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Staying Within The Limits by tenchi no mai

January 16, 2010, Drabble/Drawble Night

Disclaimer: The characters of InuYasha are not mine, they are the property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise, and Viz Media.   Only the plot to this story is my intellectual property.  I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

‘Italics’ = thoughts

Prompt #1 – Leave 

Kagome hesitated when she reached the Bone Eaters Well.  She hated to leave her Feudal Era family, no matter how much she wanted to see her birth family.  Looking back over her shoulder, she noticed the flash of silver between the trees.  It appeared that Sesshoumaru was going to see her off again.  

His arrival just before she got to the well was becoming somewhat routine.  The first time he showed up, she wondered why his Lordship would deign to attend such an everyday happenstance.  Then she realized this was as close as he could currently get to the future. 

Prompt #2 – Knot 

Sesshoumaru sat in his favorite position, leaning back against a tree trunk with his hand resting on raised knee.  He was waiting for the miko to return through the well.  It was a strange thing, this well.  He had passed it many time in his centuries of traveling, first with his sire when he was young, now as an adult patrolling his borders.  

He gracefully rose to his feet, gliding over to the the old well.  Using one sharp claw tip, he traced the knots in the ancient wood, as he leaned over to peer down into the dark depths.  

Prompt #3 – Needle 

The pine needles gave off their clean fresh scent as Sesshoumaru returned to his place under the tree to continue waiting for the miko.  

Sesshoumaru growled.  If he hadn’t overheard the monk and the taijia talking about the hanyou disappearing, there would have been no one to meet the miko and make sure she was returned to the village safely. 

Since the tachi’s had combined, it had become his job as alpha male to see to the safety of the pack members, and hand out punishment to those who were deserving of it.  The miscreant would receive his very soon.

Prompt # 4 – Climb 

The magic of the well flared to life as Kagome returned to the Feudal Era from her time.  She loved the clear sky and fresh air.  The only thing she didn’t love was the long climb up from the bottom of the well.  “Oh, well, better get started.”  She grabbed onto the vines and looked for the footholds in the side of the well. 

The next thing she knew there was an arm snugged around her waist, and she was floating up through the well to be promptly dropped on her butt on the grass once they reached the top.  

Prompt #5 – Bark 

Kagome dropped the backpack off her shoulders and lurched to her feet, leaving the monstrosity sitting on the ground.  

“Why did you drop me like that Sesshoumaru-sama?”  She barked while rubbing her sore posterior. 

“It is not this Sesshoumaru’s fault that your balance is off.”  

Kagome glared at him.  “Well, if you were carrying this backpack and someone swooped down into the well with no warning, your balance would be off too.” 

She picked up said backpack and sat it on the edge of the well, brushing the grass off it before struggling to get it back on her shoulders.

Prompt #6 – Shade 

Sesshoumaru returned to his place in the shade, sitting under the pine tree.  “Miko, you will come sit with me.” 

Kagome turned and stared at him.  What was he trying to do?  “Why, Sesshoumaru-sama?” 

“We must talk.”  Sesshoumaru pointed to a spot on the ground beside himself and raised an eyebrow at her.  He waited somewhat patiently to see if she would comply with his request, and how long it would take for her to join him.  

Kagome continued to stare at him for a few minutes before slowly walking over to join him in the shade of the tree.  

Prompt # 7 – Tree 

Kagome shrugged the backpack off again, then sat next to Sesshoumaru.  Leaning back against the tree trunk, she waited to see what he wanted to talk about; he was usually a demon of actions, not words.  

Between the heat and the continuing silence, Kagome began to get drowsy.  Leaning her head back against the tree trunk she closed her eyes for a minute.  

Sesshoumaru  smirked as he felt her heartbeat slow down and her breathing even out as her head dropped onto his shoulder.  He wrapped his arm around her and waited to see Inuyasha’s reaction when he finally arrived.


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