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For Jupe




Kagome’s anatomy project stood right beside the well. At least that’s where it was a second ago. She was freaking out where else could it have gone too?! It was amazing how fast she lost things nowadays. First her favorite pair of panties, some dog treats (she blamed that on Inu-Yasha), and now her beautiful skeleton! Whoever was stealing her stuff was in for it, because this was the last straw! She needed that stupid skeleton for her anatomy class. She was sure she’d get an A+ on the stupid thing. But no! Someone had to go and steal it!

She was about to give up and cry right there by the well, until she heard lips smacking and a slurping noise. Curious, she followed the noise into the forest and then into a clearing. 

There she saw her skeleton with the exception of the legs, which had been taken off. She saw one a few feet away and went to pick it up. She regretted it the moment her hand touched the bone. It was wet and sticky and, “Ewww, gross!” she wiped her hand on her jeans and picked it up again. As she looked at it she saw teeth marks in it.

“No,” she almost screamed as she looked at the bite marks. She was flabbergasted that someone, or something, was eating her project! She could feel the dread creep up into her stomach. Why, oh why, her? It was always her stuff that got stolen, it was always her who was getting attacked and kidnapped, and it was always her that people didn’t give a damn about!  Well, she was going to stop this injustice right now!

So she stormed off in the direction of the chewing noise, only to come to a dead stop. There was Sesshoumaru, the fearsome Daiyoukai and Lord of the West, and apparent bone thief, chewing on a femur! Her femur! The one that went with her fucking anatomy project!

She pinched the bridge of her nose as Sesshoumaru turned to look at her, while continuing to gnaw on her femur, looking as innocent as a puppy. He was pretty convincing, Kagome had to hand it to him, but, still, it just wasn’t fair. Why couldn’t it have been Inu-Yasha?! She could have sat him to hell and back. She put her head in her hands, the frustration too much. “You can have the damn thing!” she screamed at him, stomping as she left him alone with her dismembered skeleton. 

Sesshoumaru smirked at her ire as he licked the tasty length of bone. “I believe I have a new hobby,” he murmured to himself, biting down on the femur and shattering it as if was glass. Annoying miko’s was becoming his favorite hobby to date.


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