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Cluster by Twilight Dawn

Teaching Him a Lesson (50 Ways to Torture a Taiyouki)

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or its characters.

Summary: Kagome brings a dog whistle to teach Inuyasha a lesson but Sesshoumaru reacts instead.

Kagome began to walk backwards once the ground began to shake. She knew it was a bad idea to bring the whistle into the feudal era. She meant to use the whistle to train Inuyasha and put him in his place, not call his half brother to her.

She snuck the whistle into her bra before he had a chance to see it. Hoping that if he couldn’t see the whistle, he couldn’t blame her for it.

She should have read the directions more carefully. But she breezed through them, believing that Inuyasha was the only one who could be affected by the whistle’s high frequency pitches. It never occurred to her that it would not work on him, because of his human heritage.

“Now you’ve done it, wrench,” Inuyasha taunted her. “You’ve brought the devil himself upon us. As usual, I’ll have to take care of it.”

Kagome stopped moving to plant her hands on her hips. “I never asked you to fix it for me, you idiot,” she yelled at him, completely forgetting about Sesshoumaru for the moment. “He wouldn’t be heading towards us if you weren’t such a jerk. I was trying to teach you a lesson.”

Inuyasha stared at her dumbfounded. “I thought you use the useless beads around my neck for that.”

“It didn’t seem to be working,” she began to explain to the thick headed half demon. “It doesn’t matter how many times I sit you. You still revert back to your old ways.”

Inuyasha yelled out before he made a crater into the ground. He began to curse as he waited for the beads to release their hold on him. “Seems to work fine,” he mumbled, causing everyone around him to laugh.

The laugh was cut short when Sesshoumaru’s massive white dog form appeared before them. He bent his head down to sniff the air and focused his red colored eyes on Kagome. He began to growl and pawed at the ground, motioning for her to come forward.

Kagome swallowed nervously and placed her hand over her heart. She walked forward, obeying the demon lord’s command. She didn’t want anyone else to get hurt.

“I’m sorry, Sesshoumaru-sama,” she whispered softly, when she stood a safe distance away from him. “I meant to use the whistle to control Inuyasha and it seems that it called you instead.”

His head tilted to the side as he listened to her. It seems that her words were beginning to intrigue him.

Kagome took it as something else and thought he was going to kill her for her actions. So, she attempted one last time to reach the demon lord. “Please forgive me,” she pleaded, kneeling down and bowing with her hands stretched out in front of her. “I will do anything you ask of me.”

Sesshoumaru reverted back to his humanoid form. He could have done so anytime he wished, but it was amusing to watch the priestess beg. “This Sesshoumaru wishes to see this object that you call a ‘whistle’ that has called him to this place.”

Kagome hesitated. She didn’t want to anger him by not doing what he had asked, but she didn’t want to pull it out of her bra in front of him. She was already embarrassed.

“Priestess are you refusing this Sesshoumaru?” He questioned, enjoying watching her squirm underneath his gaze.

Kagome shook her head. She turned her head slightly, not wanting to see his reaction, and felt her cheeks turn red when she pulled the whistle from her shirt.

Sesshoumaru stared with interest at the object. He has never seen anything quite like it before and it intrigued him. He suddenly wanted to know more about the object in her hand. “Show this Sesshoumaru how it works.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Sesshoumaru-sama,” Kagome warned him.

He narrowed his golden colored eyes at her. “Do you dare to refuse this Sesshoumaru‘s request, human,” he asked, suddenly appearing in front of her with his hand wrapped around her throat. “This will be your only warning. Do not make this Sesshoumaru ask again.”

Kagome gripped his wrist and pulled it away from her throat. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” She gasped out, when she was able to breath again.

She put the whistle to her lips and blew into it. She watched Sesshoumaru cover his ears and his nose was cringed in pain. She wanted to tell him she told him so, but she kept her mouth shut.

He was a proud creature and to point out his fault would dishonor and shame him.

Inuyasha burst out laughing at his brother. He moved to stand behind Kagome with Tetsaiga in his hands. “The almighty Sesshoumaru was brought down a few pegs by a whistle. You're really pathetic.”

Kagome threw the whistle to the ground and turned her back on Sesshoumaru. When she heard him growl, she knew it wasn’t her brightest moment. “Inuyasha, stop laughing at your brother or I will say that word until you come to your senses.”

He didn’t stop. So, Kagome sat him until he became unconscious.

“I’m sorry for his behavior,” she apologized to Sesshoumaru, turning back around. “He can be insensitive at times.”

Sesshoumaru inclined his head towards her in acceptance.

He held out his hand and let his green acid flow from his fingertips. Effectively, destroying the accursed object. Now, it won’t hurt him anymore.

“This Sesshoumaru hopes you learned your lesson, priestess. Next time he won’t be as forgiving.”

Kagome hid her smile behind her hand. “I’ve learned my lesson well, Sesshouaru-sama.”

“Very good, priestess,” he said to her, forming his red cloud underneath his feet. “This Sesshoumaru will take his leave now, but he will come back to collect his debt.”

Kagome grinned. “Of course, Sesshoumaru-sama. I look forward to it.” She watched him take towards the sky. No doubt heading back towards Rin and Jaken.

She frowned as she thought about the dilemma that she now faces. She was back to square one. How can she teach Inuyasha a lesson that even he can’t forget.

The End


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