were in the air and climbing higher. When Shippous hold got to tight for her neck, Kagome reached behind her and pulled him into her arms and said to him,

You can open your eyes now young one.”

Shippou opened his eyes to see the world below him passing him in a blur. Kagome turned and made a pass over the manor and Shippou shouted down to his Ojii – san and Rin. Kagome made a few more passes over the manor and than landed. She opened her arms to allow Shippou to jump down and he ran over to his Ojii – san and said.

That was so cool Ojii – san thank you for letting me go.”

Shippou did you thank Kagome for taking you?”

Shippou turned to Kagome and bowed and said,

Thank you Lady Kagome for taking me flying it was so fun.”

Kagome laughed and turned to Rin.

Do you want to go next young Rin?”

The last time I went flying I fell off and Im not sure that I want to try again.”

I promise you that I will not let you fall and if it will help I will tie you to me so that if you do fall out of my arms you will not fall far from me.”

Rin nodded and came over to Kagome. Toga handed her his Obi and Kagome tied Rin to her and picked her up in her arms and took off into the air. Just after Kagome flew out of the gardens Sesshomaru came out side to find out what kept his pups from lunch.

Father why are the pups not in the dinning room for lunch?”

Ottou – san Lady Kagome took me flying and now is up there with Rin. She is so much fun. Can we keep her? Please?”

Sesshomaru looked down at Shippou and than looked over to his Father and asked

I take it that you have found out just who she is?”

Toga told him all that Kagome had told him that morning

She really is my intended?”

Yes and it is passed time that you took a mate son.”

Sesshomaru didn't respond to that but instead asked

Did you explain to her that Rin has a fear of flying on account of what happened the last time?”

Rin told her about it and Kagome came up with the idea of tieing Rin to her so that if Rin did fall that she wouldnt fall far.”

Together the three demon males watched as they to flew over the manor a few times than watched as Kagome landed. Kagome placed Rin on the ground and untied her than untied the obi from her self and handed it back to Toga.

Ottou – san did you see me I was flying and I didn't even fall.”

Yes Mesume I saw you and Im proud of you for trying again. Maybe next time you will do it by your self.”

Rin looked up and smiled at him.

I will try again if Lady Kagome promises to go with me.”

Sesshomaru looked at Kagome and gave her a questioning look.

I would love to go flying with you again Rin. Maybe next time the three of us can fly together. You by your self and Shippou on my back.”

The two kids jumpped up and down shouting.

Thats enough pups it is time for lunch. Let us all go in and have something to eat.”

Sesshomaru pulled Kagome aside and said to her,

These are yours My Lady. My father wishes that I honor what he and your father agreed upon and have the two of us mate and join our two houses.”

Sesshomaru handed her back the jewelry.

I cannot honer that bond My Lord. My blood house died out years ago and the house that I belong to now is a house of humans. As long as you hate humans I will not become your mate.”

Kagome tried to give back the jewelry but he turned from her. So Kagome walked into the dinning room and gave them to Toga.

Your son has told me of your wishes and I have given him my anwser. I will come by again tomorrow to take the children flying agin but for now I am going to return home to where I belong.”

Kagome walked out of the house and flipped her wings open and took off and flew home as fast as she could.

What was it that you said son?”

I told her that you wish for me to honor the bond that you and her father agreed upon and take her for Mate.”

And what did she say?”

She said that her blood house died out years ago and the house that she belongs to now is a house of humans and as long as I hate humans than She would not be my mate.”

I told you of her history and of the humans that loved her and kept her safe and gave her a home. Can you not find it in your heart to forgive the humans that kept yout intended safe and loved? They kept her alive in a time of war and sickness. My Gods son She was raised by the very kind of humans that were trying to kill out or race, yet the humans that found her saw a frightened little girl and not a demon. Kagome helped to raise monks and mikos and demon slayers. She could have been the reason that the war died out mere years after it started. When humans only started killing eveil demons and than came the birth of the first Hanyous that were allowed to live. Damn it Sesshomaru your Brother wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her. Did you think of that?”

Sesshomaru cursed him self and left and got in hs car and headed for her shrine hopping to make right what he put wrong. He arrived just minutes after she did and climed the stairs to the shrine house and knocked upon the door. Aira anwsered the door and Sesshomaru asked to be allowed in. Aira took him to the kitchen and made a pot of tea.

Kagome should be down shortly. May I ask what this visit is about?”

I wish to take Kagome to mate and I am not used to Humans. I am sure that you know of human demon history, well I am here to learn your history so that I can better apperate Humans or at least the humans that raised Kagome.”

Of corse I can tell you anything you would like to know.”

Is it true that because Kagome was raised by your family that the war came to an end so shortly?”

Yes. Kagome was raised in a village of Demon slayers and because of my ancesters that raised her, tolarance for higher level demons was deloveped. My for fathers begain to only kill off the low level demons. And If a Higher level demon turned evil and tried to take over all of japan for dark perpouses than and only than did they go after them. Every slayer monk and miko that came from my family line , taught talarence to their children. No longer were all demon thought of as bad. And we even protected the first Hanyous that were born. Families of all kind found refuaged in our village. This shrine was built on the very spot where the village once stood. After wrold war 2 Kagome and my relitives returned to this land a built it to remind us of our family and what they stood for over the years.”

And what did your family stand for?”

Kagome walked in to the kitchen at that point and said.

Peace. We stood for peace between all the races. Demon, Human and Hanyou alike. I taught this family that not one race was better than the other. I told your father that I went from sister to aunt to guardain. Well some where along the way I also became teacher and peace maker between the races. At one point, 250 years ago, members of all races came to me for teachings and guidence. I taught them all the way of peace. That is why the humans called me Angel. I have no idea what the demons or Hanyous called me they never stayed around long enough for me to find out. But the humans were always there with me.”

That was you? I never knew I never came for your teachings I was to angry at humans. Durring the raid Humans killed my Mother and I was never able to forgive them. Our kind along with the hanyou kind called you healer. That was what you were a healer of the land. I am sorry that my hatered of humans blinded me to your teachings. Teach me now Kagome become my mate and teach me of Love and forgiveness.”

Aira what do you think do you think that I should forgive him and teach once more?”

Kagome you are my aunt I can not give you anwsers, but think on this, you taught forgivness for 500 years. If you dont forgive now than your teachings would be a lie and the family honor would be destroyed.”

Kagome thought about that and sighed.

Very well Sesshomaru I will become your mate and we will begin your lessons on monday.”

Sesshomaru took her in his arms and hugged her.

Shippou and Rin will be happy, Before I left to come here thay asked if they could keep you because you were fun and nice.”

That put a smile on her face. And arm in arm they walked out the door to there future.


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