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Kagome Doll by Hairann

Frequent Flyer

Title: Frequent Flyer 

Author: Hairann

Theme: Hairann's Weird-ified Challenge: Airline Amy

Genre: Comedy


Rating:  T

Warnings: OOCness

Word Count: 2669

Summary: A flight that will never be forgotten.

I do not own the song Airline Army, Weird Al does.

Not connected to Kagome Doll.


“The flight to Taiwan is now boarding at gate 35, please have your tickets and passports ready to be checked at the door,” the intercom announced, pulling a woman's mind out of the trashy romance novel she had been reading while she waited the two hours her flight had been delayed since she had made it through the security area. Tossing the novel into her carry on, she pulled out what she had been instructed to and began making her way to the already growing line as people pushed their way into getting on the plane first.

It was something she would never understand, they had assigned seats, what was the point of rushing when it wasn't like they would be able to get better seats just by getting there first. Shaking her head at their antics, the woman calmly walked to the back of the line, thankful she was not toward the beginning where they were already starting to push each other. Fighting the urge to roll her umber eyes, she pulled the novel back out of her carry on and began to discreetly read, glancing up every so often to keep track of the line.

Slowly but surely, the line shrunk as more of the passengers were checked in and soon enough it was her turn. Glancing up at the woman behind the counter, her eyes took a quick sweep over her navy, blue uniform, before settling on her black, wire rimmed glasses adorned face with a smile. Holding up her ticket and passport, she waited patiently as the woman looked them over for a moment before turning her attention back to her. “Alright Miss Higurashi, you are in row 15, seat A. It is an emergency exit row, will you be able to handle it or would you need to switch seats?”

“No that's fine,” Kagome assured her as she accepted back her passport and ticket stub, and began making her way down the long hallway that led to the plane. As she turned the corner, hoping to be finally arriving at the plane, she found a huge group of the passengers that had gone before her were still waiting in the hallway. Confused, Kagome stood on her tippy toes to see over their heads to find out what the hold up was and found a couple of airport employees asking people to check in bags that were too big for the overhead compartments.

Rolling her eyes again at how no one could seem to follow simple instructions, she waited as the line began to move slowly, her patience running thin with each passing minute. Eventually she was second in line and breathed a sigh of relief that she would be in her seat soon, only to overhear the woman in front of her arguing about whether or not her bag could fit in the bins. Foregoing courtesy, as the woman obviously didn't have any, Kagome walked around her, smiling at the employees as she passed. She heard the woman grumble in outrage about her cutting in front of her, but paid her little mind as she finally stepped up into the plane.

Turning the corner into the isle, Kagome went to look for her seat only to realize sitting down was still a long ways off. The isle was filled with people fighting to get the carry ons into the bins, rummaging through their bags and even a couple just standing there talking amongst themselves. Fighting the ever growing urge to scream, she began to 'politely' push her back toward the back, ignoring the other passengers' complaints about her pushiness, and quickly found her seat. Throwing her carry on into the bin, she sat down in her seat and opened her book, figuring it was going to be a while before they took off.

So lost in the story of the heroine, a young girl growing up on her father's cattle ranch in the 1800's, falling in love, or lust was more like it in her opinion, with the son of the rival ranch, she almost missed the stewardess coming over the intercom to begin the preflight announcements. Keeping her attention half on the safety procedures and half on her book, she continued reading until they got to the part about the emergency exit rows. Giving the stewardess her full attention now, in case something happened and she needed to know what to do, she watched as a steward began helping someone switch seats, apparently they were either unwilling or unable to assist in the case of an emergency.

As she watched, they moved on to how to correctly put on an oxygen mask, the steward demonstrating while she narrated. Deciding the rest of it didn't interest her, Kagome turned her full attention back to the novel, leaning back in her seat after making sure her seat belt was fastened and her tray table was in its 'full and upright' position. As Hannah, the heroine in her trashy romance novel, was just about to be caught in the barn with the rival's son, by her father, Kagome felt the plane begin heading down the runway and set the book aside as the vibrations made it all but impossible to read.


“Would you like some peanuts?” a deep voice inquired, startling Kagome from her reading and she glanced up to find the steward towering above her, a silver cart covered in small packets of peanuts and plastic and Styrofoam cups. Not having been able to get a good look at him earlier, Kagome gave the steward a quick once over. He had long silver hair was pulled into a loose pony tail over his shoulder, golden eyes gazed down at her patiently and a semi tight navy, blue uniform that accented his build nicely.

“Sure,” Kagome decided, realizing she had been too busy staring at the rather handsome man to remember to answer him. “Could I get a cup of coffee too?” she requested after he had handed her a couple of packets and with a smile, he turned back to the cart and quickly prepared a cup for her. Grabbing a couple of sugars, creams and a stirer, he handed them all over to her, the gentle smile still adorning his face.

Seeing she wasn't going to ask for anything else, he continued on to the next row, slowly making his way down the isle. Kagome watched as he did, appreciating the view as he leaned over to speak softly with each passenger he came to. Ripping open the first bag, she began poping the peanuts into her mouth as she continued to watch him, careful to be discreet as she pretended to read her book. All too soon, in her opinion, he had finished his route and disappeared into the employees' area.

Sighing for losing sight of her eye candy, Kagome turned her attention to her novel, soon finding herself rereading the same sentence over and over, her mind still occupied with thoughts of the steward. Giving up on reading, she set her book aside and reached up to push the assistance button above her head. Crossing her fingers that the stewardess wouldn't be the one to respond, she felt herself grinning when the steward stepped into the isle and began making his way toward her. “Can I get a set of headphones so I can watch the movie?” she inquired sweetly as she gestured toward the large screen at the front of the isle, not caring that she had no idea what was currently playing.

“Of course,” he told her with a gentle smile, his voice sending a shiver of pleasure down her spine, before turning and making his way back toward the front of the plane. She watched his retreating form, grinning when another passenger caught his attention, causing him to lean over to speak to him without disturbing the others. After a few moments, he continued on his way again, soon disappearing behind the curtain. Not wanting him to notice she was watching him when he returned, Kagome turned her attention to the movie screen at the front of the cabin.

Not recognizing the foreign film that was playing, she wondered if asking for a headset was really such a good idea. “Here you go,” the deep voice returned, startling her from her daze as he held out the headphones to her, his ever present smile still shining. Nodding her head in thanks, as she returned the smile and took the offered headset, Kagome racked her brain for a plausible excuse to keep him there longer, but was unable to think of anything before he was heading back down the isle. Sighing to herself, Kagome placed the headphones on her ears and turned her attention to the movie, hoping it would keep her occupied at least long enough to come up with another reason to call him back.


Noticing the credits were scrolling across the black screen, Kagome realized she had slept through the rest of the movie, not that missing it was any big loss for her as she was bored after only a few minutes, but she figured trying to get some shut eye during the long flight would probably be a good idea. Gorgeous steward on board or not. Reaching up, she pressed the assistance button, watching as the steward once again was the one to come out from behind the curtain and make his way over toward her. “Can I get a pillow and blanket?” she requested sweetly as she removed her headset, realizing she was still wearing it, and setting it on top of her tray.

“Of course,” he assured her before making his way back up the isle once again. Reaching her hand down on the side of her chair, her umber eyes never leaving his form, Kagome pulled up the handle and leaned back in her seat as it reclined. A few moments later he was making his way back toward her, smiling when he noticed her gaze was on him. “Sweet dreams,” he whispered softly as he handed her the pillow and blanket before turning off her overhead light. Thankful the darkness hid the slight blush, his lips so close to her ear had caused, Kagome watched until she could no longer see him before putting the pillow behind her head and covering herself with the blanket.

Closing her eyes, hoping to have very sweet dreams, preferably starring him, Kagome allowed herself to drift off into slumber. A few hours passed quickly, unnoticed by her, until slight turbulence jolted her awake. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she glanced around to find most of the cabin had drifted off to sleep. About to try to go back to sleep herself, Kagome sighed when her stomach growled, signaling the packets of peanuts she had earlier were no longer going to sustain her. Waiting until the turbulence had ended, she reached up to turn on her overhead light before pressing the assistance button.

Seeing the steward poke his head out around the curtain, she gave him a smile, watching as he returned it and began making his way down the isle toward her. “I can't remember, is there an in flight snack offered on this trip?” she inquired when he stopped to lean down beside her, careful not to wake the other passengers around them.

“Yes, we handed out the in flight meals while you were sleeping. I will bring you one. Would you like some more coffee?” he questioned as he gestured to her earlier cup that had long grown cold. Nodding, she gave him a grateful smile as he picked it up and began making his way back toward the front of the cabin. After a few minutes she saw him heading back, a tray of food in one hand, a cup of coffee in the other. Setting in on the pull down tray in front of her, he leaned over to whisper, “Bon Appetit,” before turning toward another passenger, whom was apparently still awake, and trying to get his attention.


After finishing off her meal, Kagome picked up her trashy novel, wondering how Hannah was going to keep her lover from being hung as a horse thief, as her father accused him of being when he found out about the two of them. The thought led her to wonder how the steward would look riding bareback, his long hair unbound and blowing in the wind. Pulling her nose out of the book, she reached for her coffee only to find the cup empty. Smiling at the opportunity it created for her, she reached up to push the button to call him, before holding her cup up in the isle so he would know what she wanted.

As he peeked around the curtain and spotted her actions, he returned the smile she was gracing him with and, grabbing a fresh pot of coffee, began making his way down the isle toward her. After refilling her cup and placing the sugar and cream packets next to it, he picked up her empty tray. “You know, if you keep monopolizing my time like this, the other passengers are going to start thinking you have ulterior motives,” he warned her jokingly as he leaned down near her ear.

“Who says I don't?” she countered with a smirk as she winked at him and set to preparing her coffee, extremely aware of his presence next to her. Hearing his deep chuckle, Kagome turned her gaze back to him, unable to prevent the smile the melodic sound caused. “You should do that more often, you have an amazing laugh,” she told him, keeping her voice low as he had done, before turning her attention back to her coffee in attempt to try and hide the slight blush that rose to her cheeks when she realized just how close their lips were to touching when she turned toward him.

“I will keep that in mind. Enjoy your book,” he told her as he gestured toward the book sitting beside her coffee before turning and making his way back down the isle. Leaning over to see passed the chair in front of her, Kagome watched until he reached the curtain, startled when he turned back to smirk at her. Embarrassed about being caught ogling him, Kagome's face flamed red as she hid back behind the chair, laughing softly to herself.


Both happy and disappointed the flight was already over, Kagome sat patiently in her seat waiting as the other passengers collected their belongings and slowly began making their way toward the front of the cabin. Sure she would be the last to get off, and unlikely to run into any problems with her plan, Kagome grabbed her carry on, threw her book inside, and began following after the others. As she reached the front, the stewardess greeted her with a smile as she did the others. “Do not forget to stop by our website and join our frequent flyer program.”

Locking eyes with the steward, who was standing slightly behind the stewardess, Kagome smiled. “You can count on it,” she told her, winking at her true focus before turning to nod her head to the stewardess and making her way out of the plane. As she passed the steward, she pressed a small slip of paper into his hand and left without another word. He raised a single eyebrow at her retreating back as his gaze followed her movements.

“Come on, Sesshoumaru, let's get the cabin cleaned up so the plane can refuel and be ready for the return trip,” the stewardess instructed, not waiting for his reply as she started moving about the cabin, cleaning up the litter left behind by the passengers. Glancing down at the note he had received, Sesshoumaru unfolded it to find she had scribbled down a few lines.

'Kagome Higurashi.

Row 15, Seat A.


Call me.'


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