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Prostrated Sesshomaru by SinfulWidow

Sleeping with cherries

Prostrated Sesshomaru

He awoke. His senses dulled by the vicious blow the miko deled him. 'Bitch, I shall teach her to damage this Sesshomaru' He tried to get up but was suddenly aware that his was tightly secured to what felt like a mattress, to what felt like he was naked upon. Where did his clothes and armor go? The bonds that held him was engulfed in miko power, to strain much brought more pain. 'I am going to kill that wench. As soon as I get out of this, I'm going to kill her nice and slow'

Sesshomaru glance around the small area, noticing that it had close to no furniture. He seemed to be in a room of sort, though you can hardly call it that. He was lying on a canopied bed, with sheer curtains making it easier to notice that there was only one other piece of furniture, a mirrored dresser. There were jars of whatever concoction was in them, in the dim light, provided by the scarce candles about, he hardly saw an adequate amount to understand what was written on them.

No windows, and from what he can see, no doors.

The unexpected creaking of the floors alerted Sesshomaru that someone was coming. The mike was on her way, but from where. Then the trap door, located by the foot of the bed sprung open. 'Ofcourse there would be a trap door below me, why I wonder didn't I think of that' Sesshomaru sarcastically thought. Then her scent assaulted his nose, cherry mint, Kami this woman smelled good.

Through the curtain he could see her, the one he lusted after. Ever since he joined the group with his infernal brother Inuyasha, he couldn't get her off his mind. She was like a drug. He kissed her once or twice, but never went any further; to mate with a human was below him. But Kami she tasted good, like cherry and mint, like woman ripe for the plucking.

She wanted him, he knew it. She tried to get him alone before but he always devised a way to get out of it, not that it wasn't hard enough to leave her the time she lured him to the hot springs, where she laid naked, legs spread apart, her fingers glistening with her juices. She slipped them into her core and cried out to him. 'Sesshomaru, Sesshomaru. Come to me Sesshomaru' He could stop staring, her other hand ascended to latch unto her breast, and she squeezed, moaned and plucked at her hardened nipples. 'Sess...ahhh Sesshomaru....ahhh please Sesshmaru, touch me, lick me....ahhh fuc...fuck me Sesshomaru' Kami knew he couldn't resist that invitation, so he touched her, licked her in places that even now the taste of her lingers.

Sesshomaru shook his head; this wasn't a good memory to rely upon. Kami he was getting hard just remembering what occurred between them.

The curtain parted and there she was, his haunting lustful queen, Kagome. Her hair was brushed until it glowed, flowing down her back. Her pink lips, smiling at him as she moved the curtain away. She stopped at the foot of the bed, put her hand on the hip and stared at him. She was practically naked, if you call that lacy black under garments clothes. Now he was aroused, you could put a sheet over it and it wouldn't be less noticeable. Not that you can tell by his expression, he was still tied up, and still royally pissed off.

"Release me miko." He growled.

Kagome just smiled. "That's one lesson you're going to learn. To say my name, Ka-go-me. Now you try. Ka-go-me."

She dares to give orders to this Sesshomaru. "Wench release me now, or forfeit your life." Kagome tsked and moved towards the dresser.

"Sorry Sesshomaru. I've tried many times before, but you never conceded, so I hand to relay on drastic measures. I'm going to give you a few lessons Sesshomaru, and I expect you to heed them well, or you will be punished." She came back holding a jar of cherries. "If you learn your lessons well I promise you, you'll have a time of your life."

She popped open the cherries and left it at the side of his foot. Kagome then proceeded to strip in front of him. The red alert sign already went off when she came in dressed like that, so now there was the buzzing sound. Sesshomaru watched as her bra fell to the floor, he could see that she was already enjoying this, for her pink nipples were already hard. Calling to him, to nip at, suckle from. Kami, breasts were evil, a curse to put upon man, and demon alike. Sesshomaru licked his lips. Kagome smirked. She pinched at her nipples, and moaned, her eyes glazing over in desire.

"Come on Sessy. Say my name." her hands glided lower, below her navel. She cupped her own sex, the proceeded to gyrate on her hand. "Say Ka-go-me"

Sesshomaru kept silent. It was a good show, one that he would preferably enjoy untied. "Untie me and I'll call you whatever you wish."

"No. Say Kagome now, there, looking at me. Moan my name Sesshomaru." Kagome took off her lace thong and climbed unto the bed, between his legs. "Say Ka-go-me." When he kept silent still, she crawled upon his chest and placed her hands behind her and her legs on either side of his head, so that he saw her swollen dewy lips, her clit. Sesshomaru moaned. "Still won't say it?"

Kagome then, balancing on one hand, brought the other to her center, and parted the folds, giving Sesshomaru a better view of her aroused state. "Come on Sessy." As she touched her clit, they both gasped at contact. Kagome grazed her nail lightly across the tip, making her voice shaky. "S..Say Kka-go-me"

Sesshomaru's mind was on over drive, she was playing with herself, right in front of him, right on top of him. He needed her; he needed that in his mouth. Then we'll see whose calling the names. He's going to make her scream his name to the heavens when this is over.

She slipped her finger into her core, her eyes on his face, while his on her current actions.

Kagome pushed it in further still, then out again. Her head fell back as she added another finger. She thrust her fingers into her hot core, feeling herself cling to them. Her hips coming into play. Her juices sliding down her and unto his chest, her scent was driving him wild, O Kami her scent.

As it came closer, Sesshomaru stuck out is long tongue and licked at the bit he got, Kami, she tasted good.

"Doo...y you want a better taste Ssss. Sesshomaru?.....Ahhh" She came up on her knees. "How about a cherry?" Kagome brought her fingers out and took a cherry from the opened jar. Sesshomaru watched as her hand moved the desired fruit towards the heated dripping core. She brought it forward, now glistening with her cum. "Have a cherry Sesshomaru." As it came closer to his mouth, Sesshomaru's head sprang up, and took fruit and fingers. He moaned as the sweet nectar of the cherry mingled with the exquisite taste that was Kagome.

"Are you ready to say my name?"

"Wench, know that not even with your silly games could you manipulate this Sesshomaru."

"Really? Then I guess I would have to use a little force." Kagome laughed. She leaned forward. Drawing on her miko powers, Kagome caressed his lips. Sesshomaru felt the burn, and glared at her.

"Woman, cease this behavior. For I would not answer for my actions."

"But you'll answer to me Sesshomaru. By calling my name."



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