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Mending Love's Broken Heart by Hoshi Phoenix

Chapter 1: Goodbye Beloved

A/N: This an idea came from the book/movie P.S I Love You. Don’t own the book/movie nor the Inuyasha characters. Strictly for entertainment not for money.

P.S: In this story Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru are NOT related ok. So please don’t get confused and start flaming me etc. Just a side note, enjoy!


 Mending Love’s Broken Heart


Chapter 1: Goodbye Beloved

 Dark gray clouds rolled in the sky as thunder clapped and lightning struck but this weather had no affect on the crowded bar on the corner. People quickly ran to the door hastily opening it to get away from the soon to be storm. Hanging up coats and putting away umbrellas they made there way around the room to various locations, some taking seats near the stage at the front or some talking with others. Most of these people are various friends of the family which was gathered here for gloomy evening. An evening that most were not looking forward too. It was putting a dearly beloved to rest on this stormy evening.

“Kagome are sure your ready to do this?”, a small middle-aged woman with deep brown eyes replied.  The woman in question was standing near the front by the stage looking out the window as the storm began to let loose outside. Rain began to splash against the window as the woman watched the raindrops travel down the length of it.

“Momma, I’ll never be ready for this. How can anyone ever be? He was only 28 ! I shouldn’t be doing this right now. He should be here not their.”, Kagome said as blue eyes watered slightly. 

“I understand honey, trust me I really do but at least he’s in a better place, he’s not hurting anymore.”, she replied as Kagome nodded and quickly wiped her eyes before anyone saw. Standing up she straighten her blouse, walking over to the stage she laid a lovely gesture on the box before going over to the bar as the speaker made his way to the stage.  She stood by her family and friends as the speaker began to make his speech about her beloved. 

“Today we are gathered here to pay our respects to a dear friend and husband. Inuyasha was by all means brash and quick tempered man. But he was loyal and very caring, was always willing to help anyone if he could.  He was taking from us too soon before he really got to experience anything in his life. But he will live on threw his family but most of all he will live on threw his wife, Kagome.  Kagome and Inuyasha had a very passionate marriage, you see they both fought like crazy but loved one another just as much.  I can’t tell you how many times he told me how hardheaded you were Kagome but that he wouldn’t have you any other way.”  At this Kagome smiled a watery smile. “ Rest in peace Inuyasha and know that you will be loved and be missed very much.”, the speaker finished as everyone raised a shot glass and threw it back and slammed the glass on the table before making a loud hollering noise.

“ To Inuyasha!” everyone in the room yelled before making there way to the urn at the stage were they placed the shot glasses on top of it. Friends and family alike made there way to the stage to give there final blessings one last time.


“It just seems so weird to have him gone”, replied the speaker who came up and hugged Kagome. She hugged him back before releasing him and stepping away.

“Yea, it does Miroku and thank you for your lovely words, they would have meant a lot to him”, she smiled as did Miroku.

“I only spoke the truth Kagome”, he said as he moved to the side as another friend came to give there condolences.

“Oh, Kagome honey! I’m so sorry! I just got in today and found out from Miroku about what happened. How you holding up?”, a dark haired woman said as she hugged Kagome tightly. Kagome immediately hugged the woman tighter and began to cry.

“It’s hard Sango! I’m still in shock that he’s really am I suppose to go on without him? He was my joy, my my.....”, Kagome trailed off as a new set tears drowned out what she was trying to say. Sango rubbed soothing circles on her back as she quickly wiped her eyes as well. Her and Inuyasha got along but like all friends they had there fights as well. But he was a loyal and devoted friend and she would miss him terribly, they after all grew up together. Kagome released Sango and wiped her eyes with a tissue. 

 ‘Saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do Kag-chan. But just remember that just because I’m gone doesn’t mean I will not be in your heart. You were my friend, my lover, my wife and for that I can leave a happy man knowing that I had your love. So cheer up wench’, were the words that came to her. Those were his last words before his heart stopped. The cancer had spread so quickly that treatment wasn’t even helping. The doctors only gave him six months live. His body may have given out but his spirit fought the whole way. She would always love him and miss him but learning to move forward was going to be hard.


Throwing the keys down on the table Kagome walked into the apartment in a daze. She walked to her bedroom were she tried to find a place to put the urn. Deciding on the night stand by the bed she quickly cleared it off before sitting it there. Her heart was hurting it felt  like a part of her had been ripped out. The shock of what was going was starting to sink in. He would not be walking threw the front door yelling he was home. She would not feel the beat of his heart as he held her while they sleep. She would not feel him anymore...

Snapping out of her daze she got changed for bed before she grabbed her cellphone. She snuggled into their bed before dialing the number she knew by heart.

‘Hey you’ve reached Inuyasha Tashio, if your getting this I’m busy or I just don’t want to talk to you. Leave a message and I might call you back!’, came the gruff voice on the voicemail. It was a voice she was never going to here again. This was all she had of him to connect to her memories now.

Tears finally broke free as the young woman began to sob uncontrollably. Tears of anger, of sadness, but most of all heartache raged from the small woman who was clutching a  pillow to her chest as she repeatedly dialed the number to her husbands voicemail again and again. ‘Please don’t let this be real kami. Please let this just be a nightmare’, she pleaded as she cried herself to sleep clutching the pillow to her body.

How was she going to live again when her world felt like it was crashing down on top of her.......


Yes, its short but I promise to have longer chapters. This will be a Sess/Kag don’t worry! Sess will be making his entrance soon enough. Hope y’all enjoyed and please review.



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