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The Tale of a Tail and It's Vengeance by Walter205

Ooh, oh, no, yes, no, uhh, yeah!?!

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 Kagome sighed as she leaned against the rock in the hot springs. Unlike the other times she would normally bathe, Sango and Shippou were not with her. No, only she had been splattered by gore and grime from the demon that Inuyasha had killed with the wind scar. Therefore, she was the only one who needed to take a bath.

 Not that she minded, with the nice, hot feel of the spring water helping to relax her somewhat aching joints and the few bruises she had from the battle.

 Suddenly, a voice from behind her startled Kagome right out of the water.

 "Miko, where the half breed?" asked Sesshomaru, staring down at her in a sneering indifference.

 "He's at camp, with the others," she replied, hiding herself with her arms while backing slowly away from him.

 "Hnnn, do not think to hide what is not worthy of seeing from this Sesshomaru, it is a useless gesture," said the demon lord as he turned to leave.

 So filled with anger at his words, Kagome forgot about covering herself to march right out of the springs, over to where he stood, and stomped deliberatly on his tail before planting her fists on her lips while pouting at him.

 "Well, ex-x-x-xcuse me for trying to cover up my modesty, you perverted demon lord who knew, from your sense of smell, where exactly Inuyasha was, but you still decided to come peek on me anyways, pervo dog," ranted Kagome.

 Okay, so she had called him correctly on that one. But that was no reason for the assault on his person, which was quite deliberate. The woman needed to be punished for the physical disrespect. But first, to make her get off of his tail.

 "Woman," warned Sesshomaru, turning back around to face her.

 "Yes?" she asked in a sarcastic tone.

 "Woman," said Sesshomaru again, this time kneeling in front of her.

 "Ooh, am I hurting your tail?" asked Kagome, a slight grin on her face.

 Sesshomaru brought up his one good arm in a fist, and with inhuman speed only he could accomplish, punched Kagome right in her vagina, his fist forcing apart her lips and burying deep inside of her, breaching through her barrier in one swift motion that rent a searing scream of pain from her lips, and also accomplishing his desire by lifting her entire body off of his tail, and the ground itself for that matter.

 "Did I hurt you miko?" asked Sesshomaru, a slight smile adoring his face now. The smile turned to one of confusion though as he scented, among her blood, the scent of her arousal. Surely she was not turned on by pain of his magnatude.

 By some unseen reserve of hidden fortitude, the miko was still standing, although tiny rivulets of blood stained the inside of her thighs, and you could already see purple bruises forming where his fist had made contact.

 His curosity making it's presence known, Sesshomaru punched her again, much lesser harder this time, in the same spot. Kagome was not lifted off her feet this time, but it still inflicted pain, and she screamed again, but this time it tapered off into a....moan? Again he could scent her arousal.

 Leaning forward in a haze of pain and pleasure, Kagome placed both of her hands on Sesshomaru's head for support. Deciding to see how far she would be willing to take this, Sesshomaru began a steady series of punches of low order, just enough to inflict pain, upon her bruising vagina. What began as a series of screams turned into moans and whimpers of pain and pleasure as her arousal increased, and eventually he brought her to her first climax with another man.

 Being able to bring her to climax was only the beginning. Now that he knew what he could do on the light end, Sesshomaru began punching her with increased force, surpassing what he had first hit her with. Although the arousal was still there, the moans turned back into screams, then into bloodcurling screams. Finally, Sesshomaru hit Kagome with enough force to break skin, his fist entering into her body, tearing through her ovaries and womb, and then punching out through her anus in between her buttcheeks.

 Her very life essence poured out of these wounds and upon his arm. Smelling the sweet juices and blood within, Sesshomaru began licking her wounds as she now lay upon the ground, dying from bloodloss, until finally she stopped breathing.

 When she had drawn last breath, it felt like he had been robbed of something, and he stopped licking, only to withdraw his Tensiega and revive her once again. Her wounds were healed, and he decided it proved entertaning enough to keep her in his personal harem as a fetish concubine. Wrapping her up in her clothing, he headed off towards the Western Castle.

 The End.


 A/N: This story was inspired by Johnny Cage's Secret Fatality in the video game Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, which I saw in a random youtube video I came across.

 Eyebleach is under my bed.


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