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Threads of Fate by LadyShieru

Illusions Undone

Threads Of Fate
 By LadyShieru

Chapter 1: Illusions Undone

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha, it belongs to Rumiko Takahashi. Sadly.

It was a beautiful spring day and the flowers bloomed within every corner. The birds chirped happily and small forest animals ran and hopped through bushes and trees full of blooming flowers. Sakura petals rained down gently and gracefully to form a natural carpet of whites and pinks upon the forest floor.

She had never seen a day as perfect as this one since the death of Naraku two years ago.

Her raven locks danced with the gentle breeze as she sat upon the green hill that over looked the village bellow. Her miko garments fluttered gently while she hugged her knees to herself in a relaxing manner, enjoying the soft wind and the gorgeous view silently.

Foot steps behind her made her turn her head to see who was approaching her, a smile spreading across her face when her eyes landed upon the silver-haired hanyou with whom she shared her heart. He still wore his red attire, his face looked the same and the amber eyes that looked back at her own with love shimmered in the spring sun light.

“What are you doing sitting there by yourself?” His voice sounded different now, softer and full of an emotion that she had not heard him speak with until after they decided to stay together forever.

Kagome shook her head lightly, her smile broadening as the sight of him filled her chest with warmth. “I was just admiring the scenery.”  

“Really?” he asked gently before sitting down next to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and drawing her close to him. “You weren’t thinking of anything in particular?”

She released a small sigh as she leaned against him, resting her head upon his shoulder while butterflies formed within her stomach. She bit her lip.

“Well…I was just thinking that I hadn’t been this happy before in my life. Now that Naraku is dead and everything is over we have nothing to worry about and I can be with you…without worries.”

He smiled down at her before resting his chin on top of her head. “I know…it’s as if a heavy burden had been lifted from our shoulders.”  

“Yes it is…” she murmured in reply, her hand coming up to his chest as she snuggled closer to him. “I love you Inuyasha…”

He smiled tenderly at her, leaning down to kiss her forehead ever so gently. “…I love you too Kagome.”


When they returned to the village the day was already at its end. The sun was beginning to set beyond the horizon, filling the sky with hues of orange, pink and yellow. They walked side by side, their hands intertwined together. A familiar figure stood a few yards ahead of them.

His back was to them but the person was easily recognizable. His long, silver hair swayed gently in the wind along with his trademark white and red garments and fluffy boa that was wrapped around his shoulder, as it had always been.

The figure turned to them slightly as they approached, regarding them with stoic eyes that posed no threat.

Despite the many times in the past they had fought against each other, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru had somehow come to some level of understanding. At least to the point where they would not attempt to rip each other’s heads off anymore.

“Lord Sesshomaru.” Kagome greeted, bowing her head at the now daiyoukai of the west.

“Here to see the girl again?” Inuyasha added. Even though the question didn’t sound like a greeting, his voice didn’t show any signs of irritation for the visit either.

It was nice to see the siblings act in a civilized manner with each other after so many fights and bloodshed.

Sesshomaru inclined his head to the miko in acknowledgement before turning his stoic eyes to his half-brother. “Did you think I would come to see you instead, little brother?” he responded smoothly, his voice as emotionless as always.

“Feh!” the hanyou scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest stubbornly. “Never in a lifetime.”

They had grown used to his frequent visits, so much it even seemed natural to see him so often. He had left his ward in the village under their protection and he would come every once in a while to see her and bring her clothes and food. It was surprising how much he had grown to trust them, to the point of leaving someone that meant so much to him under their care.

Kagome thought it was best that way and she understood Sesshomaru‘s reasoning better than anyone else. Sesshomaru’s life was different and she knew that it would be hard for a human child to keep up with it. He wanted for Rin to live a normal human life with other humans rather than live in constant danger with demons around her.

Silence surrounded the three, and as Kagome didn’t like silence, she attempted a conversation. Apparently he was waiting for Rin to come from wherever she was at.

“How are things in the western lands?” she inquired politely, her hands resting upon her lap as she offered a small smile to her ‘brother in law’. She laughed inwardly at the memory of his dark glare the first time she had called him that.

Sesshomaru looked at her, taking his time to reply. She thought he wouldn’t answer until he finally spoke.

 “They are well.” That was all he said before the ever so cheerful voice of his ward reached their ears.

“Lord Sesshomaru!!”

The child ran towards them with her arms spread wide before latching herself to his leg like she always did each time he paid her a visit. The imp, who had apparently been the one to go fetch her, stopped to catch his breath once he finally caught up with her. Kagome almost felt bad for the toad.

She watched the scene with a smile on her face, a fussy feeling spreading through her chest at how tender the daiyoukai suddenly looked as he began to pet the little girl’s head in a simple display of affection.

Kagome figured it was time to give the small group some space, feeling a little like an intruder. She took Inuyasha’s hand and tugged at it. The half-demon had been too busy grumbling about annoying big brothers to care about their sudden position so he just followed her.

“Have a good day Lord Sesshomaru,” she called while she looked back at him, waving her hand at them. She saw the daiyoukai nod his head at her before returning his attention to the happy child currently filling the air with stories of what new things she had done and discovered in the village.

She remembered how cold and heartless the ruler of the west used to be when they first met. The hatred and disgust in his eyes every time he looked at her or any other human was so big she had literally felt it. Now everything was different. She thought he had even grown to respect her, if just a little.  

There was nothing but peace now in her life and she silently hoped nothing would ever disrupt it.


Night soon fell as the stars began to shine brightly and the moon came out to illuminate the small village. Torches lit up in the roads for the villagers that remained outside. Some already retired to their huts to prepare for the next day and get a good night sleep.

Hours of silence passed as the moon rose up higher into the sky and the village fell into slumber.

Kagome let out a small sigh as she curled up closer to the hanyou sleeping next to her, who, in return, wrapped his arms securely around her.

First a small tremor shook the small hut in which they lived but neither of them stirred until another, much stronger, one moved the earth. Then she felt her lover move and she opened her eyes to look at him quizzically, sleep still clouding her mind. “Inuyasha…?”

“Sh!” he hushed, his glowing amber eyes focusing on the door. “I feel something…”

Kagome assessed his words for a moment before sitting herself up quietly, spreading her powers to sense whatever was outside their home. She could sense it; it was weak, but still, something wasn’t right.

Inuyasha slowly pushed himself up to his feet as another tremor shook the house, his clawed hand reaching out for Tetsusaiga, which had been resting against the wall.  

He looked down at her “Stay here,” he commanded quietly.


“No buts.” he interrupted, giving her a stern look before he charged out the door without a second thought. ­

She waited, swallowing thickly as she clutched the thin bed sheets against her chest. She couldn’t hear anything going on outside even though she had expected to hear Inuyasha’s battle cries and the growl of a demon being slain.

Her heart raced, worry and fear clutching at it tightly. Minutes felt like an eternity and when she couldn’t take it anymore she stood up and ran to the door. She was wearing her plain white yukata, something she only wore to sleep during warm nights.

She hesitated at the door, her fingers reaching out to take a hold of the fabric that covered it. She swallowed once more when another tremor shook everything around her and then she opened it. Her eyes widened at what she saw outside.

Darkness swallowed houses miles ahead of her. She looked up to see the blackness had a limit and she immediately realized it was some sort of portal or door. Something she had never seen before was stepping out of it.


The giant creature stepped upon the village. What she couldn’t understand was how everyone remained asleep? She could see it picking up houses, along with the people who lived within, and swallowing it whole.


She turned her head, not having noticed she had stepped out of the house to look at the chaos going on outside. Inuyasha appeared then, his arm holding two small forms while the other held the sword.  

“Inuyasha! You’re safe!” she said with relief, even though she couldn’t understand what was happening.

“Listen. I want you to take them and get the hell out of here,” he said hurriedly as he put the two small children on the floor gently. One of them she saw was Rin and the other was Shippo. She was instantly filled with worry when she saw they were unconscious and she immediately knelt down to check on them.

“These two were the only ones that survived…” he informed her quietly, clutching his sword tightly.  “I arrived just in time to save them.”

“What…?” she couldn’t believe what he had just said. Then all the villagers…Kaede…Sango and Miroku…their children and everyone else.

Tears began to form on her eyes at the news but a strong hand rested upon her shoulder reassuringly. “These are no ordinary demons Kagome…I need you to run away from here and hide until I come find you.”

Kagome shook her head vigorously, refusing the idea completely. “No way! I wont leave you here to fight alone!”

Inuyasha smiled wryly and leaned down to kiss her softly. “You have to protect Rin and Shippo and if I leave here they will come after you…”  

Suddenly their house practically exploded and Inuyasha threw himself over the three to shield them from whatever had caused it. As debris stopped falling against his back the hanyou turned, letting out a low menacing growl at the intruder.

The pitch black creature was twice Inuyasha’s size and it growled furiously at the silver-haired boy.  It looked like a shadow, black, with no other traits to determine what it exactly was.

“How dare you follow me here you bastard!” Inuyasha growled before launching himself at the creature, his sword going through it as if it were nothing.  

“Tch!” Inuyasha bared his teeth at the creature, who was lifting its arm up to strike the shocked miko and the unconscious children currently cradled in her arms.

“Over my dead body!” he cried out, charging to block the attack with Tetsusaiga’s blade.

“I told you to run Kagome!” he snapped over his shoulder, falling to one knee as the monster pressed down on the blade with a strength that surpassed his.

“But Inuyasha I…!!!”

“Go damn it!! GO!” he growled at her and she couldn’t protest any longer.

She quickly picked up both children, adjusting Rin so she would be on her back and holding less heavy Shippo with one arm.  She ran then, tears in her eyes blurring her vision.

Then everything happened as if it were in slow motion. She heard Inuyasha cry out. When she finally looked back all she could see was blood everywhere as her beloved was overwhelmed by several of the shadow-like creatures. Then her view was blocked.

“NO!” she cried out, as if it had been her who had been slain. Pain shot through her body and soul and she found herself unable to move as she continued to stare.
A few creatures within the group turned to look at her with red eyes, targeting her as their next victim.

She looked down at Shippo and back at Rin’s face. She had died inside then and there but she would not let the two children down.

She gathered what little strength she had left and began to move. She ran as fast as her human legs could take her to the tree line, the best possible shelter. She continued to run even when her body told her to stop but the creatures still continued to follow her.

Someone help!!

Her limbs were growing tired from carrying the children and she could already feel Rin slipping off her back with all the drastic movements she had to make to avoid the obstacles.

To her utter shock and anger she tripped on a tree root, letting out a startled yelp before landing hard on the ground, yet she made sure the kids would be unharmed. Kagome looked back as one of the creatures caught up with her and lifted its arm to finish her off.

She couldn’t move anymore to save herself or the kids. Her lungs burned and her chest hurt along with her body. She tried to lift up a barrier but she was so exhausted she couldn’t peak into her powers.

She quickly adjusted the kids so she could cover them with her own body, holding them tightly against her chest as she laid there waiting for the final blow. “Why does it have to end this way?” she murmured, her voice full of grief. She closed her eyes as images of Inuyasha flowed into her mind, her heart aching with every agonizing beat.

She lay there waiting for death, but it never came.  Instead a metallic sound was all she heard.

She looked back with hope in her eyes. “I..Inu-?” but when she saw who it was it died out.

Sesshomaru stood between her and the monster, his sword blocking its sharp claws.

Sun rays emerged from between the trees to illuminate the scene soon after. She was so focused on avoiding the monsters following her that she didn’t notice the sun was beginning to rise. The night faded into day within minutes and she watched in shock as the creatures began to pull back, disappearing into what remained of the darkness.

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at this, slowly sheathing his sword when he saw the threat had disappeared. He turned to look at her shocked expression, his eyes scanning over her and the children being held protectively in her arms.

Relief settled in his chest when he noticed Rin was unharmed, only out cold. He was glad he had made it in time. He didn’t know what happened. He had sensed something going on in the direction of the village and when he could not sense Inuyasha’s presence any longer he knew something was wrong.

He heard his name called by the weak voice of the miko, taking notice that this time she had left out the title. He took a few steps towards her and kneeled in front of her. He didn’t have to ask where Inuyasha was or what had happened to him, he could see it all in the human girl’s eyes.

The grief and sadness that suddenly settled in her usually bright eyes was all he needed to see.


“Do you have anything left in this place?” he asked bluntly, his emotionless mask set in place as he looked at her straight in the eyes.

A sickening feeling settled at the bottom of her stomach at the question, her tears flowing freely from her cerulean eyes. She didn’t care what he thought of her at this point.

“No…everything is gone…” she replied brokenly and if it hadn’t been for his demonic hearing he knew he wouldn’t have been able to pick up her words.   

“Then you will come with me.” His tone left no room for arguments.

Kagome’s surprise was evident but she did not protest. She felt devoid now, like she didn’t exist at all. She didn’t care where she was or where she would go. She didn’t have her love or her friends anymore and now that the well was closed she couldn’t go back to her family either. She nodded wordlessly.

“Ah Un,” he called as he stood to watch the two-headed dragon emerge from the trees. The dragon approached its master before eyeing the young woman and the two children.

Nodding in understanding without Sesshomaru having to say a word, the dragon moved to lower itself down next to the human miko. Kagome looked at the two-headed youkai and silently stood.

He watched her sway precariously for a moment before she caught her footing and gently placed the two children upon the dragon’s saddle, then moved to sit upon it herself. He nodded at the beast as it rose up carefully.

“Sesshomaru…” she called again, her voice still a whisper.

The daiyoukai regarded her with stoic eyes, waiting for her to speak.

“What…what were those creatures?”

“I do not know, but I will investigate,” he informed her before turning to look up at the skies. “We will fly,” he warned before a pink cloud emerged from underneath his feet. He then took flight, the dragon following soon after.

She held to the kids firmly as they flew across the sky and even if the sight of the blooming flower trees beneath them was to be admired she felt that she didn’t care about it anymore. She cradled the children close to her and took this opportunity to mourn, knowing well the daiyoukai wouldn’t say a word to her. So she wept, letting the tears flow freely now, the wind caressing her flushed skin carrying them up to the heavens.


Author's note:

I wanted this to take off where the manga had ended so I hope I gave that feeling the way I wanted to. And Oh the mistery...kukuku.

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