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Cluster by Twilight Dawn

Think Pink Challenge (Priestess Skyes Weekly Challenge)

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or its characters.

Summary: Miroku and Inuyasha bet on what color underwear Kagome wears.

Kagome gave a small squeak when she felt her green skirt being lifted up by the wind, and a couple of cold hands, roaming over her bottom. She whirled around, knocking the hands from her and glared at the offender.

He grinned sheepishly at her. He knew he was caught and he would be punished for his actions, but it was well worth it.

“Miroku,” She yelled at him, taking a few steps back. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? I don’t give out free shows to perverts like you.”

He heard knuckles crack and braced himself for impact. Sure enough, he was punched in the jaw and he fell to the ground, with his face meeting pavement.

“Don’t ever touch my girlfriend again,” he heard Sesshoumaru growl at him.

Sesshoumaru grabbed Kagome’s hand and dragged her away. He didn’t trust the pervert one bit. He would probably comp another feel if he let him. He knew he couldn’t stop his girlfriend from being friends with him. But he wishes she would choose her friends more wisely.

After all, she will soon be his mate and she needed to be careful of her decisions.

His father is the prime minister and is up for reelection. The media was already in love with Kagome and their upcoming mating. If they got word off this incident, he knew they would be putting in long hours trying to do damage control.

Kagome rose to his height and planted a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you for coming to my rescue. I love how protective you are of me. It makes me feel so safe with you.”


Inuyasha laughed at his friend, who’s jaw was beginning to swell. “Was it really worth it, Miroku? I warned you when you first came up with this idea.”

He rubbed his cheek and grinned. “Yes, it was,” he said, clasping his friend’s hand. “I knew she wore pink panties and I was right.”

Inuyasha reached into his back pocket of his jeans and withdrew his wallet. He grumbled as he handed fifty dollars to Miroku. “Remember to keep this between us. If they found out, we will be in a world of hurt.”

“Believe me I don’t want to be hit by Sesshoumaru again,” he said, moving his jaw. “Once was enough.”

“I’m not talking about Sesshoumaru. I’m talking about Kagome if she finds out we made a bet on what colored underwear she wore today,” he shuddered as he finished. “That girl is scary when she angry. I think her and Sesshoumaru make a perfect match.”

Miroku paled. He hadn’t thought about Kagome finding out. “Hopefully, the gods are with us and she never learns the truth.”

“Finds out what?”

They both turned around to find Sango glaring at them. “Nothing,” they both said at the same time, and ran towards the entrance of the high school.

“I changed my mind,” Miroku panted, as they ran from his girlfriend. “Sango is scarier than Kagome.”

“Agreed," Inuyasha spoke, nodding his head in agreement. He just hoped Miroku learned his lesson this time. But knowing his friend, probably not.

The End



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